Keith Vaz Called For New Law To Protect His Friend Greville Janner

Deeper and deeper


In 1991 Keith Vaz proposed a new law to protect the ‘innocence’ of his ‘friend’ and ‘neighbour’ Greville Janner because  of the ‘lies’ that had been told about the now Lord Janner.

I particularly like this part given as a reason for such a law  to protect the ‘innocent’:

“My hon. and learned Friend [Greville Janner], too, is a brave man in what he has done, said and endured over the past weeks and months. Every one of us should be grateful to him, because…what has happened to my hon. and learned Friend could happen to any one of us, so we should all be aware of it.”

Says it all really…


Mr. Keith Vaz (Leicester, East)

I first met my hon. and learned Friend the Member for Leicester, West (Mr. Janner) when, at his invitation, I came to the House with his son to see how Parliament operated…

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