A Response to Alan Taylor

This man is an ex-policeman who claims to sufferer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). He’s Sonia Poulton’s (ex Daily Mail…got sacked) independent cameraman. Also presents a podcast. January 6th he’s reviewing the ‘real’ story about what went on in Bryn Estyn. Calls me names too, pmsl. Feel free to contact him and offer your support or otherwise. Like me you might consider contacting the shows sponsors Here. He’s uploaded more videos than I care to watch.
Global Audience indeed. Two mins of investigation of Alan’s Twitter friends below.
Please read and share this Tim’s blog. He’s been in the think of it with Poulton et al.
I contacted the radio station soon after this entry and discovered others who work with Alan. I felt great relief after a conversation with.  Tim .
Then this appeared a short time after
  1. sorry that you and have now become target for mine and ‘s stalker. I always find it best to ignore him.
    I have. And thanks Sonia. Take care.
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All in the eyes



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