Come for an Outing a Chris Spivey Troll Outing Special

Copied from Spivs Blog. Couldn’t resist. The more I read the more I laugh. Very well presented and deserves a big audience. Stacey is his daughter and also a very brave and clever mother and daughter.

My trolls are at last being seen by numbers I could only dream of having. There’s one in particular who’s anonymity is his last bastion. Not for long. As Outlaw has pointed out I’ve traveled the length and breadth of the UK to find this character. Journeys end is near I feel.
Enough is enough is enough is enough

Chris & Stacey Spivey

Okay, lets really go to war.

You see, what follows after my bit is something that my daughter Stacey wrote about her upbringing and how she feels about her life.

Course, there will be a few – probably fewer than I anticipate in fact – who will accuse me of telling her to write it in order to elicit sympathy.

Therefore, I will tell you now that having once again had to sit and listen to her break her heart, I did suggest that she write her feelings down and I would put whatever she wrote on here.

Having said that, I neither encouraged her or discouraged her to do so. Neither did I suggest any specific episode to write about other than to tell her to start off by introducing herself before moving on to say how she feels about what I do and how the fallout as a consequence has affected her.

Course, I already know exactly how devastating the consequences are and the traumatic affect that they have had on her life. Indeed, you have no idea of the guilt that I have to carry around with me along with the upset that knowledge causes me in private.

You see, at 18 years of age Stacey is incapable of understanding that I do what I do because it is right, it is just and it is for her, my other children and their families, Clayton, & every other single child in the world… It is most certainly not for me.

Indeed, if I did not have my family to protect then I would be quite happy to lay down and die tomorrow, because lets face it; this isn’t living. This is fighting to exist. And that to me is not a life, especially when I know that it doesn’t have to be this way.

However, I will NEVER stop fighting for my family, but I get mighty fucking sick of seeing malicious, completely untrue things written about me, Stacey & Clayton, by the complete dregs of the earth, who are as toxic as a dog shit sandwich, knowing the devastating toll that my writing is having on Stacey.

So, let me tell you how it really is. Stacey is now so traumatised that she cannot be left alone in her own home. Now don’t go thinking that the trauma is a recent thing, brought about the the scum cunts who kicked my door down… That episode has just brought it all out into the open.

Indeed, Stacey’s fear of losing me began at a very young age. You see, she cottoned on very quickly that no cunt wanted her except me. In truth, her mother – an evil woman – deliberately got pregnant in an effort to keep me. Moreover, I am not close to my parents and her mothers parents didn’t want to know meaning that we had no support.

To make matters worse, Stacey was born with a huge lump on her face, so large that when you looked at her from the left you could not see her nose.

I did in fact write about the lump on her face and the problems it caused in an article called “Lets Face It” which can be found by clicking HERE

Course, with the lump being on permanent display, I was extremely protective towards her and being a lot more aggressive back then than I am now, especially towards those who would gawp at her like she was some kind of freak I would not allow any sly comment or look to go unchallenged.

It ts also fair to say that I spoilt her rotten.

And then I got Cancer… And it was at that point when Stacey first realised how alone she was in the world. Now, I don’t normally talk about this period in my life, but if that is what it takes, then so be it.

You see, having Stacey, and getting cancer were the two major events that changed my life. Indeed, when the Scat loving Junkie in the Jungle, Tom Catpoo talks about me being frightened when I was arrested, it just goes to show how wrong the kiddy fiddling, paid shill is about every single thing he alleges about me.

Indeed, prior to getting Stacey, I had been arrested 4 or 5 times and let me tell you that last week wasn’t the first time that my door has been kicked in by the thugs in blue.

In fact, let me tell you Thomas the Twank, getting your door kicked in by the old bill is far less scary than getting your door kicked in by two thugs who were most definitely nothing to do with the police.

Moreover Thomas the Tit, for all the times that I have been arrested – and back then my police record said “approach with extreme caution” – I have never been to prison… Never so much as remanded.

You see, unlike your moronic self, I do not need to tell everyone how clever I am in every 5th sentence I speak. Indeed, I can run fucking rings around you ya drugged up, sweaty, monkey fuck.

However, I am drifting off topic. Now when I got cancer, Stacey had never spent a single night away from me from the time that she had first come to live with me at the tender age of 6 months old.

I will tell you something else for nothing too. You see, despite having four other children – Stacey is my youngest and the only child that I had with her mother – up until Stacey came to live with me, I had never changed a nappy in my life.

Never the less, the game plan of the doctors who were treating me was that I should go into hospital around 6 or 7 PM on the eve of the surgery to remove the tumour – which later turned out to contain two types of cancer, one aggressive and one slow acting – have the operation the next day, sometime between 10 AM & 3 PM, and then spend 2 or 3 days in hospital recuperating.

My game plan however was totally different because despite Stacey being due to stay at my younger brothers house, the fact that she had never stayed anywhere else other than with me terrified her, especially since she was fully aware of what was going on.

Therefore, I arranged to check in to hospital on the eve of the operation, fill in the forms etc, and then fuck off home until 7AM the next morning when I went back to the hospital, with Stacey in her school uniform.

Stacey was then picked up by a friend and taken to school, with the arrangement being that my brother was to pick her up and take her back to mine and Stacey’s home.

I then had the operation sometime in the early afternoon after which I had a cup of tea and an egg and cress sandwich – on days like those you remember every detail trust me on that – and then much to the doctors & nurses horror, I discharged myself, exactly like I said I would although no one really believed me when I first said it.

And trust me, when you discharge yourself under those circumstances it takes longer to sign the mountain of paperwork than it does to have the operation.

As a side note, everyone who I have spoken to who has had cancer has agreed with me, that they too have a whole new perspective on life although the altered view is in fact very hard to explain exactly how in words.

Moreover, I was extremely lucky because the cancer had stayed in the tumour and not spread to my lymph nodes and as such I was spared the horrors of chemotherapy – not that I would have chemotherapy now anyway, but I knew an awful lot less back then.

Never the less, I took that course of action that I did not to be ‘hard’ or to show that I am a man of my word – I did it for NO other reason than to spare my then 7 year old daughter from what to her must have seemed liked her entire world coming crashing down around her.

So, to have malevolent cunts who never did a thing in their sorry lives to try and improve the human race – Jimmy Jones, Tom Catshit, Jane Russell Jones etc, etc – question my integrity, and now, as desperation has set in, sunk so low as to accuse me of having an incestuous relationship with Stacey, I could never allow that to go unchallenged.

However, first off I should just confirm that you all do know that Jane Russell – a mother of three, who cares not whose kids are taken into care as long as it isn’t her own – is Jimmy Jones’s wife Helen Jones don’t you?

I say that, because as you will see, Helen/Jane has some vile things to say about Stacey who is totally innocent of anything to do with any of this.

I mean, fuck me, it isn’t hard to work out who Jane Russell really is.

After all, wherever JJ was, Russell was right there too. And why would JJ let a bird get so close to him when he is married. I mean, the pair are that entwined that if Russell wasn’t Helen, then no one would blame her for thinking they were having an affair.

Another sure clue is that Russell was admin on JJ’s Facebook page, yet fuck me, there can’t be fuck all to do to warrant an admin.

I mean, sure, it made the little man feel big to say that his page was admin run – and lets be quite clear here, the stunted runt who so often lambasted others for having an ego, has the biggest of the lot. Which in truth, added to the piss taking, useful idiots downfall – but the page really, really doesn’t warrant one.

Course, whereas I would imagine that Catpoo is selling his fellow man down the Swanee for financial gain, I do not believe that to be the case where the Jones’s are concerned. Therefore, one can only speculate as to the hold that the Security Services have over them… Yet I’m sure it isn’t hard to figure out.

Never the less, unlike those pond life in their quest, I haven’t had to work to a timescale or game plan to expose them as wrong-uns… All I have had to do is bide my time until the time was right. And that time is now.

Course, getting back on topic, I don’t doubt that one of those from the shitty clique will try and pour scorn on my cancer story – probably the Junkie Monkey, as opposed to JJ and his wife, who had the biggest audience out of the no-marks and as such, there is no coming back for them now.

Indeed, JJ has not so much as commented on his Facebook in over 3 days, let alone write anything, ever since I announced on the Lou Collins & Danielle Le Verity show that I was going to expose midget boy the following day for the lowlife snake he really is.

Think about all those abuse survivors that he has double crossed, whilst pretending to be one himself, something that Darren Laverty is adamant that he most certainly wasn’t.

And then his wife, under the guise of Jane Russell – she wishes she looked liked her – in her calf high Dr Martins, and with the warped personality of a narcissistic, self centered psychopath has the cheek to verbally attack my daughter… In an argument that I was neither involved in nor knew anything about:

He didn’t so if you have changed his words to say that, expect to be getting another call from the Police about that and your pc lifted for real this time (the pc with no speakers on it;s last legs according to the Spiv but that he can be seen miming to with naff music blaring out of in various ridiculous videos on Youtube.)

So, I haven’t really had my PC’s nicked then Helen? Have you read my article ‘Scandal’ which shows the police paperwork for items seized?

And miming to naff videos – although modesty prevents me telling you that I’m not miming – means that I am a wrong un does it? Having a laugh and making a complete twat of myself in videos makes me ‘up myself’ does it?

Dear oh dear, you see to normal people that would indicate someone who doesn’t take themselves seriously… To someone with a poison mind it obviously means the opposite.

And why does he start off pretending to be on the phone to people before he starts his woeful miming? Does he think it makes him look cool and popular too? He’s a nugget and a very sad attention seeking little fella who has stated that he wants to be famous, but alas, just like a daft little school girl with no talent, won’t ever come close, apart from media appearances for harassing women & possibly being arrested for conning people with any luck.

Unfortunately, you dyke type funny looking fucker, your observational skills are as bad as Catshits inability to process basic information correctly. You see, that is a tv remote control that I am talking into… I like the ‘little fella’ bit though considering that I am head and shoulders taller than the wee, wee man she is married to.

And please do show me where I say that I want to be famous other than in a quite obvious tongue in cheek way?

Although, it does have to be said that as fame goes, I am considerably more famous than you or your treacherous husband will ever be… Considerably better looking too.

“Harassing women”? Is that a veiled way of saying that I harassed Lyn Rigby? And I’m like a silly schoolgirl?

Well take it from me that you are like a silly cunt, in so much as you talk silly and look like a cunt – or vice versa… But tell us again how you was abused to illicit sympathy whilst covertly doing irreparable damage to the real victims of child sex abuse.

I guess if you’ve wasted a mint on dance/drama schools, you feel cheated when that turns out to be a total waste of money – maybe this is him trying to claw some of that wastage back?

I guess if I have wasted a mint on dance lessons – no drama school I’m afraid Colodumbo – then I did my best for my child. Just like you are for yours by helping the elite with their plans for the NWO… Hmmm, exactly what kind of hold do they have over you two Helen?

Anyway, I really do have more important and interesting thing to do than point out the lies of you con artist fame seeking thicko chavs, so I’ll leave you to cook up another fake sob story for your adoring fans (mostly fake accounts) – best get another call out for the £15k donations begging bowl effort before you have to pay it all back & fines & costs etc

Fake accounts, sob stories, 15K donations begging bowl… How would you know how much I get in donations Helen? I mean, only I have access to my PayPal account. However, you have to laugh at the four eyed fuck up calling me a con artist… Talk about hippopotamus hypocritical.

And if you would be so kind as to furnish me with the details of these fake accounts… Or even one of them, then I would only be to pleased to make you look even sillier than you do by alleging such old bollox… Course, if you can’t then you are obviously a liar to boot… In ya boots.

Now, you do have to remember that Jane Russell/Helen Jones is only a commenter, but what she is saying is all with Tiny Tims Jim’s blessing and designed to further the pair of double crossing arse clinkers agenda.

Fuck me, I hope Fly Spy aint going to come down south and punch me on my knee caps for insulting his thingy.

Mind you, he is much more likely to come down and repeat his never ending mantra about outing Peter Morrison on Channel 4 news rather than punch me… And it would seem that the Morrison mantra is just another lie… Or get me arrested in the same way that he did Darren Laverty.

And lets face it, that would be quite possible since he is well in with the police. But for now, lets take a look at what else the black hatters wife – the mad hatter – has to say about me and my daughter when I am not about.

Anyone who wants to see the actual truth of the matter can read Jimmys own words on his own website – including the fact that the last psycho who stalked him and spread vicious lies was arrested.

Jane Helen Russell Jones calling other people psychos!

I do know Jimmy was stalking Laverty though… Fuck me, I have far too many emails lil Jim has sent talking about him, not to mention the mountain of aherm, aherm ‘evidence’ that he has sent me to “prove” that Laverty is a sex pest… Well I have started wading through that evidence and I got to tell you that so far I haven’t found any unless a twitter conversation between 3 people hinting that Laverty is a sex pest, counts as evidence.

Course, it is funny that Catpoo Man’s latest video, made at the same time as my arrest has the sweaty, glassy eyed child molester talking about me as being a possible nonce, given the nature of why I was arrested, don’t cha think?

Lucky guess, or a tip off Tom Tom the pipers son… Have your Mum & Dad been in touch with you yet? If they haven’t they soon will be according to an email that I got sent.

Jane Jones then continues by talking about my arrests:

The Police obviously know what a gutless wimp he is as he has now been allegedly arrested/not arrested/arrest twice now. I don’t think there will be any doubt of who is the threatening, intimidating abusive little runt, and it certainly won’t be me

Now off your trot Chavster, the ‘secret garden’ dating hook up for chavs and kids/fly tippers dream/dogging meet or whatever it is, is calling you. try not to con anyone else, it will only make things worse for yourselves.

Have a nice day cultivating that ulcer before you get nicked Chavster

Hmmm, seems that they must have had a meeting about why I was being arrested.

Carry on Trotter:

What was that you said about Bulger killers nutjob? Deleted it quick just like the ‘Secret Garden (wink) clip. Is that where he takes all his very young girlfriends on dates, or is it a good spot for fly tipping for his unregistered house clearance con? But it comes up on my notifications, so I have it all saved Chavsters. Not very smart are you? Dear old porky piggy isn’t that’s pretty obvious.

Now, I haven’t got a clue what she is on about where Bulger is concerned since this wasn’t my row, although JJ did ring me once and try to tell me that both of the child killers along with Maxine Carr were staying in a big old house near him in Wales where devil worship and what not took place… But it seemed a bit of a yarn to me so I didn’t use it.

And then there is my “very young girlfriends”, although I haven’t had a girlfriend in two and a half years as a direct result of doing this job… Course, I do tend to go out with much younger women usually in their twenties… least I used to before I started this writing lark.

Then again, I was a lot healthier and younger looking before I started this thankless job.

But as I said in my article ‘Scandal’, the only underage girl that I ever had sex with – and I won’t lie, I have had sex with a lot of women – but the one and only underage girl that I have ever had sex with was 15 year old Helen (ironically) who was two months older than me.

Now, can you and your paedophile protecting husband say the same Helen? I mean, just what is the hold the the Security Services have got on you, to make you sell out victims of CSA?

As for an unregistered House Clearance business? Where the fuck did that come from? However, if you can prove that I have ever advertised myself as a house clearing business – registered or unregistered – I will give you a £100. Course, if you can’t, then its only right that you should give me £200.

Are you going to put your money where your mouth is?

You see, I wouldn’t have needed a house clearing business because I was making a very nice living doing tattoos… Which I also hear tell that you are spouting that I wasn’t registered… Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

You do know that you have to renew your registration every year Helen don’t you? No, course you don’t.

And you do know that I gave up tattooing well over a year and a half ago don’t you Helen? No, you probably don’t as it happens since you appear to know fuck all.

So here is what I will do for you. I still have my framed registration certificate, but it will cost you £100 to see. Course, in turn I will give you £200 if I can’t produce it… Is it a bet Porkie?

Moreover, you don’t spend 20 years in the tattoo business if you are crap at it, I mean people are silly but fuck me, how long do you think it would take for word to get round that you are shite? Doh!

Course, Tom Tit says that I am crap… Then again, he says that Stacey’s huge number of dance exam passes are nursing certificates.

I was in fact that shite at tattooing that despite making enough money through the summer to last me through the winter, I still remained busy enough in the winter, when many tattooists don’t open.

And since we are talking about my achievments, something I very rarely do since I am not one for bragging, you might like to know that before I was tattooing I had my own building firm, which was VAT registered, with a £1 million pound public liability insurance (the norm was £500,000 back then), 6 employees, and I was in the league of Master craftsmen (or similar, I can’t remember now but I still have my card somewhere).

However, there was a nasty recession on and the tattooing – which I had started as a hobby – was going well so I gave my building firm up for Stacey rather than try juggling building work contracts with bringing up a baby on my own.

Course, I can prove that too, I am an awful hoarder but it will cost you £500 if you want the proof, and of course, I will pay out £1000 if I am lying… Do you want to put your money where your mouth is?

You see, I have always been successful at what ever I have done… What have you totally inept cocks ever achieved? Certainly nothing to deserve your over inflated egos, whereas myself on the other hand ought to have a head that doesn’t fit through the door. Yet you dopey cunts know nothing of these achievements because I don’t fucking need to brag about fuck all including my viewing figures for this site that you bunch of losers will never get anywhere near to achieving even when you add all of yours together, you useless pieces of shit.

Carry on regardless:

Jimmys heard that one before when freaks threatened to kidnap his daughter. Aren’t you the ‘aard man gutless? What’s up bricking it that your Chav hero will soon have his cons stopped? You should be. Ahhh no more big kick backs from those £15k a months donations he cons mugs into donating? Never mind, you’ll just have to go and do some real work for a change, instead of ripping vulnerable hard up people off for a living. Bad Manners Way innit chav? He should badly tattoo con man on his forehead, because that is EXACTLY what he is. But for how much longer eh? I have a feeling it won’t be lasting – hence the begging for more donations to save The Spiv. He even wore a Spiv suit for his wedding didn’t he? Spiv by name, Spiv by nature.

Back to that £15,000 a month. You really are clueless Helen… Bordering on gormless. So lets do it again. I will allow you seven and a half grand margin either way.

So, if I receive more than twenty two and a half grand a month or less than seven and a half grand a month in donations, you pay me £100… If I receive between £7,500 and £22,500 per month in donations then I will give you £200. Do we have a bet, because if we don’t then you must be making it up as you go along.

And that of course would make you all liars.

However Helen you thick twat, I should warn you that the donations are not enough to keep the site going and enable me to feed my family at the moment and as such, I am having to explore other ways with which to keep the site going.

Never the less, a donation is a donation. It is impossible for me to rip people off for donations because the donations are given voluntary for me to keep the site going and then spend the rest how the fuck I want… Do please concentrate.

Never the less, who is the conman? I can back up every word I say, where as you, Slaky Zaki, Charlie Fucktard, Tommy Scatpoo and your midget husband get every single fact you state wrong yet promote yourselves as bastions of the truth.

“I wont be lasting much longer” then? Well I have a feeling that you won’t be lasting anymore, four eyes, whilst on the other hand, I have a feeling that I will be around for a long time yet… And pretty fucking famous to boot.

Who knows, I may even get to be interviewed by the TV presenter, author and musician John Robb.

Oh, hang on I have already done that… Its alright this ego lark isn’t it?

Ah, and who can forget the Spiv Suit at the Spiv wedding that you mention. I didn’t have OTT Doctor Martins on admittedly, but I thought that I looked smart enough.

My suit, my bride and my Stacey.

Course, my future wife was twenty one when I first started seeing her, twenty three when we got married, twenty five when we split up… I wasn’t lying about dating younger women. She will be twenty nine now don’t cha know… And that isn’t even a secret Helen. Well done for exposing my non-secrets.

What else have you and Tom Sick got to try and discredit me with?

Expensive sending kids to dance/drama schools isn’t it? Especially when after all that they drop a sprog as soon as they quit school. Or was that another lie from chav child like her claims she’s 5′ 11″ – or is she just as thick as she seems?

Oh nothing then, so its back to my daughter… Much prettier than yours isn’t she. I bet they must fucking cringe when you put those DM’s on.

Still, it was indeed very expensive sending Stacey to dance school – stop with the drama, she never went to drama dumbo – but I always found the money somewhere because she liked dancing and I wanted her to be happy. So much better than actively seeking to lead yours into a life of servitude and misery.

In fact fuck me, since you haven’t sold your soul to the government for monetary gain, they must know something very terrible about you for you to sell your fellow man – and your kids – down the river.

I mean, what kind of person would do a paedophiles bidding for fucks sake?

Now, as for my Stacey – as I say, so much better looking than your carrot crunching mob – dropping a sprog as soon as she quit school, that isn’t true… Wrong again. You see, she is the only girl at her college who got pregnant and still completed her course… And then she went back and completed her 2nd year – despite having a baby.

And guess what you useless, pathetic excuse of a mother? She has just started her 3rd year but because of sub-human scum like you, blackmailed into doing the governments bidding, she may have to quit to make sure that we don’t lose Clayton… Ya fucking slag whore.

You hear that Jimmy Jones you nonce protecting piece of shit? Go running to the police like you always do. Or claim that you are in hospital because you have tried to commit suicide for the four hundred and tenth fucking time… Obviously another thing that you can’t do right.

However, just so as you get 100 % of your facts wrong Helen, you foul looking freak, Stacey is 5 ft 1 inch tall, not 5 ft 11.

Now, I really can’t be arsed to go through anymore of your vile shite in pursuit of trying to make me out to be a wrong un… Everyone now knows who the wrong-uns are.

But lets talk about hypocrisy shall we.

For instance, your husband, when writing about his favorite subject i.e. he is the real deal, every other bastard is just after your money, he says that we are all disinfo merchants and you in your disguise as Jane Russell, although you look more like Russell Brand, and have about as much credibility, back him up.

So, it is a bit hypocritical of you both to be donating to me and telling me how wonderful my site is when a few months later, having failed to destroy my site, you now brand me a wrong un for having a donation button, despite my £270 monthly running costs brought about by your midget husbands attempt to take my site down… Now why would he want to do that Helen?

Jimmy Jones, you are finished, you fucked everyone over including those who thought you were genuine and took sides against others to support you. But worst of all, you fucked the victims of child sex abuse over… The very people that you vowed to protect.

On the other hand, Batshit Catshit, with his inbuilt fear of failure will still desperately try and salvage something from the pile of shit that has exploded in his face, no doubt by trying to claim that me having cancer is just more bullshit.

Therefore Tommy Shitface, I will offer you the same terms as I offered the above pair of cunts. I will prove to you that the cancer story is just as I have told it, but it will cost you £100 to see the proof.

If you are ready to put your money where your mouth is, I will in turn pay you £200 if I am lying.

Not that your coke addled brain will be able to process the details of the story.

I mean, how many times did you tell everyone that I said I hadn’t been arrested? Four I believe. Well you no good sweaty child fiddler, show us where I said just once that I hadn’t been arrested… Not four, just one will do. Fifty quid says you can’t.

And wasn’t it you who said that if you can catch someone out on a lie, then it would follow that everything else they say is suspect?

Clever? You? You are as thick as Rhino skin.

Fuck me, you quote from a post written by Wolfie claiming that you are quoting me… And you think that you are clever?

And what is the latest? My daughter is covered in tattoos and we have an incestuous relationship because she has “Daddy’s girl” tattooed on her wrist, by my own skilled hand… She is a daddys girl you fucking salt skinned slug.

Just because your Dad abused you – no surprise what with him being a social worker – does not mean that all dads abuse their children.

But try this little tester you queer looking frog. Type Daddy’s girl tattoos into your browser you dirty looking, semi-literate, nonce.

Can you actually get anything right?

What else did you say in your drug addled videos? Something about me contacting you and asking your advice, you funny little sweaty mess.

I will wager 50 quid that you cannot provide any proof of that. After all, I made the mistake of answering one of your incessant skype calls once and you had fuck all to say worth hearing then… I never liked you, you make my skin crawl, always did. You are a loser, the dregs of society.

Course, Sniff, Sniff Tommy Trotter has been telling everyone that he has “flushed me”, even going so far as describing how he feels when taking a dump – what the fuck is all that about?

However, the truth is that the turd burglar couldn’t flush Diarrhea and whereas I am stronger than ever, the only people getting flushed are Scat Catshit and his deluded fucked up nonce protecting friends… Bird of a feather and all that.

Your videos are disappearing at a right old rate of knots aren’t they Tommy Turtlehead?

Dog bless Wolfie, not just my tech guy but my friend too.

Okay, I am going to have to leave the outing of this quintet – for now – who have caused so much disharmony, mistrust and mayhem in what should be a united front… Talking of which, it is nice to see that the David Icke forum have come out in almost total support for me and are ready to take action against this warped, corrupt, perverted vipers nest commonly known as the establishment… And for that, I am extremely grateful.

Indeed,I have enough shit on my plate at the moment but I was never the less prepared for a sizable number of people who couldn’t wait to buy into the underhand tactics. Surprisingly, there has not been one who has tried to post any disruptive comment.

Course, I always knew that my own, massive, loyal, support wouldn’t believe for a second that I was into looking at photos of little boys having sex. And of course, if you have read my article ‘Scandal’ you will know that the reason that the corrupt arseholes planted little boy child porn was so as to brand me a danger to my little warrior, Clayton.

Course, the lame twats have even managed to pretty much fuck up that agenda now, but I have to make sure.

Therefore, with fury raging through many of you, and since so many of you are always asking me what you can do, I would appreciate a mass show of support by either emailing or ringing, Southend Central Police Station, asking them to justify their treatment of me. I would request that you do the same by ringing or emailing your MP’s and my MP James Duddridge, a vile cretin who will not even acknowledge that I exist.

And most important of all, Castle Point Social Services in Kiln Road, Benfleet, Essex, making them perfectly aware that you all know what their agenda is and that it will not be allowed to happen.

Now, there is no point in just a few of you doing it, it has to be done in the thousands. Indeed, it may pay you to read through my article Scandal which contains every single bit of information that you need.

It wouldn’t hurt to target the MSM either and the Cunt Cameron’s office along with that of Ed Willieband and the other cretin, Clepto Clegg.

Now is the time, no more, lets go to war… Once you have read my daughters account of what I have put her through in my quest for real change for all of course.

I mean, it is one thing that the the Establishment target me for telling the truth… It is quite another that my daughter and grandson should become their focus in their quest to shut me up… Cunts.

I will remind you that I have had no input in Staceys account whatsoever and it is a direct copy and paste without any editing from me:

Most of you know me, I’m Chris’ daughter Stacey, I’m Clayton’s mother and I’m 18 years old!

Before I fell pregnant with Clayton I was doing dancing for most of my life at a professional dance school for about 12 years.
This included Tap, Modern, Ballet and Jazz. I did dance exams which all I have ever received in the exams is A’s and B’s.
My dance certificates that are apparently dad’s nursing certificates are all on my hall way wall. I was working there for a while, I was an assistant dance teacher helping 3-4 year old children do Tap and Ballet.

When I was around 10 I won a trophy for being the best dancer in the lower school, I will never forget that moment, my dad was the proudest man in the audience then, no word of a lie.

I went to The King Edmund School. I never enjoyed school, if I could get the day off I would, I would also leave during the day If I could.
I had friends but I just never enjoyed it, I would watch the minutes go by in each lesson and dread going to another one.

Once I left school I went to college to study health and social care level 1. Shortly after I found out I was pregnant which I then told my teacher and I remember her turning round and point blank saying “you will never finish this course Stacey, every girl that has fallen pregnant has never completed the course”.
Of course I proved her wrong and proved every one else who doubted me, even my friends said I wouldn’t get through the course.
I was getting morning sickness morning, afternoon and night but I still went in to college.
I would travel by bus every single morning at 8am and go home by bus every single afternoon around 4/5pm. The only time I ever had off was with scans and if I had to go to the doctors for blood tests, I also had some time off when it was snowing that year because it would of been unsafe for me to travel to college. I completed the course 4 days before my due date.
I then went back to college in September 2013 and my dad had Clayton whilst I was there, I also passed that course with a DISTINCTION*.

I was due with Clayton 26th may 2013 but I ended up being induced 2nd June 2013 and Clayton was born by emergency C-Section at 4am and my dad was one of my birthing partners along with one of my friends Katie.

Growing up I had a good life considering I had to grow up without a mother. I don’t respect my mother or care for her in any way.
The way she has spoken to me over the years is disgusting, I wouldn’t talk to dog shit the way she has spoken to me.
I’ll get a message at Christmas or my birthday saying “I have presents here but if you want them you’ll have to come and get them”, she knew full well I wouldn’t go.
On my 18th birthday (December 2013) she apparently sent a cheque and it’s funny how it never turned up?
When I was 6 months old my dad was having me one night and she rung dad saying ‘can you feed stacey before bringing her home, I’m not strong enough’ to which my dad turned round and said ‘if you’re not strong enough to feed her you’re not strong enough to have her’. She hung up the phone and didn’t contact him again for a couple of months.
Of course I would of loved to grow up with a mother who cared, who I could speak to about things and I could do girly things with but shit happens, fortunately for me I have my dad..

My dad is my very best friend, I can’t thank him enough for what he’s done for me over the years.
I’ve never wanted for nothing. If I was upset I could talk to my dad, he wouldn’t ever turn me away or laugh at me he would simply be there for me.
I love my dad with all my heart for everything he’s done for me, he is more or less the only person in this world that I can rely on and he has always been there for every situation.
When I was 9-10 I was getting bullied terribly and he was there throughout it all, went up the school to talk to teachers to sort it out, everything he could!
We will always and forever be inseparable.

When I told my dad I was pregnant with clay he didn’t shout, he asked ME what I wanted to do.
Obviously he was disappointed but what parent wouldn’t be if their child fell pregnant at such a young age of 16, but never the less after thinking about it all I wanted this little baby.
When Clayton got taken to my dad, he cried, he denies it but he did cry.
Clayton has made this family a whole and I wouldn’t change him for the world.
My Clayton is a proper grandads boy, he will go over to my dad at every opportunity he can and if I take Clayton away, I will know about it because he will kick off!

Now I get into the website, I will make my feelings about this perfectly clear.
I believe everything my dad writes, but nothing breaks my heart more than him having it.
I’m scared of a car pulling into our car park because I’m scared it’s one of the police officers coming to accuse dad of more shit.
No matter how old I am I’m still always going to be scared of the police barging into my home.
Right now more than ever I feel my dad should close his website for the sake of me and Clayton.
This doesn’t just effect my dad, it also affects me. if some nutter comes to take my dad then I’m left with no one? No one in this world.

After the last arrested I already felt asif I have no friends, none of my friends come to sit with me or offered? Hardly any of them even contacted me to ask if I’m okay.
My heart breaks every day and night over the fear of what’s going to happen to my dad and of what the police going to accuse him of next.
One of my fears is also some nutter taking me, if someone wants to get to my dad they will consider taking me or even worse, Clayton.
I shouldn’t have to live my life in constant fear yet I do. I have begged and begged him, I’ve sat in tears and begged him to give up this website and all I get back is ‘im doing this for everyone’
If I’m honest, quite frankly I couldn’t care what he’s doing for everyone, I want my Clayton and me to be put first.
Right now I’m devastated over what’s happened and I don’t know if it will all ever get easier. People might say ‘why don’t you move out’ but why should I have to move out? I’ve lived my dad since 6 months and I’m now 18 and still living here. I won’t move out until I’m ready but at this moment of time I am really thinking about it, last thing I ever want to do but I can’t live my life in fear for much longer.

I thought dad’s 1st arrested was bad, coming into my house at 2am. They was searching through my room where my son was asleep is disgusting.
They was very rude, telling me to ‘grow up’ because I was crying and they did make me feel very intimated. As most of you know after that I had to move out to my Nan’s for mine and Clayton’s safety. Now for anyone who can tell me that is fair needs their head testing, I had to up route mine and clays life and go and live somewhere else, living with another family member or not it’s still hard and another unfair thing to happen to me.

The second arrest, oh my god, the police took it to far. Smashing my door down and breaking my window knowing full well my Clayton is here. My dad told me to record it and I did, then one of my upstairs neighbours come down and recorded from when the police was inside.
When the police was in here they was so rude. Clayton had been taken upstairs by another neighbour because I didn’t want my son seeing me upset and I wanted to know what the police was saying to my dad, yet the police officer was very rude yet again and also called one of my neighbours ‘a fucking moron’.

Now this is something I’ve been wanting to talk about. The massive WANKER known as Tom Cahill.
According to him I’m a typical chavvy teenager from essex. Doesn’t a typical chavvy teenager from essex wear loads of make up? Has a lot of fake tan on? Drinks a lot? Sleeps around? Things like that. well none of that is me.

I hardly ever wear make up! I don’t fake tan unless I’m going out clubbing which is very rare, I don’t drink even when I do go out because I have Clayton to go home to and I for sure do not sleep around.

Apparently I have a ‘scummy’ daddys girl tattoo on my back? That one made me laugh, 1) it’s not scummy, I am a daddy’s girl, and I wanted that tattoo so after MONTHS of begging my dad he let me get it and 2) it’s not tattooed on my back you wankstain, it’s on my wrist, get your facts right before trying to bring me in and slagging me off.

If you’re reading this tom, you really think you’re on to something don’t you? You idiot. As for my dad having nursing certificates on our wall thats shit because they’re my dancing certificates so however long you sat there talking about my dad having them, once again you’ve made yourself look a Pratt because you didn’t have your facts correct, you idiot.

I can’t wait to hear your next video and see what you have to say about me.. That was sarcasm Tom, thought I’d tell you because you are an idiot.

I woke up this morning to listen to my dad tell me people are saying I’m being paid? I’m sorry? Being paid? I hardly have a pot to piss in and my dad isn’t working for the government I assure you of that. My dad works for himself and himself only.

Some don’t believe my dad was arrested which is stupid and you will feel stupid when I’ve finished chasing the boys upstairs for the video they took, which as some people with a heart should understand that video is the last of my worries at the moment as I have enough going on.

I’m sure that someone is going to try and say my dad told me to write this. When I saw the video that tom did yesterday I said I wanted to write an article. Dad wasn’t to sure but this morning after him reading that I’m being paid he said I could write one.

The ridiculous allegations that the police have come out with is sickening and I’m very upset and annoyed about this. They couldn’t have come up with a worser allegation. I mean come on you all know how fake this is!!!! It’s terrible and I know they’ve done it because they want to shut my dad down.

I want my dad’s website off the air but not like this, not by making up VILE rumours. As soon as I found out why he had been arrested I rung my friend and her exact words were ‘I would bet my absolute life on this being fake’ and that’s coming from one of my friends.

For anyone who thinks my life is easy should try stepping into my shoes before they judge me on this because I’m telling you now, over this past year my life has been far from easy.


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