Hampstead, McKenzie Friends, And Terence Ewing

Darkness follows these folk everywhere. They want money and children!


I really don’t know how far I need to go before a large number of misguided people will let go of the Hampstead ‘Satanic’ Hoax. Not far enough yet judging by the comments left on the last article.

So, here is something to make you think.

With acknowledgement to Camden Council Lords Of The Manner Blog

The Association of McKenzie Friends are the group ‘supporting’ Ella Draper and Abraham Christie, who along with Sabine McNeill are wanted for questioning by police in relation to allegations of harassment and child abuse connected to the Hampstead Satanic Hoax.


ewing and friends Belinda McKenzie, Terence Ewing, and Sabine McNeill

Untitled Keith Hammerton and Roger Gleaves

Keith Hammertonand Roger Gleavesare both convicted paedophiles.

And both happen to be former business partners of Terence Ewing  advisor for ‘The Association of McKenzie Friends’

Terence Ewing and Keith Hammerton- Euston Trust

Terence Ewing and Roger Gleaves- Mephistopheles Debt Collection Service

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3 Responses to Hampstead, McKenzie Friends, And Terence Ewing

  1. Don’t know what to say, although I doubt that these people believe what they say. McDonalds? Do come on. Where was it happening? In the car park? In the lavatories? And the children had cannabis in their bloodstreams. Personally, I don’t care if they catch her or not. But she won’t dare to set foot in UK again. Mind you, that could be a good thing.

  2. truthandpeaceforever says:
  3. truthandpeaceforever says:

    Here’s some things I have noted of late:
    They have brought in many (over 2 million in the last 5 years) Polish people (most of whom are Catholic – Catholic church numbers were rapidly decling now they are rising). The poles coming in are well skilled but mainly geared to the working class jobs. On the other hand they have started a stealth process of kicking people off benefits and have kicked off hundreds of thousands off genuine benefits needy people – these people now have no choice but to try and find jobs of any sort and of course the poles have taken all the jobs – and now the satanic government has been moving in on these very people and targeting them and taking their children in the last few months in the thousands – telling them they can’t feed their kids so they need to go into care – satanic catch22!

    You have probably heard of this (Establishment) group 38 degrees – did you know 38 degrees minus 360 degrees = 322

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