Malicious Communications Act 2003


Yesterday Darren Laverty @drlavertyx on Twitter, had a resounding victory in Wrexham Magistrates Court when he saw the man that had called him “vile” names on the internet convicted for doing so. It sets a precedent of sorts where social media is concerned in terms of what is or isn’t freedom of speech and when the line is crossed.

The shot that has been fired very clearly across the bough is this. You can no longer go around calling people “rapists” “paedophiles” paedophile supporters” and such appalling labels online without sanction. It IS an offence as well as being offensive.

For far too long now, those of us who “campaign” for nothing more than the truth, have been called names. In fact even those qualified to give a legal commentary about these issues are also labelled, just for having an opinion based on the law. Fair enough, name calling…

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