Observer allows False Rape allegations to remain in the public.

I had no intention of sharing this correspondence with the public until I’d reached a suitable conclusion to my request for some sort of retraction/apology. It looks like I won’t be getting one using the legal tools available at present. This being the case, I’m attempting to shame the paper into some sort of resolution. There are two names on the article by-line. David Rose and Brian Johnson Thomas. Rose denies any memory of any involvement, BJT has yet to be traced and asked about the article. He’s a NATO arms specialist apparently. I’m doing this for my kids and theirs and theirs etc. I’m hoping that anyone accessing the article will be forewarned about my attempts to rectify this outrageous situation. Worth remembering this: It could be anyone of you who’s been accused. These News propagandists shouldn’t be allowed to potentially destroy innocent lives. Time limits on legal resolutions are also out dated and in favour of the rich. How long would it take for me to get an apology if I was able to pay a top lawyer to act for me? Not long.


Observer letter in apint


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