The Fog of War

I’m in a war of reputations. My own has come under attack since 1992.
Feast your eyes. This is what I consider to be ambulance chasing at its worse. I was approached by This chap Billah Uppal Singh who was this firms new blood. He charmed me and dined me and befriended me. I now know it was all under false pretences. I was- believe or not- somewhat star struck by his approach. Smartly dressed, well spoken with ability to come down to my level of conversation. I’d yet to get an education so my language was rather colloquial. He was Asian and convinced me he was anti establishment. He bragged about the being in on the  Pin Down Case and informed me that the chances of “winning” would be increased if I chose a firm of lawyers with experience dealing with these types of cases. I was convinced. We agreed and I set about my task of recruiting others to follow me to him.
The letter was a follow up to our early meeting. The instruction sheets were really authorisation letters. In other words, they were forms that gave the lawyers full control of your case. I went about my task and travelled the length and breadth of the country to recruit my mates and others who I knew had been abused. I wanted as many as was possible to give evidence to the Waterhouse Inquiry. (not Whitehouse as the letter states. Evidencing the haste or speed at which the letter was thrown together. Idiots) Not only did Singh scoop up tens of clients to represent at the Waterhouse Inquiry but he also signed them up for future civil litigation cases. Imagine the legal aid cost. He’s certainly made his money since our initial meeting.
As time passed and I began to question his motives and our relationship started to list. I took my concerns to the Inquiry and was informed that Singh had refused to continue to represent me. He stated that he would never be able to live up to my expectations. He was right. Looking at my transcripts of evidence it’s clear as gin that I was lynched and I was allowed to be lynched.
More importantly for me is the fact the Singh would have been fully aware of the Observer article I’m currently dealing with. He had sight of my statements and cannot deny he should have addressed the rape allegations made in the article. I know this because of another meeting I was summoned to in Manchester whereby I was forewarned that I was to be questioned about other incidences that I might find embarrassing. The meeting took place in Byrom Street Chambers on a Saturday morning. Both my QC and the QC for North Wales Police were part of the same chambers.  Andrew Moran  and Tim King often shared the car to work. Moran doesn’t list the Waterhouse Inquiry on his CV. I was surprised that he had no questions for me during my time in the witness box. I was in it for three days. I’m sure those familiar with my case will know full well why he had no questions to ask me. No mention of the article or the police statement I made refuted it’s contents. They knew what they were doing. If it was omitted out of the evidence it was omitted out by the final report.
As the days pass, sometimes as the hours pass the fog of deception gets thinner. One day I’ll be free from the titles presently awarded to me by those still intent on damaging my credibility. If you’re one of them, be warned. My little box of tricks has yet to be made public.

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