The Wakes Over

Originally written in Dec 2013 but not published due to legal timings.

Posted by Outlaw on December 3, 2013

“I went to a Gym yesterday”.  1st lie. (Coincidently I was at the same gym today. I went to meet an old friend. He owns it.)

“I hadn’t decided to get fit at this late stage in case you were wondering,(ha ha that’s comedy that is) I went to meet a guy who runs a local gym here in Wrexham who I have been in contact with via telephone and email for a few weeks.” 2nd lie.

“Apart from the Gym, he also runs a support group for ex-care home residents in the area, from places such as Bersham Hall, Bryn Estyn and Bryn Alyn.” 3rd lie (and was supposed to remain confidential. But when has confidentiality ever mattered eh?)

Me and guess who? 12.05.2015

“This has gone on for over a year now, but recently I discovered that the main protagonist of what I can only describe as a hate campaign, was in fact, an ex-resident of the Bryn Estyn Childrens Home”. 4th (lie we’d been fwends Jimmy, since November 7th 2012. Did you forget?)

“Hence my visit to the gym to speak to some other ex-residents.” 5th lie. (You gargled something whilst dribbling from your mouth before you were ejected)

“As somebody who has been caught up in this latest series of accusations, I wanted to find out why I was being targetted for speaking about the short time I spent in north Wales during the late 1970’s”. Because of lies 1 to 5

The reality is this-he walked in shaking like a smack head. He bumbled my name and moaned about being followed. He was kicked out because they thought he was a thieving smack head. He goes home and creates his own reality.

What more is there? Fuck all. It’s been a lengthy one but the wakes over folks. It’s been an experience. Not a single word shall ever be written about this subject matter ever again. Reality continues. I know these words will make a lot of people very happy. Me too.


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