Child Abusing Rapist and MI5 Agent?

Outlaw aka Royden Jones just can’t stop trolling me. This is his latest attempt to rile me. He monitors my tweets and creates a scenario to suit his psyche. Like this here

I was arrested recently. He maliciously claims I harassed him and his his family. Jennie is one of his dozen or so Internet accounts. The police offered advice and it’s been taken on board. An officer informed he had access to intelligence he could never share or completely reveal to me. But anyone who knows of me will have noticed I haven’t fed the patient since I received the advice. I can offer one quote from the officer- “you’re up against scum Darren, you know exactly what I mean. Can I suggest you grow up and move on. There’s nothing you can do to stop them”. Wise words and I’m adhering to them.
However, I thought I share this because it’s an obvious attempt to goad me. An attempt to grab food out of my hand from behind the cage bars that Spivey put him behind. 

Is Darren’s daughter learning that she shacked up with a man like daddy?
Sad fact of life that. I married my father too. A violent abusive drunk. Twice! It took 6 years on my own to learn to like me better than that.
Stockholm syndrome is a bitch!

Recent actions have evidenced, even to me (and I’m experienced with this) that the destructive mentality is on show here for all to see. The person concerned was warned this would happen. It’s been expected. It changes nothing except the readers perceptions. This is the Dark Triad on show for all. 

Anti child abuse campaigning champion? Alternative News? New Media? yeah right………….


on October 13, 2014 at 12:16 am said:
One of our biggest regrets is allowing ***** ****** (M****) to ingratiate herself into our family BTW.
She stood by and watched her boyfriend attempt to terrorise our children.
She is beneath contempt.

That ole “altering the e-mails” accusation! Went out with the ark did it not? I don’t need to defend Spivey, he’s more than capable himself. But I do want readers to know that this excuse has been used time and time again over and over on a myriad of blogs. It confirms to me what I already know, there’s a barrel without a bottom somewhere. And as if on que he drags Jane(whoever the hell she/he/it is) out to use as a sand bag. As per norm it goes for the personal angle. Forget the millions of words written to expose the dregs of society, Spivs hard work and research, and all the others who contribute to his site, she goes for what she thinks is a weak point “Dirty Needles etc, “rife with virus & disease; the symptoms of which can take many years to show & sometimes are too advanced to cure”.  Kinell! Talk about trying to scare folk. No doubts Spivey will attend to whoever it is writing that shit. But it does show just how low Outlaw can reach. I’ll be drifting away from this issue again. As I was before yesterday.

Outlaw on October 11, 2014 at 5:01 pm said:

‘My best mate’? It looks like Spiv is now altering emails as well as changing comments on his site. I met Laverty once and sussed he was a snake, so I would hardly refer to him as a mate. But dont worry, I will not be stooping so low as to be publishing any of Spivs emails that were sent in confidence. 🙂 I have always said that the way to spot a wrong un is when they use edited personal comments and messages against someone. BTW where exactly have I actually written anything derogatory about Spiv? I cannot seem to recall writing anything except words of support. He surely must be desperate if he has taken to attacking me now. I must be more of a worry than all the Peados and Government criminals he frets about so much…. has he called me a Cunt yet?

You are on top form this weekend Leena 🙂 Nice remark about thee handcuffs, how I laughed!. 😀
Looks like he has found a kindred spirit. Both could do with some lessons in womens fashion Leena, clothes & wigs. Jones is a devious liar eh? Hmmm is he pretending to be an unregistered tattoo artist?
Has he got a team out all over Social Media pelting people with insane chavy mouthed obscenities, spreading venomous lies? No, but someone is, a team of them in fact.Why would they be going to such vapid but extreme lengths to discredit someone they know is 100% on the level, who has only proven to be kind, loyal & trustworthy. Same reason the last lot were.“Too many people got too much to hide”. Oh and by the way, its not just the needles of unregistered tattoo artists that do the damage, but also the ink pots that have been found to be rife with virus & disease; the symptoms of which can take many years to show & sometimes are too advanced to cure. Most councils have Tattoo & Body Piercing registers online, a 5 minute check could save you a whole world of woe. 😉

I once remember a long time ago being accused of being part of a gang that raped a girl, I was 11 at the time. A dirty old newspaper hack Brian Johnson Thomas who worked for the Guardian/Observer wrote a fabricated and glorified account of an incident I witnessed whilst in care. BJT never even asked me about the who, why, and what happened. It’s not the first time the media have fabricated stories about me. Another example was when the Daily Mirror accused me of being the “victim of sexual abuse/assaults”. When the Mirror wrote the article(2001) I was a more au fait with the media’s behaviour. As a result of legal eagles involvement I was awarded £10,000, an apology and a promise never to repeat the allegations. If I’d known in 1992 what I knew in 2001 I would have probably received libel payments for the BJT piece too. He was questioned by the police (see pics) about his article but I don’t know what the outcome was. Probably a warning. Ex-care kids have never been the love of  the police forces anywhere at anytime. Just ask one.

Since the first conversation I had with a journalist (1996) about my time in care I’ve had a few apologies. I should have received more but never completely understood that I had rights and the media had responsibilities. It never occurred to me just how far the media were prepared to sink in order to get the “lead” story. I’ve introduced other ex-care residents to hacks and enjoyed the rewards for my ‘research’. I must have saved them a small fortune on travel and accommodation expenses. I knew where everyone lived and knew their background story, ergo, saving the media sharks a lot of time and energy.

However, what the media have written is small fry compared to what has been written online in recent times. The rapist allegations have increased as have the screams that I was in it for the compensation. I know why they write it but I can’t stop it. My credibility has been attacked on a weekly basis by many who know nothing of the facts and nothing of the events of my childhood. The Outlaw Blog continues to subliminally accuse me of  being a rapist, a drug dealer and an MI5 agent. I stand tall regardless of the idiots claims.

The past year has witnessed those who attempt to discredit me shifting up a gear. My wife has been the victim of online attacks. My eldest son has been accused of being things I’m not prepared to publish. Even my 9 year old had been accused of being abused by me. The depths that a few trolls have sunken to would surprise even the most experienced of troll hunters. My mother, father, friends and loved ones have all been attacked and slandered.

What difference has it made to us? What are the consequences of the trolls behaviour? In short, we’ve become stronger. We’ve learnt to let it go and to concentrate on the things that matter in life, i.e. each other.

Royden Jones’s (aka The Outlaw) will attend the police station tomorrow to answer bail. He was arrested last November(2013) for calling me a rapist among other things. His relentless pursuit of me and mine have been wasted. He’s achieved absolutely nothing. Each and every fabrication him and his team have thrown at us has flown over our heads. Whatever the police decide to do with him makes no difference to us. However, we’re not his only victims. I’m aware of many others who’ve reported him for his malicious actions. Should the CPS decide to prosecute then maybe we’ll all have our chance to let the public know what type of individuals roam the net. Should they decide against prosecution then they’ll have to deal with the consequences of his actions in the future.

+UPDATE+ Bailed until 15.5.14. The police are going deep

Statement to Police 1992





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