On The Harvey Proctor Allegations

Like an axe falling on a snowball. Exaro intelligently trashed again



Let’s begin by examining the points that Harvey Proctor made yesterday in his press conference (transcript of full statement Here) that I disagree with.

Firstly, Harvey Proctor alleged that the police investigation was a “homosexual witch hunt”.  This is not true. Homosexuals are attracted to other men, heterosexuals are attracted to members of the opposite sex, paedophiles and pederasts are attracted to minors. Those that abuse young boys might self-identify as either homosexual or heterosexual. Yes, that is correct. Men who self-identify as heterosexuals can, and do, sexually abuse young boys. I’d just like to thank R for sharing his insights with me after decades of research into this.

Another point that Harvey Proctor made that is entirely wrong, is the suggestion that Tom Watson MP has used parliamentary privilege to allude to this case.  His question on 24th October 2012 at PMQs (Here) is completely unrelated…

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