That Cheeky Bitch (TARA/Andrea Davison)

Daz, David Icke and Richie Allen will have info from their insider con -artist Convicted Fraudster and Money Launderer “That Cheeky bitch” when she ran HER VANCOUVER CANADA Suite Address Boiler Room and the names of many corrupt and blackmailed North Wales Police, Politicians, Councillors and VIP’s they filmed at their “Honey Trap” Blackmail Club CLUB ODESSA aka CLUB RUSSIA at 14 Menai View Terrace, Bangor with her cohorts, PETE SAWYER, JULES LEY and ALVIN CECIL LEY. Their Higher “Handlers” operated out of DRUID HOUSE, 13 MENIA VIEW TERRACE. BANGOR. The Money Laundering Boiler Room in London was the Ground floor flat at 254 AMESBURY AVENUE, READING. 6 JUPITER HOUSE CALLEVA PARK, ALDERMASTON and another 2 Boiler Rooms Andrea Davison ran with ROBIN HELMUT MARIA JACOB also using an alias ROBERT JACOBS routing Money Laundering shell compnies through their CHESHIRE Network Boiler Room, M.A.O.S. 193 MARKET ST, HYDE CHESHIRE using IDENTIFIED Money Mules to 4 addresses in LIMASSOL CYPRUS. I have her WHOLE Cyprus network. ALL the Companies and Directors.

 Me> All those poor souls who believe her clap trap………they haven’t got a clue.

Your 100% right Daz, I’ll bet Richie, David Icke, KEVIN JAMES CAHILL, Rt Hon PETER HAIN, LORD DOUG HOYLE, ex PM GORDON BROWN, Rt Hon TONY BLAIR, Rt Hon KEN CLARKE, DAVID MACKENZIE DONALD MILLS, Convicted GRAHAM MILLS, DAVID WILLIAM MILLS, PETE SAWYER and Ms “Tara” Andrea Davison will not like the FORENSIC Facts provided to me following a FOI request to Fraud Group North for their 21 page synopsis of evidence provided by the Police thereafter used by the Prosecutors in her “In Absence” prosecution Case 4/7/2012 to 25/7/2012 to be read out on this interview. All her alias names, Bank Account References, Companies and Directors NAMES and addresses. Oh Dear, the GERMANS and RUSSIANS are gonna be really P-ssed off when their £billion money laundering Boiler Rooms to LIMASSOL CYPRUS are put in the public domain. Come Back “TARA” you say you have evidence. PROVE IT.


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