Leanne Baulch is behind this fund raiser. The same Leanne Baulch has close associations with those who’ve been proved as fabricators of imagined events and victim jockeys who’ve hijacked numerous hash tags on social networking sites on the internet such as Twitter and Facebook. Recently, Leanne was re-tweeting the internet troll known for his untruths, fabrications, plagiarism and continuing attacks on elderly and vulnerable survivors of child abuse. She and I have exchanged words in the past but I’ve had no dealings with her on any serious level so cannot be accused of harassment or trolling her. I wouldn’t have written this but for the fact that she is raising money by encouraging others to visit the trolls blog. Leanne is either exceptionally naive or has other interests in mind regards this money. Who knows, the police might be interested?

I wonder how many of the donors are aware of some of the other infamous internet trolls involvement i.e. Sonia Poulton and her cameraman Lee Ryan. Both have links to Leanne Baulch going back some time.

The account below is of course Outlaw. He thinks he’s clever. LoL



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2 Responses to Cash+Cow+Contrick

  1. She and others are actually Trolling their own efforts. Very stupid, if you ask me. Everybody knows.

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