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NOVEMBER 6th 2012 Channel 4 News feature “James”

November 5th 2012 “Have been talking to a journo”. Sonia Poulton was there from the start and I claim she gave Channel 4 News her first piece of fodder. Prove me wrong. It’s all falling into place. The woman is hired help for anyone. She’s the female David Rose. She also approached me for an interview via the liar on Channel 4 News. Naughty naughty Sonia, it was only ever a matter of time.

Read Outlaw’s comments about ‘talking to a journo’. I’ve already proven he wasn’t in Bryn Estyn or Bryn Alyn. His lack of info about Neath Farm must also call his stay there into doubt.

“have been talking to a journo”


“My recollections of the Bryn Estyn Children’s Home were limited to say the least.The short time I spent there were mainly uneventful, tedious to the point of boredom as I recall. Any difficulties I encountered in the care system happened elsewhere, so the lurid tales of VIP Paedophile rings and systematic maltreatment were not in evidence during my brief stay.” (RJ Jones November 2013)


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  1. DR Laverty says:

    Brilliant summary of Poulton’s actions over past year. Just brilliant

    Compare and contrast brunt and poulton
    First of all paltry poulton admits she doorstepped Kate McCann. This is when you knock on someone’s door or stand on their doorstep to surprise them. Brunt however was several feet away from Leyland’s door and did not physically approach her. Watch the video, he asked her a question about being interviewed and she walked over to him smiling.

    Poulton requested an interview with Kate McCann for a year according to her, which would put the date of her initial request as February 2014. Poulton had been refused several times so was aware when she went to her home that she was not wanted. Brunt, on the other hand, had been contacted ( harassed even) on numerous occasions by Leyland with requests that he listen to her. As she made no attempt to hide her identity he had every reason to believe his poresecence would be welcomed.

    Poulton turned up as an individual claiming to be a journalist but with no credibility as her career has consisted of writing a few music pieces nearly two decades ago, a few woe is me pieces for people to make snide comments on in the daily mail, and most recently as an interviewer for David ickes internet TV site the main aim of which is to expose the queen as a lizard wearing an elderly lady suit. I am serious here people, that was her last job as a journalist. Katie hopkins has more journalistic credibility. Martin brunt however has several decades of experience, and interviewed Leyland as a sky representative.

    Whereas brunt is a well known journalist, poulton turned up to Kate’s house as a random unemployed woman with a press card with I believe two men, one a convicted criminal who regularly threatens people and has claimed he cannot be defeated due to lack of firearm ammunition, the other I believe has had mental health issues that led to his removal from the forces. That’s a good way to intimidate a woman at home with her children isn’t it?

    Brunts result was that Leyland felt happy and safe enough to invite him into her home without a camera. Poultons result was that she got the door slammed in her face.

    Now look at the two situations. Cyberbulling is an ever growing concern and is a matter of public interest. When it involves the cyberbulling and real life intimidation of victims and witnesses as Brenda Leyland had done by contacting a witnesses work place to claim the person was a prostitute, it is a matter of public interest simply because the public need to have the police pressured into dealing with cyberbulling and witness intimidation.

    However the mccanns are according to the Portuguese police, the Portuguese attorney general and the UK police victims of a crime and patents of a very young victim of a crime. Not only that but the crime is subject to two ongoing investigations and so poulton had no right to turn up and try to interview a victim and witness as if this person was a suspect and poulton the police especially when she knew the interview had been refused since February 2014. It was meddling in the police investigation, something she admits to in her open letter to gamble when she tells him she thought she was helping!
    Poulton has lied and said there are unanswered questions from kate McCann, yet the police have said they have interviewed the McCann’s and both police forces had enough answers to discount the McCann’s. Neither we nor poulton know what the police asked, but we do know they were able to discount them. So according to the police the McCanns don’t have any questions left to answer that.

    Poulton also needs to understand that there is a difference between public interest and something that the public are interested in. Bothering parents of children that have been abducted is not in the public interest, but ensuring press cards are not abused to harass people is in the public interest.

    From here

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