Uncovered. Creative Fabrications

Check out the dates of these identical reports. Same report but in different years. Also look at the type face of the social workers name. John Hughes. It’s been played with I say. Top one says “case review 17th March 1983”, but it’s dated below a month earlier on the 14th march 1983. The bottom copy is October 1982. All ties in with the concerted on-line harassment and stalking I’ve experienced. This isn’t the first example I’ve shown you. These documents are pieces of art work created to try and deter me into losing my sanity.

National  Newspapers have also been involved. Remember the Observer article claiming I was a rapist? Or the article alleging Jillings report was put on E-Bay was for profit? The umpteen blogs and attack accounts. Cyber attacks on my loved ones, friends, followers. I’m proving they all tie in. Rome wasn’t built in a day but, it was built. Don’t ask where I get these documents from just examine them and remember the rationale behind them.




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