Sonia Poulton & Lee Ryan sitting in a tree

All of the text messages below were sent by Sonia Poison to another. Quite revealing. This was many many moons ago. Look how far Sonia’s come since then. All the way to….er…… part-time work at the Needleblog. I’m glad she’s got a sort of job because we all know how hard it is to get a job without qualifications don’t we.


Her boyfriend has recently admitted being the owner of  blog that is not very nice. Within the blog he calls me and others names. I hate that, don’t you? I’m not sure he does own it as it is written. Not sure he can write.



As you can clearly see he’s a threatening sort. Puts up pictures of himself with guns too. Untitled

We have yet to see anything in the way of evidence he claims to have.

He’s all over the Interweb is Sonia’s boyfriend. He seems desperate to be the head of something more than a snake.Embedded image permalink







He’s also working as a camera man for Sonia Poison. Or so they claim. They recently doorstepped one of the parents of the missing girl Madeline McCann. Must have been very distressing for any parent who’s lost child.

This oaf alan shearer was the other camera man. An ex-copper who wasn’t fit enough to get out of bed.

This is also Lee’s creation Sexy Singles on facebook. He’s also working as a camera man for Sonia Poison. Or so they claim. Just a few more Facebook pics. The young girls are relations according to him. Quite how he’ll explain his behavior to them in the future I’ll never know.




Embedded image permalinkJust a few more Facebook pics. The young girls are relations according to him. Quite how he’ll explain his behavior to them in the future I’ll never know.


Anyway here’s those messages Sonia thought would remain private.


Or contact me on twitter @SoniaPoulton Or if you would like to commission me to write an article for your publication or would like to syndicate one of my features, please email me or call +44 07944 858524.


“You have run my mobile number on Twitter and your website and the police are now involved. Do not contact me again.

This is Sonia Poulton. It has come to my attention that you may have a problem with me. In fact, I have been informed you are ‘running a smear campaign on me’. You don’t want to do that. I’m not someone who takes crap like that. Take that as a warning to pursue if you don’t sort your self out.


Leave a GENUINE survivor out of this. You have behaved despicably. What have you and your buddies got to hide eh? The beauty about being a real journalist is how much information is at my fingertips, Kev. You thought you could carry on but you can’t. Dear me I kind of feel for you now the truth is going to be known.

On behalf of my editors I would like to thank you for giving me one of the best stories so far this year, Janette. You are a woman with many interesting strings to you bow. Even genuine campaigners are coming to me now and telling the truth about you. People have worked you out. Why did this person keep creating distractions from helping child who are abused, they say? And then the penny dropped. I feel we may have to work overtime making you presentable for the camera though. That’s the problem about inner ugliness, it shows on the outside.

I never said we spoke. I called you love. You’re not well are you? DM will laugh their head off at you seeing as I’m freelance. I’m my own boss. Mind you sweetcheeks, I think we both know you have more to hide than I do. Oh I look forward to revealing you Janette or is it Kevin today? Lol

You’re a piece of filth Janette. We know about you, your history, your family, you really should’ve stayed in your pit because now you are playing with big people. Watch for that knock on the door luv! Lolololol enjoy your evening. Your wickedness is catching up with you and professionals will run you in circles

I know everything about you and I am not messing. I called you twice and you didn’t pick up. Even your friends are squealing now Kevin.

So its not you on twitter assaulting me?

I’m coming for you Janette. Got people in Holland who want to interview you about your behaviour. You know you messed with the wrong person this time. Oh and I do wonder why the Huff Post keep showing up. Tsk Tsk. Its wonderful to have contacts against wicked people.

Oh wow Kevin people really have seen through you. All these screenshots of Janette_53…tsk tsk you have created big enemies and the thing is they are pretending to agree with you for information. That must be horrible. But then you deserve it. You watch. You’re going to get exposed. And so are those who foolishly thought they could benefit from twitter hashtags and website hits. I’m on the side of right and you know it.

I am aware of your history, the people you have ties with – including names and addresses. I have 10 techies who know about your false identities. You picked the wrong person to mess with. My best advice to you is to quietly disappear”

Here and

I hope this clears up a few foggy minds. Remember pictures and threats don’t have any baring on me. I don’t need weapons to fight any battles. I’ve got the biggest gun….the TRUTH.


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