RIP Mark (Ex Bryn Estyn)

Mark M aged 53
25.07.1962 – 5.11.2014

Its with great sadness I write this entry. Mark M is someone you have never heard of. You’ve never been told of his story and you’ll never understand the pain he endured until his last moments. I wasn’t known to Mark personally but I have been dear friends with his sister for many many years. She also spent some time in care and has managed to overcome the experiences she also endured.

Mark’s family are understandably traumatised by his untimely death. His life ended far too soon. Like so many others who were abused in the care system Mark never received the help that was deserved and he was entitled to. His experiences have been taken to the grave with him. I’ll offer more about Mark when a little tiime has passed and his family are more able to share some memories and thoughts.

Mark owned a collection of music any pro DJ would be proud to own. His collection included almost anything that was made to be listened to. Below are just a couple of tracks Mark enjoyed. No-one can hurt him now.

How many more?


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