Louise Mensch? Time to say sorry


“Class A drugs caused me long-term mental damage: Tory MP Louise Mensch’s candid confession” . Junky for life? You don’t say?

Anyone in the media who is able to hear and see will know that Elm Guest House ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elm_Guest_House_child_abuse_scandal ) isn’t an establishment that’s ever been associated with Wales. Mensch’s latest load of drivel in the Sun claims it is. No chance of a link, I hate the piece of shit rag.

Anyone would think there’s a muddying of the waters going on here. The Sun has been reporting on Elm Guest House for years. Don’t tell me they don’t know the difference. It just doesn’t wash. A simple mistake? Never. Deliberate throwing of facts? With the Sun’s background I wouldn’t be the slightest surprised. If the Guardian can get away with falsely calling me a rapist then the Sun can have a free reign over the geographical placements of buildings where children were supposedly raped and killed. Good old British main stream media. Forget the facts and realities. What next? “Abuse victims piss on those who’ve decided to suicide themselves?” Kelvin MacKenzie’s back at the Sun too, so you never know.


I think it’s only right and fair (new concepts for the Sun writers) that Mensch publicly apologies to me and the rest of the Welsh abuse survivors. Following on from that she should fuck off to fuck off land.


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