It’s been a while. Things have kept me from writing. I’ve missed it though. So have others it would seem. It would be almost impossible to cover the entirety of what I want to share so I’ll just serve up a few morsels to keep my fingers exercised. It looks like I may need them a lot more in the not too distant future.

That Court case. 5 adjournments over a period of 6 months? Yeah I know, pathetic. One arm of the law didn’t realise what the other was playing at. I’m confident that had the trial taken place in Wrexham we would have had a different outcome. Wrexham magistrates and all those who works there are a clique. A collection of nepotism-ists who’ve known each other for decades. They work and play in the same environs. It’s a horrible court. I appeared there numerous times during the 1980’s for lots of stupid crimes including drunkenness, criminal damage and shoplifting. It was the same then. So much so that I once remember a solicitor of mine telling me not to turn up for a hearing involving a few lads who’d been caught signing on whilst working at the same time. I never went on his advice. The next day the lads were talking about the case and wanted to know why I hadn’t turned up. I told them what my brief had said. Turns out, it was my solicitor who was the prosecution solicitor for the DHSS. My personal injury claim was being handling by him. He didn’t mention it afterwards. Result? For me yes. For justice? Lol. He knew the score and instructed me appropriately. Similar solicitors are at it today. Deals are done on a day to day basis.

I fucked up. I tweeted whilst waiting for the ugly one to be sentenced. Ignore what you’ve read elsewhere about the threats of detention and sanctions from the bench. What happened was planned and I fell into the trap. Every suit in that court building was waiting for me to tweet. I obliged. Lunchtime came and went. I sat in the cafe area whilst tweeting. Again? I sat in the cafe area whilst tweeting. No tweets were sent from inside the court room. The judge knew this, the CPS knew this and the defence knew this. It didn’t matter. I’d offered up some mitigation for the defence. As it happens it was the only defence they had. My tweets were served up to the judge and much ado was made of the fact that I’d tweeted about the judge sending a teenage girl to jail for stealing vodka. Nothing to do about the case just a sweeping comment about the previous hearing. The female designated with mitigating for the ugly one was/is a solicitor of the worst kind. Unkempt and slothy in manner. She had someone monitoring my twitter timeline and that someone sent copies to her at the court. The court heard nothing of what the ugly fucker had done for the past few years. The damage he’s caused and the growing number of targets he had. Nothing. I mean nothing. “Complex case”? Just a bit. Not for me but others. The law was fighting the law but from differing parts of the country. His financiers couldn’t control the beast once it had been released. Control was taken from them and the trial at Mold magistrates wasn’t supposed to happen there. They hoped all would be sorted in Wrexham. I don’t know who, how or why it was held in Mold. I only know the CPS didn’t want the trial in Wrexham.

After the guilty verdict sentence was adjourned for two days. Why? They had all the documentation required. They’d had it for months. My victim personal statement, all previous convictions and all mental reports were at hand. But no, they wanted/a deal had been done to hear the sentencing in Wrexham. I didn’t tweet from Mold. I didn’t need to give my evidence either as the defence had accepted it in full. The defence didn’t want me in the witness box for good reasons.

So around 2.30pm the judge slaps the ugly one with a £200 fine and £400 costs. He lectures on about social media being a public wall. I put my note paper in my pocket and follow Nia out of the court. She didn’t turn around and continued to the main entrance. I never got out of the adjoining corridor before I was arrested, handcuffed and searched. My phone was confiscated. The notes I’d written were ignored……for now. I was marched to a waiting police van and the driven 250 yards to the police station and custody suite therein. Bit mental when you consider the court had a corridor that the police used to bring detainees from custody to appear in court. Yes that’s right, you read it right. There is an adjoining walkway that joins the police station to the courts. I was told I’d be taken back in front of the judge for contempt of court. Not alleged contempt but the full Monty. Ugly ones defence had implied to the court I was tweeting from inside the court. The judge hit the roof. Red faced and fuming he ordered me to apologise to the court. I duly did so, on the advice from a lovely lady solicitor who was tasked with visiting me in the cells and informing me of my options. 1. The easy way 2. The hard way. 1. Apologise and walk out. No sentence will be imposed if I played the game. 2. Fight it and be remanded in custody until a trial date could be set.

On the way into court from custody I asked the accompanying G4 guards-why didn’t the police bring me this way after my initial arrest? They had no idea. Or so the said. Very odd. So I’m standing there in the glass walled dock. I look around and my jaw is dropping. It was approximately 5.30pm. My experience (40 odd years) of magistrate’s courts has evidenced to me that magistrates are normally empty by 3.30pm, 4pm at the latest. Was a it busy day? Not that I noticed. Anyway my jaw is on the floor because the court was half full. More suits than I’d seen all day. Not a single member of the public but the faces of all those who live and work round the justice system in Wrexham. Even the ugly ones defence lawyer had returned. There were police officers x3, CPS, probation x4, other lawyers x6 and more nameless people.

I took my bollocking and was led back to the cells. Guess which way. Yep, down the corridor again. You know the one the police didn’t use after my arrest. My wedding ring was returned to me along with my smokes and phone. I was released through a back door of the custody suite. I never signed for my property. Indeed, I never had to sign for anything. I wasn’t booked into custody you see. There was no custody sergeant interview who asked me for my details, no strip search and no offer of a solicitor. Weird? Just a bit.

The reports in the police newspaper known locally as the Daily Post duly followed the next day here. As you will see the report was angled to hide the fact that I’d been arrested and detained- “for sending malicious tweets moments after his abuser was sentenced”. Rubbish. Then more of the same “the judge threatened to have Darren Richard Laverty arrested for contempt of court during Jones’ sentencing at Wrexham Magistrates Court on Wednesday”. 

The judge didn’t say a word actually. I was leaving the court after sentence had been passed when the police handcuffed me. Not one word was mentioned about contempt of court by the judge. He said nothing to me. It was only after he’d finished and I was outside the court. Then, and only then it was said by the police not the judge. Some more? OK. “But in an unusual twist, tweets posted by Laverty were brought to the court’s attention with the judge threatening to have him whisked off to the police station and charged with contempt of court.” The only tweets the judge has sight of were tweeted on the previous Monday after the guilty verdict and from the cafe on the Wednesday morning at Wrexham magistrates. The solicitor knew, I knew, the CPS knew and the judge must have known. The timing of the tweets proved they were sent in the morning and not after lunch. As you’ve read I wasn’t threatened. My liberty was taken. I was arrested and locked up for a few hours. Not that the records will show. I have nothing official to prove I’d been arrested and detained. Mad yeah? Just a bit. One more. As if I need to prove it, the Daily Post was working hand in hand with another to provide an incorrect report that suited those it was written for.

After returning home and trying to make sense of the day’s events I tweeted to all those who were in the court room. All my viewers who waited for my apology to be made, or not as might have been the case, 2. The hard way!!! The Post delivered it this way-“Yesterday, he posted: “I’m supposed to be in jail tonight. I’m not. #ContemptOfCourt”.  Notice the slant? That little slant they use to try and convince the ever falling in numbers of readers of my guilty actions? Or where the Post fed the wrong information by someone else? Did someone want to hide my detention behind false news gossip? I don’t know or care. I do know this though- After my arrest I was frog marched in front of the public and the ugly one and his nurse in handcuffs. He smiled and so did she. Was that the price of a guilty verdict? Was it some kind of payback? Was it expected for me to take option 2, the hard way? Trust me, if I wasn’t the dad/partner I am I would have.

The notes? They were used as evidence that I was writing from the back of the court. I argued that it was perfectly legal to take notes. Not in my case it’s not. I needed permission from the judge apparently. What had I written? I remember writing his defences mitigation other than the tweets I’d sent. For instance-although her ugly client had denied any memory (due to being mentally mental as confirmed by his mental nurse) of writing the vile disgusting blogs, if he had, as was proven, he was profusely apologetic for his actions. Make of that what you choose to. Interestingly, and maybe this is what it was all about-she stated that her client was involved with “other similar issues” that are at “DI level”. I take that as being Detective Inspector level. Weird? Just a bit. I also noted his address as being Third Avenue, Llay, near Wrexham. That was the first time in six months his new address had been heard in public. Weird? Just a bit. Well only until you read this link anyway.

Oh, as a side note-I haven’t used my phone since I was released. It felt different, a bit weird…just a bit.

Tweets considered a defence for three years of trolling


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#Macur irregularities (Masala Macurry)

All of the below are fake accounts created for the release of the Macur report. I reckon the spooks are getting poor at their jobs.















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Found this and thought it worth a share



UKCSAPT header

The 1990 Satan Hunters and their links to
The UK Child Sexual Abuse People’s Tribunal  (UKCSAPT)

The grandiose-sounding UKCSAPT pretends to be an authoritative body set up to represent people who claim to be ‘survivors’ of sexual abuse in the U.K. but is in fact yet another vehicle for the clique of therapists, journalists, feminists, fundamentalists and lobby groups which created the Satan Scare of the 1990s.

The ‘disguise’ of UKCSAPT is meant to display the group as responding to the Westminster VIP paedo, and Celebrity Abuse allegations which began in 2011 and which deeply damaged the credibility of the current Tory government.


Hidden Agenda

If you read theUKCSAPT website there is hardly any mention of Satanic Ritual Abuse but don’t let that fool you – their first ‘paper’ on the state of child-protection in the U.K. which extended to 36 pages actually contained 32 mentions of SRA!  See here:  

UKCSAPT’s  intent  is to hijack the government’s ownGoddard Inquiry into historic abuse and push the democratically elected government into letting them have  control over the direction of child-protection in the U.K. so they can pursue their fanatical feminist pogroms against Men and the Nuclear Family.

The links between the ‘old crowd’ of Satan Hunters and UKCSAPT is clear and we will reveal them below, however it is their stated intention to undermine, manipulate or replace the National Independent Inquiry Into Organised Child Abuse (IICSA)

“UKCSAPT is a unique volunteer-based attempt to examine cases of institutional child sex abuse.  It runs in parallel (and in some contrast) to the official enquiry led by Justice Lowell Goddard: it has none of that body’s inquisitorial powers, nor its vast budget. But it is nonetheless carefully organised on sound legal principles and has the benefit of expert advice from a reputable firm of solicitors. Its panel of judges include a former UN War Crimes prosecutor and a highly experienced clinical psychologist specialising in child protection. Their findings will, in time, be presented to the Home Secretary.”  Source:

In other words UKCSAPT has no intention of working with or supporting Lowell Goddard’s IICSA even though everyone else is sincerely contributing to it.


 SRA extremists who fooled the Met

The legal advisor to the steering committee of UKCSAPT is  Alan Collins a director of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers (ACAL)
ACAL was started by Lee Moore, an ex-barrister who claims to have herself been satanically abused.  It was Lee Moore who organised the first Satan Seminars for police in the Met along with then DI Peter Spindler who a short time later went on to head Operation Yewtree which more or less hyper-ventilated the British Press about Jimmy Savile and other celebrities many of whom were falsely accused of abuse and later exonerated.

Community Care SRA scaremongers

In May 2005 Lee Moore wrote a detailed article about her own supposed Satanic Abuse for Community Care, a magazine for social workers which played a major part in spreading the lies about the 1990 SRA myth.  The article’s hysterical tone is immediately apparent:

“These are familiar dynamics to me for I was raised by individuals who practised satanic rituals, which entailed the killing, torture
and sacrifice of human and animal life. Silence was crucial to avoid criminal convictions.

I have no proof of my experiences. I have no witnesses to the atrocities I suffered, save for the perpetrators who will never disclose and children who were tortured with me. Some of those children are now dead. Others do not enquire into the reasons for their troubled and joyless lives. …

…So there was no one there to help me on the numerous occasions when, as a child, my ankles were tied with rope and I was hung
upside down from large hooks; nor when I was compelled to ingest bodily fluids and substances and forced to take part in acts of
bestiality; nor to release me when I was buried alive in coffins with snakes slithering over me.”

The idea that anyone who underwent such horrible experiences could

(a) not remember any of it for 12 years until Moore was ‘therapised’ following a breakdown and

(b) not be able to recall any single thing which would give police a lead on hunting down her claimed attackers,

is absolute nonsense yet these are apparently now the standards by which all other ‘survivors’ are judged in UKCSAPT .

In June 2015 following the uproar over the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse Allegations, ( a case of alleged SRA which turned out to be provably false and which was ruled on by Justic Pauffley) . It resulted in one of those making the allegations  doing a bunk to Europe to get away from the ramifications of her lies.

 Private Eye magazine (issue 1395) carried an article connected with this and lambasted ACAL and it’s leaders.

”  But the total lack of physical evidence does not deter the compensation chasers. At a child abuse training day in London last week run by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, delegates were told that satanic abuse was a reality. Barrister Lee Moore – a self-proclaimed satanic abuse survivor – and solicitor Peter Garsden, who are respectively the past and current president of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers, “kept going on about satanic ritual abuse”, according to a barrister who was present.

    “Lee Moore got quite agitated when one social work expert who was presenting a paper, Dr Bernard Gallagher from Huddersfield University, politely pointed out that these days no one believes in satanic abuse,” the barrister told the Eye.

She went on: “Peter Garsden told the assembled band of lawyers that SRA was prevalent and would be accepted as such, ‘given time’.

Garsden is the senior partner of the Cheshire-based Quality Solicitors Abney Garsden. In a controversial blog in October 2014, he declared his belief in the existence of satanic abuse. “My own belief is that there are several hidden societies in England and Wales which practise ritualistic abuse to the present day, which includes the sacrifice of children… It will be interesting to look back at this blog in years to come, when maybe there have been a glut of satanic abuse prosecutions in this country, and we have uncovered secret societies operating right under our noses… the broadmindedness of the police appears to be limitless, which is gratifying… watch this space.”

I wouldn’t hold your breath Garsden.  So far the people who started the SRA myth have been hunting Satanic Ritual Abusers full-tilt for nearly 30 years and have failed to find even ONE case of SRA to prove their allegations.


Collins and the Jersey SRA non-event.

ACAL is now lead by Alan Collins. UKCSAPT bills him as having been involved in the Jersey Haut-de-la-Garrene SRA case, as if this increases his expertise! The Jersey case was complete fiction from start to finish. Does Collins believe otherwise?  Newcomers can read the true background to Haut-de-la-Garrene here:

What does Tim Tate, doyenne of failed SRA allegations,  say about UKCSAPT:

“For two days the UK Child Sexual Abuse People’s Tribunal heard testimony from those who had endured rape and molestation in childhood. UKCSAPT is a unique volunteer-based attempt to examine cases of institutional child sex abuse.  It runs in parallel (and in some contrast) to the official enquiry led by Justice Lowell Goddard: it has none of that body’s inquisitorial powers, nor its vast budget. But it is nonetheless carefully organised on sound legal principles and has the benefit of expert advice from a reputable firm of solicitors. [Ed he’s talking about Collins]

Its panel of judges include a former UN War Crimes prosecutor and a highly experienced clinical psychologist specialising in child protection. Their findings will, in time, be presented to the Home Secretary.I was privileged to be asked to film the Tribunal’s proceedings, to make a record for future understanding, of the testimony given by its witnesses….

…. I was asked to film the Tribunal because I have a long history (as a journalist) of investigating organised child sexual abuse. …. 

Posted on October 5, 2015 here:

Tate has made a career out of SRA but there is no mention here of his work with the Cook Report on pushing the idea.

Tate’s self-righeous stance also omits details of his continued support for the social workers who took children away from innocent parents in Britain’s first Mass Child Lifts scandal in Cleveland in 1987.

Many believers in Cleveland still maintain the children HAD  been abused, even though they are now all adults and say they werent!   Tate is still pushing the idea that Cleveland was ‘covered-up’ here:

This is an important point when you realise that, in his own words the ‘ highly experienced clinical psychologist specialising in child protection.’ who is advising UKCSAPT is Heather Bacon, a child-protection activist who was peripherally involved in the Cleveland Scandal and mentioned in the official enquiry report afterwards.

The Cleveland public enquiry was overseen by Justice Butler-sloss. It concluded that mass lifts had been forced by the caucus of revolutionary activist social workers and therapists involved in it. The children had not been abused in any way.

Those activists included Sue Richardson, another colleague of Tate’s  who in 1988 started a lobby group called CAUSE to support and vindicate those the Inquiry found responsible for the Cleveland scandal.

Richardson is now listed as a ‘trainer’ for ACAL.  Wheels within wheels?

Many of those linked by Cleveland evolved into another group, RAINS (Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support) which during the past two decades has done very much what UKCSAPT is doing today.  Collating a stable of ‘SRA victim imposters’, nurturing their fantasies into cohesive narratives for conferences and then presenting their subjective experiences as ‘evidence’ to mainstream child-protection.

Basically UKCSAPT is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. An extension of RAINS which is more palatable to the masses.

Lunatic Fringe still in the background

In their latest (March 1st 2016) paper on SRA UKCSAPT lists many references, amongst whom is Ellen Lacter.  The SAFF exposed Lacter as an SRA extremist in 2009 when she attended one of the last Satan Seminars held in the U.K.  She believes in demon infestation of the body and exorcism. She is a close acquaintence of recovered memory practitioners who have been sued in the States for twisting patient’s minds. You can read her bonkers approach to SRAhere:

UKCSAPT certainly haven’t lost touch with the lunatic fringe if they are recommending Lacter’s research as worthy of study!


How Satan Hunters tried to control a government Inquiry

You will see  below that when Butler-sloss was being considered by the home secretary to head up the first Historic Child Abuse Inquiry, her old enemies in the CAUSE/RAINS arena began a campaign to unseat her which, due to the despicable nature of the British Press and the kow-towing of government, actually succeeded.    Then Woolf was also rejected by ‘survivor groups’.  Teresa May brought in New Zealand judge Lowell Goddard, completely detached from any UK VIPs.  The SRA hunters were stymied but straight-away began a campaign to side-step the Goddard Inquiry and get control again.  UKCSAPT is part of that move.

This is what Sue Richardson and Heather Bacon wrote in October 29th  2014.

‘The inquiry is seen by those most likely to benefit from it, victims of abuse and professionals trying to help them, as a cover-up of cover-ups….

The main group of stakeholders are surely those survivors who have been abused then betrayed again via inaction and the concealment of evidence… They have been patronised as a victim community by Woolf…

Is it part of a continuing need for containment and denial that acknowledged experts in the field who have thought and learned most about the problems are not being consulted….

In short everyone most accept what the Satan Hunters say and ONLY what they say.  Carte Blanche.

The Satan Hunters will not cease their false allegations and will not cease their bleatings about victims until they and only they are given control of the entire arena so that no common-sense or forensic evidence is allowed to contradict their psychotic view of the world.

This is the usual witch-hunt employed by such people. Regardless of how many innocent people are harmed, they consistently cry about the supposed harm suffered by victims, though rarely explain how that works.
Is sexual abuse worse than murder?
Is it more harmful than the evil and danger that concentration camp victims were exposed to?
Is it more or less worse than having to put down your pet?
Why exactly is sexual abuse so harmful that ordinary folk can’t ever get over it, when most Holocaust Survivors continued to live a full and rewarding life following their trauma.
Why is it that ‘SRA survivors’ are always crowing about needing to TELL their stories, when Holocaust Survivors prefer not to?
And so on.

The people who have made a career out of promoting the myth of Satanic Ritual Abuse and it’s corollary scares, Celebrity Abuse and Westminster VIP abuse, have done well out of the hysteria.  So have the self-declared ‘victims’ who can earn many thousands of pounds in compensation without actually having to produce any actual forensic evidence to prove their case.

The people who carry the can for their irresponsible campaigning are the innocents who’ve had their lives ruined by false allegations.

UKCSAPT has nothing to do with ‘the people’ and it is preposterous to pretend otherwise.  It is not a proper ‘Tribunal’, it is simply another propaganda device in the Satan Hunters’ witch-hunt.  If Lowell Goddard listens to their oft discredited nonsense then this country will pay dear for it in the long run.

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ACAL Ambulance Chasers




The Association of Child Abuse Lawyers – ACAL


ACAL PANEL – Assessment Criteria for Assessors






  1. Are all questions fully answered?
  2. Are all answers legible?
  3. Is the declaration at the end signed and dated?
  4. Has a cheque been sent with the application?




Reference is now made to the questionnaire – numbering adopted.




  1. Is applicant a member of the PI panel?


If not, is the applicant a member of an equivalent organisation – eg. AVMA panel; Litigator/ Fellow/ Senior Fellow of CPIL. If the remainder of the answers would suggest a competent individual in this area, then the requirement for PI panel membership may be relaxed.




  1. How many other fee earners undertake PI work? (If applicant is the only one, there may be problems over supervision)


  1. How many other fee earners undertake child abuse claims (the bigger the team, the more likely there will be effective procedures in place re: secondary traumatisation/ assistance/ supervision).


  1. How many non-fee earning staff? (relevant to issues of secondary traumatisation and confidentiality).


  1. Supervision – is this OK?




  1. % of caseload which are PI/ Clinical negligence claims – Are they specialists?


  1. % of caseload which are child abuse claims – suggest at least 10% of cases need to be child abuse claims to qualify.


  1. Other work – other relevant areas may be family/ criminal work.


  1. Proportion acting for defendants – it is not expected that this will be a positive answer in most cases – if it is, need to look carefully at proportion. Suggest that child abuse work should be predominantly claimant based.


  1. Last 3 years – suggest at least 15 cases.


  1. Look at spread of cases – are they truly “experienced” practitioners in this area?


  1. Look at spread of cases – are they truly “experienced” practitioners in this area?


  1. Co-ordinators – if have done, suggest these individuals are definitely specialists.


  1. “Live” cases – suggest at least 5 currently.




  1. Risk of secondary traumatisation – answer should illustrate that the applicant has considered this issue seriously and taken some positive action about this.


  1. Risk assessment – should illustrate that the applicant has considered the risks involved in dealing with child abuse cases.


  1. Precedent letter of instruction – does this illustrate an understanding of the importance of this document and does it aim to ask all the relevant questions of the expert?


  1. Confidentiality policy – the information given to clients at the outset about confidentiality, the marking of client’s files, the disposal of confidential waste etc. Does this indicate that the applicant has considered this issue seriously and taken some positive action?


33 – 35 – training and articles/ periodicals/ keeping up to date – do these answers indicate a commitment to training/ keeping up to date?


36 – 37 – If has published/ given seminars etc. would seem to indicate a specialism – a keen interest in training and a commitment to disseminating information to others.





22nd November 2002



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Friday Feeling

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