Too Many People Got Too Much To Hide

Shared from here Fabooka De Stait

Knock, Knock….It’s your wake up call.

For several years, there has been a very dangerous and manipulative fool running around the internet. His name is Jimmy Jones, and he has one very lowly site that is visited by no more than half a dozen people on a regular basis.

This idiotic low-life, has caused untold misery to hundreds of survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse, by way of attempting to discredit them in order to make it appear like he is the righteous voice of the cause to stamp out such exploitation.

As far as I am aware there are no records of him having been in the care system for any length of time, and no records of him having been abused by anyone. However, he did spend time in a rather well known establishment for those who are suffering long-term mental health issues.

As a direct result of his sustained efforts, scouring the worldwide web for victims, the very nasty creep in question has had many on the verge of suicide and forced several dozen pockets of survivors to come together as action groups in order to defend themselves against him and his onslaughts, along with those from his couple of equally deranged cling-ons. All the while he has been carrying out these scandalous and most alarming attacks, Jones has attempted to portray himself as a victim of others. Indeed, he (his ghost-writer) has done articles on gang-stalking and troll tactics on a number of occasions, so as to reinforce his ludicrous claims that he is the good guy and everyone else is wrong. As such, he also decries anyone and everyone in the loosely affiliated Alternative Media, in a vain attempt to make them look bad or inconsistent. And, in addition to this, he also likes to mock very serious incidents such as Hampstead, to make himself feel good as he tries to look far superior to either side of the argument. In doing so, he has even gone so far as creating frivolous video presentations to laugh at all involved – (this is something nobody should do whether you agree with the claims or not).

It should also be noted that Jones makes many, many false claims about others in the A.M. attacking him without cause, as he professes he is the one out to do good and protect others. In fact, his delusion based episodes are manifested in the name that he chooses to ascribe to himself – that being ‘The Outlaw.’

Quite why Jones tries to present this image of himself is anyone’s guess – but I would suggest it does relate to his documented mental health problems, in that he is an acute fantasist who likes to imagine he is highly intelligent as he tries to think so far outside the box that he fails to realise he is not even on the same planet as everyone else -mentally speaking.

Over the last couple of years there have been many well documented cases of Jones and his followers lambasting the vulnerable and those who were abused in their childhood as he attempts to discredit many who have been speaking out for far longer than himself. One particular instance referred to a blog called MADLANDS – which was set up in order to help and comfort decent people who had been unfortunate enough to have been interfered with by others. Jones did everything he could to troll, ridicule and generally wear down all those who had been involved in this attempt to create a safe haven. He even went so far and was so persistent with his threats and online bullying that eventually, the person who had set up the blog, decided to simply jack it all in. (Job Done)

Also bear in mind that the above is just one case out of many that suggest some very serious problems with Jones and his criminally deviant personality. He is without doubt, an individual who wants to be glorified by others, as this appeals to his massive, although misdirected ego. His ego is actually so out of control that he sees no wrong in using a whole arsenal of underhanded means to attempt to deceive and control those he thinks may be open to his suggestions. Often, he will also turn on those who thought he had befriended them by launching a tirade of abuse or even posting their personal details such as addresses and phone numbers online, as he also divulges information about their suffering and demands that they prove it to be true. It has also been observed that he will actually tell others they have not been abused and are liars, and that they are making things harder for ‘genuine victims’. Yet, every time this happens, Jones fails to mention directly one of those other supposed ‘genuine victims’ by name. This in itself has allowed him to leave an evermore destructive trail in his wake, because these people have more often than not already had to deal with enough problems in their lives, without having to endure the tenacious and most deplorable aspects of Jones and his narcissistic crusade to do the job of those in power for them.

Yes, without doubt, Jones has succeed in creating so much confusion and misinformation at times, that people would simply turn away from relevant issues due to his persistency in overriding anyone less vocal than himself – thus leaving him to be nothing more than a verbally aggressive and intimidation based bully.

Now, whether any of you are aware or not – several months ago, the A.M. in this country was besieged by a very dangerous and malicious group of trolls who were colloquially known as The Shillby Shills. Many vocal figures in the A.M. became victims of this group’s attention and for a variety of reasons. In fact, I have mentioned previously by way of defending others what exactly transpired, and needless to say, it was a very sordid affair that left several prominent women feeling harassed, threatened and actually in fear for not only themselves, but also for the safety of their children. So, be under no illusion, as to the seriousness of some of the actions and threats issued by this particular group.

During the events outlined above, I too became aware of this group due to unsolicited correspondence from them. Throughout the conversations that followed, I was also told a lot of very nasty things about myself from their ’enlightened’ perspective. I was also subjected to a continual stream of direct abuse about my sexuality, and physical prowess, or the lack of it, in their opinion. So, me being me, I went along with their scheme, and allowed them to continue to threaten and attempt to intimidate for as long as they liked.

Let me just make clear, that I had some suspicions regarding the identity of this little clique, that were largely based on some information I knew only certain people would be privy to. Thus, I kept leading them on, and fed a few lines of disinformation to see where they would reappear. Despite being 90% certain as to the identities of those involved, I could not narrow it down to an individual, but only a close-knit group of around three or four possibilities. At the time, this was enough for me as there was a fair bit of constant bickering with all of those I suspected, anyway. The list of possible culprits were Jones himself, his sidekick – Jane Russell, who is also known as Sarah Larner, some obscure members of the Kent Freedom Movement, namely Eddie Boyce and his girlfriend, as well as another member called, Terry Simkins, and the one and only, Tom ‘Catpoo’ Cahil, with Matt Taylor being a possible outside bet.

Needless to say, over the following months when the Shillby crew were active, there was more than enough arguing going on with all of those who are previously mentioned, as they and Jones formed a very dubious coalition of some kind of A.M. vigilante posse. At the time, part of their remit seemed to be to stipulate what criteria people should fit before they are allowed to air their views on societal wrongs in the realm of the internet.
From a personal standpoint, I had never really paid that much attention to any of those involved, and simply made sure I kept shoving it right back up them with an appropriate amount of vigour. All of my interactions with the Shillbys came via their direct and private messaging of myself so as to have me worrying as much as the women they had been stalking and attacking. Sadly for them, this never worked at all, and I quite often let them spew out a long list of threats and statements of intent, before I would come out with some rather serious responses.

Take note of the above, as everything I said was in private. So, you can imagine my surprise when one day, I became aware of Jones attempting to defame me on his blog, as he stated I had been issuing threats and was a particularly vicious and nasty person who could also be deemed a danger to women. At this point in time, I was now aware of at least the possibility of Jones having behind the scenes discussions with the one known as Shillby Shill, but I still had no definite proof as to the identity of this most disgusting and cowardly, little wimp. Sadly, Jones only presented chosen excerpts of my private conversations with Shillby, and in a one-sided way, that made it sort of appear that he had only received the information from one of his friends who I would then have to suspect as being the individual himself. Following his obvious mental lapse and incorrect statements, I proceeded to denounce him via one or two little pieces that outlined his misconstrued version of events, but Jones being Jones, he had no real response to anything I said on the matter, and carried on in his usual manner as if such discrepancies had not even been pointed out.

All seemed to go quiet with relation to the Shillbys and Jones’ connection to them, up until he did his notoriously laughable interview with Sean McGuire on The Peoples Internet Radio. It was during this masterpiece of incompetence that Jones once again alluded to the threats that were made to Shillby, but in a manner that suggested they were made to himself. Now, this did take me slightly aback and had me wondering again if it was really him. Once again, I did a nice rebuke that served to illustrate Jones as being a complete and utter fake, as well as a flake. However, he never appeared to give absolute confirmation as to how the threats issued to Shillby could be presented as being directed towards himself. This was slightly annoying to me, but was no great problem as I and several others had a field-day dismantling his diabolical performance.

I should just point out that after Jones had his broadcasting meltdown debut, that he and the aforementioned members of the Kent Freedom Movement did also blatantly abuse Mr. McGuire based on his disabilities and competence. Another one of their pals who regularly abuses people but does not like it being pointed out is a certain Steve Keys, who also comments as Post Nein on Jones’ blog, but to be fair, he is somewhat of a misnomer and a no-mark, although highly contradictory. Indeed, he is also something a an internet grass, who cannot be seen to have his inconsistencies analyzed by others. He would be the one who would go so far as to report pages on the likes of Facebook, because they also point out what a liar and devious person he is, too.

As we get right up to date, things take a very fortunate turn for the better with regards to catching Jones out as being the lying and deceiving little abuser, myself and others have long claimed he is. You see, just yesterday, I was involved in a discussion with him on Youtube, where some very dubious woman is attempting to gain a criminal conviction against a certain Mr. Everard. As is usually the way, Jones was right in there, slandering to excess, someone who appears to have been trying to do some good for quite some time. Now, to be fair, I am not too au fait with Everard or this woman who is called, Deb C. That being said, from what I can ascertain, she herself may actually be guilty of fraud and embezzlement, but that is none of my business.

The ‘piece de resistance’ in all of this debacle came about quite unexpectedly via Jones and his severely impaired memory, and poor levels of intelligence. You see, for a while, I have been pulling him on his inconsistent statements and actions, and to be fair, I knew I was getting to him, and basically bombarding him into the dirt, where he belongs. I have known it has been taking a mental toll on him for quite some time, and he thoroughly deserves it. Then it happens!!! Lo and behold, in another extraordinary and complete mental breakdown Jones tries to have a weak stab at me, and let’s the cat right out of the bag as to his true nature and the identity of Shillby Shill. In doing so, he goes a major step further than he has ever done before and completely admits that him and myself have had conversations that revolved around threats in the past. The important thing to note is he knew who I was, but I only knew him as Shillby Shill – until he confirmed all my suspicions in one go.

How very fortunate and amusing, to say the least. Yes, I have it in print and by way of photographic evidence that Jones, is the beast that was known as Shillby Shill. He is without doubt, and based on his own foolish admissions, the one who abused many, many women – threatened them and attempted to befriend their children on Facebook so as to gain information and access to their accounts, thereby proving beyond all doubt that he is the malicious infiltrator of the A.M. and is the one that writes about all his own escapades but in a manner that directs his own actions towards what he perceives as his innocent self. Which is obviously only something that a complete and evil loony would attempt to do.

So, where does this leave us at this current juncture?

Well, let it be said, that with the evidence I am going to provide with this piece, that I, Fabooka De Stait (John Roberts) am calling every person I have previously mentioned out!!!! Yes, all of you!!! The Kent Freedom Movement – Boyce and his Boot, Simkins, Tom Cahil, Steve Keys (Post Nein) and anyone and everyone who is affiliated with or supportive of the scum that is also known as Jimmy Jones. Nobody who stands by, or attempts to defend such a worm, can expect to receive any credibility or to be taken seriously in anything they attempt to say or do, after what has transpired over the last year, and with this cunt’s admission. Nobody!!!! If you are friends with, or a liker, or a commenter or offer support and interaction with that piece of shit, then from my perspective, you too, are nothing more than a piece of shit, and I hope you get everything you deserve from the system, as you are no voice against oppression on any fucking issue at all, and you never fucking will be as long as you remain in your currently stated position.

P.S. The Same also applies to Sonia Poulton..the one who tries to make more money out of supposedly being in the A.M. than anyone else in Britain. Cin Cin.

Jimmy Jones
Ah well. At least you are just sticking to your usual line in weak lies, cowardly slurs and personal online insults this time eh Mr Anonymous?

The last interaction we had, you threatened to ‘shoot me with a crossbow, ‘hogtie’ and kidnap me, drip acid into my eyes and cut off my limbs…. Accompanied by your ‘mate’ – who you claimed had done a ten stretch for something similar’.

Face it Mr Anonymous, the sum total of your interaction with people, are infantile and hate-filled rants, threats of death and dismemberment, or the usual fayre of personal insults and crackpot allegations about people being ‘spies’ or ‘grasses’ or ‘Government Agents’ with ‘handlers’.

You are a joke pal, an Internet virii who infests and contaminates whatever platform you choose to spew and spit your venomous and angry bile over.

This is the last time I waste any time on you – or any of your group of degenerate misfits.

You enjoy the rest of your evening now, because I will certainly enjoy mine

Fabooka De Stait
So you are Shillby Shill then…who was pm’ing me on FB and threatening me all along!!! Hahaha…you stupid, memory lacking cunt!!! And you know what!! Thanks for the admission!!! I mean you alluded to it on your own site..but you did not say it was you!!! ROFL !!!!!

Fabooka De Stait
Love the way you have just fucked up even more than you did on Sean McGuire’s Radio Show!!!! You fucking, thick, evil little cunt!!! LOOOOOL


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