Questions (Gordon Anglesea)

There’s some shenanigans going on with this Pallial investigation. As most will be aware it was set up post the McAlpine allegations that were never made. It’s remit? I’m unsure to be honest. Something will be out there in cyber world that explains it better than I ever could. I’ll call it a re-investigation into child abuse in North Wales children’s homes. But oddly enough, some of those who’ve been recently prosecuted haven’t had any connection with the care system or its residents. Explain that one!

One of those convicted Gary Cooke gave evidence to the Waterhouse Inquiry. He was linked to Thomas Kenyon Jr whose father was the Grand Master of the Freemasons in North Wales. Cooke was a predator of young boys in Wrexham. He’s served a few sentences for his gruesome behavior. A simple Google will furnish you with his details.

Cooke and friends ran a paedophile ring in the Wrexham and Chester area for years. They lived the life of celebrities in their own circles and abused at will. Videos were made, photos were taken and shared like trophy’s among themselves in the dark smokey corners of night clubs and bars in Wrexham and Chester.

I lived in Wrexham on and off for 13 years. I lived with a girl and her drug dealing mother and became involved in the darker side of the towns night life. We worked the night clubs and partied hard. I never once heard the names of any of those recently convicted. My guess is they inhabited an even darker place of the town than that of the drug dealer. Smoke filled hotel rooms and dingy flats above sex shops.

The police in Wrexham, as far as I’m concerned knew about the goings on and turned a blind eye. All the evidence seems to support this assumption. A top cop at the time was Gordon Anglesea. He’s on bail as I write. He’s also a prominent Freemason who set up his own lodge in Colwyn Bay, on the north Wales coast. How do you set up a masonic lodge? What kind of authority is required to set up a lodge representing the Freemasons? I’ve researched this area and have little to offer the reader. They are very secretive and information about the establishment of an actual lodge is hard to discover. I know the land has to be blessed or something. Geographical plans of the directional facing are required. The lodge has to face a certain direction. It’s all gobbledygook to me.

Anglesea was accused by a few national publications of abusing young care home boys in the 70′ and 80’s. He sued for libel and won. That was then. What you might not know, although it’s out there, is that the libel trial jury were never told that his employers, North Wales Police, actually recommended his prosecution.  Why?

Why would the police recommend his prosecution? Why didn’t he appear before the courts? Why did the police federation offer him full support during his “ordeal”? Why did officers who sat in the libel court fail to mention to anyone that they had recommended prosecution? What were the allegations? Who decided not to prosecute?

What we have here is a senior ranking officer (Chief Superintendent) accused of sexually abusing young care home boys. The police federation, the union for the police who usually offer support to the lower ranking foot soldier’s steps in and provides absolutely brilliant support to a high-ranking officer. They must have been aware that he’d been recommended for prosecution by his own force. Who decided to offer the support of the police federation? On what basis did Anglesea qualify? He had enough authority and power and influence to establish a masonic lodge so why would the union of the police step in? Questions questions questions.

There’s a bigger picture here and it’s in plain sight. So plain it’s hidden. Can you tell what it is yet? Can you see it? If the picture I have is even close to the real scenario this goes way up the hierarchy of the countries law makers. So high it may never see the light of day. However, we have a new set of minds working on it, new witnesses and new media. The original libel trial could only decide on the evidence before them. Any new potential trial would have new evidence. These issues wont be brushed under the carpet this time. Despite some out there trying to cause a mis-trial before any trial.


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