Deja Vu? Anglesey’s hidden shores

Don’t even know how to explain this anomaly of an entry.

I found myself here today. 5 years ago I was 5 miles south of this spot. As a result of the video 5 years ago £3000 was raised by the friends of the Anglesey Coastal Path organisation. A massive clean up took place involving 7 different agencies. I’m hoping the same might be done again. This disgraceful scene is only a few hundred yards from a beauty spot that’s just had £30,000 spent on improvements. The last clear up was miles from anywhere, ergo the high cost. I’ll be sharing this entry with the same agencies as last time. Emphasis on Community Services agencies.

Exactly 5 years ago to the day I posted this. I only noticed the date when I decided to blog about today’s find. Coincidence? Mind boggling

Below is a far more expensive version of what I’ve produced. Same message though





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