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Greek Love the Righton Way/ Children’s Home Abuse Investigation List

Abuse investigations have involved all of the establishments below. It’s not an exhaustive list and was originally published here in December 2012. Would a National Inquiry into child abuse attend to this list? How many staff were trained using the … Continue reading

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MEMORY LANE Remember the Victim Jockeys? 2012

First published on 01.12.2012   One month since the Newsnight piece that brought us all here, to this place, at this time. Four weeks of utter madness. 30 days and nights of monitoring the monitor. The colossal impact of the tweet posted by … Continue reading

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Written 1 year ago "Whoops"

It’s been a few days and I’ve enjoyed some time on coast with family. Breathe in breathe out.I was tempted to write this entry using my academic abilities. I could have approached this with a sociological angle. Big words only … Continue reading

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Back to Reality Written 1 year ago this day

It’s sunk in. I’ve realised. My brain has been too overloaded to realise just how deep I’d dived down into the depths of the internet. I ignored others who said I would. I always do. Ah well shit happens, no … Continue reading

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Scally Wag? Police Officers Named?

If I was given a £1 for every referral to the Scally Wag story I’d be buying a VW T25 in excellent condition. 1000’s of twitters worldwide have provided traffic to 100’s of blogs, each claiming an “exclusive” followed by … Continue reading

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