Twisted Fire Starters?

Anyone know any arsonists?

Studies in America have found the following personality and traits associated with pyromaniacs:

Usually dressed conservatively
Will not look directly at you 
Provokes you, invites hostility
Hesitates before answering questions 
Initially appears considerate
Will make an immediate initial denial
Often left handed bad penmanship 
Pessimistic Stutters when excited 
Lacks commonsense 
Has difficulty in admitting mistakes
Initially appears considerate 
Reared in distressing and pathological environment
Father absent from home 
Mother domineering
Poor academic progress 
Below average intelligence 
Emotionally and psychologically disturbed 
Social and sexual maladjustment
Feelings of inadequacy and insecurity 
Wets the bed often

This next bit drew my attention to recent events. It’s as if the researcher has interviewed one of my trolls.

He may wear or feel women’s underwear prior to setting the fire. It is not uncommon for the pyromaniac to have a background of sexual offences such as “snow dropping” (stealing women’s underwear from clotheslines) or flashing. It could be suggested that, as these offences are non-confrontational, just like lighting a small fire and masturbating, there are some similarities. The offender does not like to directly confront the victim.

The pyromaniac may also be responsible for numerous calls to the fire brigade involving fires or false alarms. This has certainly been the situation in a number of notorious cases both here and overseas.
They nearly all tend to graduate to lighting larger fires to satisfy the compulsion.
Barracato’s studies were done in America and on (according to him) the many fire setters that he interviewed. 

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