Fantastic Fabrications to Discredit Witnesses of Child Abuse. Believe it

Richard Webster the author of the Secret Of Bryn Estyn was totally reliant on official documents when it came to “meticulously evidencing” his so-called “research” for the book. Many stupid people have read the book, digested it and believe the authors version of events. I can prove beyond any doubt that many of the documents Webster referred to have been created and or fabricated by officials in Government and or local council. After all you’d remember if you’d visited hell more than once wouldn’t you? Examine the docs below and see what they didn’t want you to see. Lies, fabrications and untruths. If the powers that be are prepared to go the lengths to create documents of this caliber in order to discredit little Ole me, imagine how far they would go to hide paedophiles in Government.  Don’t be surprised at the production of these documents. I’m a criminologist with excellent research skills and I’ve been seeking them for many years. I knew I’d find them one day. They’re not originals. They’ve been created at later stages to support the councils version of non-events. Be sure the insurance companies are somewhere involved too.


The above document clearly states that I was in Y Gwyngyll on the 30.07.1981

However, another document (below) clearly states that I was elsewhere,  in Ty’r Felin on the 30.07.1981. Furthermore it states that I was first assessed in December 1977. Impossible, as I hadn’t been placed in care until February 1978.


A simple look at my criminal record evidences(I’ve provided two official pages to confirm) my first court appearance as February 22nd 1978. How could I have been assessed before this date? I couldn’t. It’s a fabricated statement. The Ty’r Felin stamp is kept in the vaults of some building I imagine.

crb 2                       crb

Below are various examples of me challenging the  Barristers at the Waterhouse Inquiry, Lost in Care. Pay attention to my denials and resistance at being told I was somewhere that I wasn’t. Red dots indicate my persistent denials. You couldn’t write this shit.





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18 Responses to Fantastic Fabrications to Discredit Witnesses of Child Abuse. Believe it

  1. gojam says:

    Reblogged this on theneedleblog and commented:
    Q- How can official documents show a young boy be in two places at the same time ?

    A- When being shown to be where he was implicates a local politician in criminal activity.

  2. pippakin says:

    Reblogged this on Thinking Out Loud and commented:
    If some victims end up with serious physical and/or mental health problems the question is how could they not? Blatant fabrication of evidence and complete disregard for the child is the signature of all children who became victims of the state.

    • bobchewie says:

      Darren I very much doubt the Racoonies will change their tune especially when you see their line up and are friendly with
      EG Susanne Racoon is praised by convictedcnonce Tom O Carroll ( I think.they admire each other)
      Moor Larkin is obsessed with Sir Jammy Sandwich and is convinced that False Memory Syndrome is a real science which it certainly is not its totally bogus

      Also on the chums list are actual paedo ” girl lover” paedos

      And spiked online regular bullshit artist and establishment arse licker Brendan O Bollocks

      And we know about Maggie Jervis old dead mate convicted paedo Peter Righton

      It just shows either how wilfully ignorant they are or paedo apologist and paedo fan club.

      Had to laugh seeing moor Larkin trying to defend Graham Ovenden when he was a self admitted paedophile

      • DR Laverty says:

        Given the bag of goodies these folks have. Which one is going to challenge what’s before them in this blog. The documents are official and yet seem to contradict each other. My credibility is in tact. Even getting stronger as time passes as I unearth more of the officially used documents that Webster used. Remember I’m the only ex-resident he spoke to. Even he had to admit I’m above average intelligence. He knew I’d be in the thick of it when the time came. That time is now I believe. Shame he’s dead, I would have loved to seen his reaction to this entry.

      • bobchewie says:

        The witch hunt narrative. They keep beating that drum all the time
        Racoony island is a place where everything is back to front. Paedos are heroes and victims are the bad guys

  3. bobchewie says:

    It would be interesting if you could convince the Racoon gang that Webster was the liar we know him to be as to the Racoony loonies Webster is regarded as some sort of legend and folk hero and to have that creep debunked would show them up a lot

  4. DR Laverty says:

    I’m of the mind that anyone who chooses to believe such a dubious author is very much set on an agenda similar to his own. Destruction of credibilities for a wager too impressive to refuse.

    • bobchewie says:

      Yeah that pretty much sums them up forget all that pretence about justice their libertarian attitude is all about self self self and sod anyone who gets hurt

      • DR Laverty says:

        Wages are wages Bob.

      • bobchewie says:

        You could easily drive a train through any argument they put forward it’s so flimsy and stupid. They used to annoy me but I see them as an irritant mostly.
        It’s the heavy hand above that’s the concern
        Such as incarceration certain people with real evidence to shut them up just shows how the establishment how vicious it can be

      • bobchewie says:

        “Maybe you should read this, you been used and when they have no more need for you will be discredited and dumped.


         IlovetheBBC February 27, 2015 at 9:57 pm
        I have read it and it’s clear to me that in several places Darren misreads the papers he has. I find the idea of someone retrospectively faking those documents pretty crazy tbh. Why would they? The things supposed to be faked had no material bearing whatsoever on his allegations anyway. A much more likely explanation is a mixture of fallible memory (he was 10 at the time) and even more fallible official paperwork. Have you never had letters from officials which contained erroneous dates, duff information and specious claims? If not you must be pretty unique. I know I have but I never jumped to the assumption it was deliberate, just depressingly incompetent.”

        Pretty predictable eh Darren

        Just what you’d expect from the Webster fan club

  5. DR Laverty says:

    It is what it is. They’re missing the point. At Waterhouse it became clear that the docs weren’t what they were supposed be. “We don’t have the originals” was an excuse used more than once in my case. Why not? If these papers weren’t real then why use them? My QC must have seen what you can now see. He never even questioned them. He was part of the game. They all were, except Rhodri Davies LLB. He was sent to jail not long after. Go figure

    • bobchewie says:

      Well Darren. Racoonies live in denial and delusion land. If you showed them video of Saint jimmy with an axe chopping people up they will say he would not have done such a thing.

      I dunno maybe they are just as sick as the paedos they are fans of

  6. Darren – I haven’t read Webster’s book on Bryn Estyn. I told you, some time ago, that your honesty & integrity were very evident to me. I’m of the same mind, today. I’d readily believe Webster was mistaken, where you may contend & refute things he said in that book – but I’ll remain grateful for his meticulous & heroic work on the Shieldfield Inquiry scam. Honest victims and witnesses get shafted at both ends – 1) perpetrators and officials tell lies about them, to hide their crimes, 2) fraudulent claimants and whistleblowers tell lies about them, to hide the falsehoods in their own narratives. Shrimpton the compulsive fantasist, convicted of possessing child porn! Andrea Davison, featured in your Dec 20/14 posting, a compulsive fantasist convicted of fraud and document forgery. Chris Fay, the biggest liar of them all, convicted of money-laundering for a quarter-million pound fraud ring. Yet – these are the voices that the media, crusading MPs, even CSA investigators ala Mark Wiliams-Thomas, listen to and quote as reliable sources. Who listens to the honest voices?

    • DR Laverty says:

      Honesty isn’t something most people on this tag deal with very well. If they did they wouldn’t have an excuse to play on social networking sites trying to make some sort of “name” for themselves. All your points are valid and applicable. Especially the claimants comment. I’m still meeting liars who try to convince me they were victims when they know full well that I know different…the truth.

    • bobchewie says:

      Well Justin given the choice between that and your total bullshit I rather think we know

  7. What concerns me is how any of you are surprised and shocked by the above, What you have to bear in mind is that if there is any substance to these allegations they have been covered up by others not just the perpetrators of the crimes: paedophilia being a crime, but if you read some comments some of the legal profession have made recently you begin to doubt it.
    If this is the case then it will not be Mr X Mr Y who be heading for jail. Un/Fortunately , so many people have a lot to lose, the paedophiles can rest assured that others will cover their tracks to save their own own pensions and golden handshakes. Of course you may find a decent just person who might stand up and tell the truth, and they be discredited in my case as a wife beater on a on-line website or even worse be sent to Broadmoor or they will commit suicide. You have to be very careful in a country that is rapidly becoming a police state whose agenda is not made in Parliament, but elsewhere in London.

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