Abuse Solicitors! Billhar Singh Uppal

This man has a lot to answer for. This is the first picture I’ve seen of him on line. It was in my little platinum box. He’s abused his position of trust and is under investigation by former clients. He also knew about the Observer article and never challenged anyone about it. Not even me. He allowed me to get lynched as a witness in the North Wales Child Abuse Inquiry and failed others in the pursuit of compensation claims. All that rubbish on your CV means nothing to anyone who knows you, like I do.

Have you had experience of this man or the firm he’s built off mine and others suffering. Did you think I wouldn’t come back for you Billhar? Early days son. You even had the front to smoke my cigarettes. Not once did you share or offer one of your own, always mine or someone else’s.

You always did love the lime light didn’t you? Enjoy it while it lasts.



2015-11-22 21.24.26

Give us a fag Daz. 

Billhar Singh Uppal




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