Two men who attended the the now defunct Lantern Project died at the same time in the same house from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning on June 2nd 2014 (

Some questions:

Who made the call regarding “the mans” safety?

Why did Rory Wilmer get a credit on the photograph in the Yorkshire Post?

What were the results of the toxicology tests? 

How much, if any did the Lantern Project receive from the funeral donations?

Did Gary’s estate manage to obtain the compensation he was due? I hope so.

Is Graham Wilmer ergo the Lantern Project trying to obtain any of the monies that may or may not have been on offer?

Who owns the property? Who furnished the property? Who lived in the property?

Does the family of Gary Ford agree to the video (below) still being available? 

Following a report being received regarding the safety of a man in a house on Kennet Road, officers attended and entered the property just after midnight“.

Gary Ford. Picture: Rory Wilmer Photography

Picture by Rory Wilmer


He (Graham Wilmer) was helping him with his civil case against West Yorkshire Police as well as in writing a book about his prison sentence and the abuse he suffered at a Catholic care home in East Yorkshire.

“He had been living at the address in Bebington for the last two years WITH THE HELP OF of Merseyside charity the Lantern Project, which support victims of child abuse”.

Gary appeared in the Lantern Project video.

“At the time of his death dad-of-two Mr Ford, 54, was reportedly just “weeks away” from a six-figure police compensation payout, a damages claim that would have transformed a life blighted by hardship”.


I haven’t seen any tributes from the Lantern Project to any of the deceased anywhere. Please forward if you have. Rumour has it that a million pound lottery grant was in the making for a new Gary Ford centre which was to replace the backstreet operation currently in place.




It happens


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