Sonia Poulton. Criminal and/or Troll? You decide

In one way I’m relieved that Sonia Poulton shared these. I don’t have to add anything. I’m more than happy to offer to you what I’ve been experiencing for 2 years. Outlaw himself published similar in 2013. He continued to offend whilst on police bail. No surprise there then. The police have officially admitted a failure with the case(time limit over ran) and apologised and disciplined the officer. So when he persuaded Sonia to commit the same crime he knew what he was doing. It’ll make no difference to me or mine what-so-ever. Must try harder…repeat.

As for my readers, followers and friends. Cheers for being there. You’ve no idea how much strength I gather each day just knowing you believe and support me. Bare with on this blog, I’m getting the hang of it.

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it was a conviction, not libel. Did Jihadi have it removed? Disappeared from my TL!


Sue Perry


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