Outlaw on October 11, 2014 at 5:01 pm said:

‘My best mate’? It looks like Spiv is now altering emails as well as changing comments on his site. I met Laverty once and sussed he was a snake, so I would hardly refer to him as a mate. But dont worry, I will not be stooping so low as to be publishing any of Spivs emails that were sent in confidence. 🙂 I have always said that the way to spot a wrong un is when they use edited personal comments and messages against someone. BTW where exactly have I actually written anything derogatory about Spiv? I cannot seem to recall writing anything except words of support. He surely must be desperate if he has taken to attacking me now. I must be more of a worry than all the Peados and Government criminals he frets about so much…. has he called me a Cunt yet?


Chris Spivey

Okay, it has taken me a bit of time to get round to writing this, due mainly to the anger that is – still – raging through my body, as I know all too well that anger can cloud your judgement.

Now, ever since my first illegal arrest on the 30th of July 2014, under section 32 of PACE, people have been warning me that the cunts might try and stitch me up… And indeed those people were right, but I will come to that shortly.

You see, in order to understand what is going on, you have to be in full possession of the facts.

Now, Section 32 of Pace basically allows bent coppers to arrest someone and search their premises, seizing whatever property they think is relevant to the crime… However, they can only do so if the offence is an indictable one which suspicion of harassment – the misdemeanor that I was accused of – most certainly is not:

Section 32

Search upon arrest.

(1)A constable may search an arrested person, in any case where the person to be searched has been arrested at a place other than a police station, if the constable has reasonable grounds for believing that the arrested person may present a danger to himself or others.

(2)Subject to subsections (3) to (5) below, a constable shall also have power in any such case—

(a)to search the arrested person for anything—

(i)which he might use to assist him to escape from lawful custody; or

(ii)which might be evidence relating to an offence; and

[F1(b)if the offence for which he has been arrested is an indictable offence, to enter and search any premises in which he was when arrested or immediately before he was arrested for evidence relating to the offence.] Source

Therefore, the fact that the bent cunts took my computers – against my expressed wishes – means that they were stolen.

Now you also have to ask yourself why the bent bastards sent four uniformed thugs at 2 AM in the middle of the night to perform this illegal arrest and seizure, why I was held for the best part of a day and why I was questioned by CID officers – all because they suspected me of committing a misdemeanor and even more so when you take into account that I had not been given any formal warnings beforehand (as required by law).

Moreover, I do not think that there is anyone who can dispute that I was not in the pursuit of solving or detecting crime in connection to the subject from which the charge arose i.e. The Woolwich Fraud. The pursuit of solving or detecting crime is of course an accepted defence to an harassment charge of this nature.

Never the less, the fact that I was NOT TOLD to remove anything from the site or Facebook along with the fact that I had not contacted any of those that I supposedly harassed means that I could not be guilty of harassment since it would follow that by keeping the articles up that pertain to the bollox charge would mean that I was guilty of continued harassment wouldn’t it?

After all, that is just common sense and doesn’t take a genius to work it out.

You also have to ask yourself why the bent cunts didn’t get a search warrant and come and arrest me at a sensible time, knowing that I had a 1 year old child in the house, thus breaching their own standards:

Searches must be made at “a reasonable hour” unless this might “frustrate the purpose of the search”. However, this still generally means “dawn raids” are common and considered ‘reasonable’.Source

So how the fuck is 2AM a reasonable hour and why didn’t they get a search warrant? It takes less than 24 hours to do so.

I truly believe that they didn’t get a warrant because they knew that they wouldn’t be granted one because the offence is not an indictable one and proper police procedure relating to the misdemeanor had not been adhered to.

I should just add that the stolen goods were not taken out in sealed clear bags, one of the sacks with a computer in had a very distinct tear near the neck.

You also have to ask yourself why the officers were so aggressive, confrontational and damn right rude:


The right to privacy and respect for personal property are key principles of the Human Rights Act 1998. Powers of entry, search and seizure should be fully and clearly justified before use because they may significantly interfere with the occupier’s privacy.

Officers should consider if the necessary objectives can be met by less intrusive means.


Powers to search and seize must be used fairly, responsibly, with respect for people who occupy premises being searched or are in charge of property being seized and without unlawful discrimination.

The Equality Act 2010 makes it unlawful for police officers to discriminate against, harass or victimise any person on the grounds of the ‘protected characteristics’ of age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity when using their powers.

When police forces are carrying out their functionsthey also have a duty to have regard to the need to eliminate unlawful discrimination,harassment and victimisation and to take steps to foster good relations Source

However, it was not just myself that the bent bastards were extremely aggressive to. They extended that to my daughter and her two friends.

Indeed, when I told my daughter to film the bastards, they told her in no uncertain terms that if she filmed them they would take her phone – leaving her with no way to contact anyone.

And once again the bent bastards were breaking the law:

You are entitled to film the police whilst a search is taking place, as long as you are not obstructing officers.

Even if they threaten to seize your camera, they are not allowed to do so unless they believe it contains evidence of an offence. Source

Despite that fact, there was no reasoning with these four bent cunts and I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that had Stacey filmed them, then they would have seized her phone.

Course, on release I immediately put in a complaint to the Independent Police Complaint Commission (IPCC), despite knowing that there is sod all independent about them.

Never the less, I received the following letter from the bent bastards five days later:

And then I heard nothing until I received the following e-mail on the 19th of September from a Mr Paul Ahmed. I have underlined the important bits in red.

Course, that information about the court dates was news to me and as such I replied via e-mail thus:

To which I received the following reply, again by e-mail:

He’s sorry!

This is the fella who is supposedly handling my complaint yet he cannot grasp the most basic of details!

Moreover, the whole basis of my complaint – illegal arrest, illegal search, illegal removal of my property, all carried out with extreme aggression and rudeness at a totally unacceptable time – means that the complaint needs to be investigated before any court action, as a positive result would rule any court action out.

But the incompetence does not stop there, you see he wrote to me yesterday 8/10/14 to tell me the following:

Thank you for letting me know Paul… Again.

Course, the plod intimidation and aggressive tactics were still being applied prior to that very first e-mail from Paul Ahmed.

You see, my first bail date had been set for the 5th of September.

The following is from my article the Knobby Knockers in regard to the that bail:

So there I was, shortly before 9 AM this morning busy getting myself dried after getting out of the bath in preparation to present myself at the cop-shop to answer my bail, when bugger me, there was an almighty knock at the bleeding door… “Oi, oi saveloy, that’s an old bill knock if there ever was one”, I thought to myself.

Furthermore, by the time I had got me jeans on they had impatiently knocked loudly another 3 times.

Never the less, as I came out of the bathroom, Stacey (my daughter) – who had looked through the eye spy – indicated to me that it was 2 fellas.

Now, the thing with my front door is that unless you lift the handle and lock it, it remains unlocked – meaning anyone can just walk in.

Luckily, I always put the latch on as a matter of routine.

Yet before I could open it, the shorter of the two knockers had beaten me to it.

“What you opening my door for, what do you want”? I snarled angrily.

“You got bail today” the short arsed twat snarled back, pushing his warrant card up to the gap.

“And?” I snapped, furiously adding; “whatcha opening my fucking door for”?

“Ya bails been extended till the 19th of November. Ere take it”, he said thrusting the sheet of paper through the gap in the door. “Same bail conditions still apply” he added as I closed the door on them.

Who the bleeding hell do they think they are just walking into peoples homes… Which I am sure they would have done had I not had the latch on.

Course, I had been hoping to get back my computers that they had stolen on the 30th of July and indeed I couldn’t help but wonder just what in the name of Dog they were doing with them that needs a bail extension.

After all, they should have had no need to steal them in the first place.

I mean, you would have thought that my accuser would have had to have evidence to back up their allegation of harrassment. To not have would mean that anyone can accuse someone of doing anything, have them arrested and then have the plod steal their property to see whether there is any truth in their accusation.

Moreover, how much is this trumped up harassment charge costing the tax payer whilst the paedo club of Great Britain goes about their sick business hassle free?

PHOTO: My new bail conditions set for the 19th of November

On top of that, I was receiving disturbing news from others who were being arrested.

The following is taken from my article, I Am Spartacus and also takes in a few more key points about my arrest on the 30th of July:
I was given bail with conditions, yet no crime or suspicion of a crime appears on the bail sheet. I have since broken those bail conditions numerous times yet not been re-arrested.
When questioned, it was by two CID officers – remember, harassment is a misdemeanor and they would have had to have evidence to arrest me in the first place, so why did they need to steal my computers? And since I was not ordered to remove anything from my website, Facebook or anywhere else, indicates to me that they cannot have had any evidence to come and arrest me on in the first place. Therefore it must now be a case that they can arrest a person and steal his property, without so much as a warrant, in order to try and find evidence of a crime… Do you get that? The police will arrest you for a crime that you haven’t committed in order to try and find evidence of a crime.
I was then held in a cell without being let out for a fag until 6 PM – regardless of the fact that I have smoked for 35 years and nicotine being recognized as an addictive substance.
Having finger tipped searched my daughters bedroom and spent an hour and a half doing Dog knows what in my front room, they took me and the 2 computers away without them so much as setting foot in my bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen or the hallway storage cupboard… Go figure that one out.
They then did an hour and a half search in the living room – which I was not allowed to witness – yet they missed a laptop under the coffee table and a hard-drive in the corner cupboard along with other things such as memory cards. Therefore, you can only guess at what they were doing in there for an hour and a half, other than unplugging and stealing my two computers of course… Planting a bug maybe? It does not take more than 10 minutes to unplug two computers even for the mindless, moronic robo-thugs.
I was illegally arrested on SUSPICION of harassment (a misdemeanor) by 4 thugs at 1.30 AM in the morning, which involved them terrorizing my daughter and her two friends. The filth continually tried to bait me while conducting an illegal, half-hearted search of my property without a search warrant. That is to say half-hearted except in the case of my daughters bedroom where my 1 year old grandson was sleeping, which the moronic thugs went through with a fine tooth comb.
A woman I know of, who is investigating child trafficking was arrested 3 days after me by the Abingdon police on behalf of the Metropolitan police. I had at that time never so much as spoken to the woman although she had added me as a friend on Facebook a month or so earlier and had republished a couple of my articles on her website. However, when the Met CID interviewed her they specifically asked her if she knew me and why she was publishing my articles on her website. Now, why would the Met be so interested in me when I have never been in trouble with them and indeed, it was Greater Manchester Police who had requested Essex police to arrest me for the harassment misdemeanor?
I appeared on Jim Hussell’s ‘The Rock Show’ on the Monday following my arrest. I spoke live on air to Jim for half an hour and half an hour after that (which marked the end of the show), two Cardiff Special Branch coppers knocked on Jim’s door. It should be noted that Cardiff police do not cover Jim’s area and are in fact based an hour and a half drive from his, meaning that they must have set off to Jim’s house half an hour before he had even started to interview me. The two SB officers told Jim that if he valued his reputation then he would have nothing more to do with me. They also told him not to tell me that they had spoken to him – which he obviously ignored.
Now, I wasn’t going to mention this last one, but I think that it is only right that you should know what I am up against here. You see, I have been contacted by someone working for the government who warned me that the sniffenpissin monsters are trying to shut me down by hacking into my accounts… I kid you not. I will also point out that apart from some of my team on here, no one else knew that I had indeed been hacked, up until now of course, which gives added credibility to the info. I was also warned by this person to be very careful because I am being constantly watched.

Course, all of that is still nowhere near the extent of what I have had to face.

You see, most disturbing of all is that the bent bastards are trying to shut me down by splitting my family up… They are after taking Clayton (my 16 month old grandson) into care.

In other words, they are prepared to cause a baby- my adored grandson – a lifetime of misery and cause me and my daughter untold heartache, just to stop me speaking out – as is my supposed right to do so using my right to free speech.

And just for the benefit of those who don’t know, Clay lives here with me and my daughter Stacey – his 18 year old mother.

You see, as well as being arrested for answering my door in the middle of the night, by 4 thugs dressed as coppers, they also made a malicious report to the state child snatchers, in regard to their concerns – based on bollocks – about my grandson Clayton.

PHOTO: Clay & Stacey

Looks abused doesn’t he?

Moreover, the thugs had absolutely no justification to do so.

I say that, based on the following taken from my article, Doing It For The Kids:

Now, let me be very clear here. I know beyond all shadow of doubt that the police often collude with social workers to have children removed from their parent/parents, without them having harmed a single hair on their child’s head… There are a number of reasons that this practice goes on but it wouldn’t be right for me to tell you how I know this to be a cast iron fact.

Therefore, you will have to take my word for it.

Course, what many of you won’t know is that I actually have 5 children and 6 grandchildren: 3 daughters, 2 sons, 4 granddaughters and 2 grandsons.

And I am pleased to say that none of my five children were ever expelled from school, none of them have ever had a social worker, none of them have ever been so much as arrested, and the eldest 4 are all in full time employment.

Moreover, all four of them are married and have never been divorced.

Neither have any of my 6 grandchildren ever had any contact with the Social Services until the scum robo-thugs made their insidious, completely false report to them, following my illegal arrest at 1.30 AM in the morning on suspicion of a misdemeanor

And I will remind you that I was arrested despite the pond-life, aggressive cunts masquerading as policemen, not bothering to follow due process and acting without a shred of evidence… And all because I have had the audacity to set out the true facts surrounding the Woolwich fraud.

Had those facts not been true, then fuck the harassment charge, why the fuck hasn’t anyone sued me?

To make matters worse, following the illegal arrest, the thug pigs carried out an illegal search after first invading my home uninvited, and stealing my property in the process.

Now, some of you will know that I have had full custody of my youngest daughter, Stacey since she was 6 months old… Not 6 years old, 6 months old… In other words, a tiny baby.

Moreover, I have brought her up without any help whatsoever from her mother, my parents or Stacey’s maternal grandparents.

Yet Stacey, like her older brothers & sisters has never been expelled or excluded from school, has never had a social worker and has never been arrested or indeed never been in any kind of trouble with the police.

She was/is also a talented dancer with a wall full of framed exam certificates, having attended dance classes from the age of four and which she continued to do so up until she was seventeen.

Furthermore, before getting pregnant with Clayton she had been working part time for her dance academy, assisting with the toddlers dance class – a job that she had been purposely singled out for and offered by the academy’s headmistress.

In fact I will go further still by saying that had she not got pregnant, I have no doubts that she would have eventually been asked to join the staff of the Hilldale Dance Academy on a full time basis.

Never the less, shit happens and I wouldn’t swap Clayton for the world… Indeed, he is my little warrior and as such I won’t make Stacey repay me the thousands upon thousands of pounds that I spent on 13 years of dance lessons… They really do cost an arm and a leg don’t cha know.

At this point I best point out for the gullible that I wouldn’t really make Stacey pay me back for the dance lessons.

Moreover, I would challenge ANYONE to say that I never put Stacey first from the moment that she came to live with me.

Indeed, both Stacey & Clayton continue to cost me a fortune since they are both fully supported by me, except for the £20 per week that I get for each of them in family allowance (which I am entitled to still receive for Stacey being as she is still at college)… And whilst I hate to disappoint those who seem to think that they know all about me, that £40 per week is ALL that I get for them.

Neither does Stacey claim any benefits (well technically she claims Clays £20 per week family allowance but that is paid straight into my bank account).

I should also point out that following Clayton’s birth, Stacey’s health visitor signed her off earlier than she normally would with someone Stacey’s age, specifically because she could see that Stacey had my full support should she have had trouble coping with Clay – which she didn’t.

Course, much more recently Clayton has also had his 9 month assessment – done here around 3 months ago – with no concerns whatsoever being raised by the health visitor (a different one to the health visitor who signed Stacey off) in regard to how Clay was developing, how he was being cared for and his living conditions… Not one single concern.

Therefore, the very idea that Clayton isn’t being looked after properly, especially when you take into account the above is absolutely fucking ludicrous and as such the bent coppers who put in a report to the SS need a proper good kicking for doing so… However, the fact that the pond-life thugs did it maliciously in an effort to frighten me into silence means that they need kicking to within and inch of their fucking miserable, fucktard lives.

Take a moment to think about it properly?

You see, had I not been so assertive, self confident and clued up, Clayton could have by now been Dog knows where with Dog knows who, because of four slug thugs willing to tell outright lies in the knowledge that by doing so they could easily have been responsible for ruining a baby’s life… And if you think that I am being over dramatic then you are blatantly dumb as fuck and deserve everything you have coming your way.

Indeed, you have to be one evil, sick fuck to be a party to such an action.

Yet this kind of sick, child stealing is an everyday occurrence in this cesspit of a country, run by rich nonce ponce psychopaths who do whatever they want to whoever they want, aided by an army of uneducated, soulless, unprincipled, useful idiots, who in their eagerness to please will do anything they are told no matter what… And that has to fucking change or we are all fucked.

Now, just so as you all fucking know, the social worker who knocked on my door and got sent packing without so much as getting a foot over my threshold, will not be coming back.

Indeed, NO ONE has been to inspect our home and it has been confirmed today that no one is going to either.

Now, why the fuck would that be when you consider that the whole basis of the malicious lies reported to the child snatchers by the slag, robo-cops was based on Clayton’s living conditions?

And make no mistake here, it was maliciously reported by the arsewipes because when I began to tell the social worker who came-a-knocking that my arrest was illegal, she quickly interrupted and said that the report made by the police had nothing to do with me being arrested.

Therefore, had the child snatchers not been fully aware that the odd bod plod squad were just making mischief, do you think that they would have just left it when I sent her on her way?

Would they fuck! They couldn’t afford to risk it.

And with that in mind you can only conclude that they had come to purposely find fault and only backed out after I told them in no uncertain terms that I would be filming the entire visit whether they liked it or not.

Yet if they were acting honorably and above board, they would surely have had no objection to being filmed in the course of their investigation.

However, I know exactly what the purpose of their planned visit was, and they know that I know that purpose too.

So be warned, NONE of your children are safe for as long as these psychopaths remain in power… They have to go.

Now, despite the above letter being just two weeks old, the evil bastards have seriously upped their attempts to remove Clayton.

However, before I tell you about that and my latest arrest, it is important that you get the full picture.

I say that because the government have been trying to shut me down for a long, long time – ever since last September as it happens.

That chance appears to have come when I became in need of a new Tech Guy for the site. I am in fact computer-illiterate and do not have a clue how to keep a website on line.

Course, the problem with getting a new Tech Guy is knowing who to trust… Step in Jimmy Jones, AKA the Outlaw.

Jimmy had befriended me and indeed continued to confide in me after I had quoted from one of his articles. In fact back then Jimmy use to contact me a hell of a lot, with the e-mails below being representative of his usual communications:

Quite strange then that Jimmy now condemns those who have a donate button on their site don’t cha think? In fact Jimmy even wrote an article for his website encouraging people to donate money to me. But then again hypocrisy is JJ’s middle name… Not that Jimmy is his real name, despite his tendency to slate those who write under pseudonyms.

But I digress, here is that other e-mail that I was going to show you.

Now, you are probably wondering what all this has to do with my arrests. However, all I will say is bear with me and all will become clear including the lengths and underhand tactics that the security services have used and gone to in order to try and shut me up… Muppets.

I should also point out that it was around the time of that e-mail that Dogman, my friend & right hand man – along with others – was warning me privately that JJ was a wrong ‘un’.

Course, in hindsight I should have listened, especially now that I have read all of his e-mails in one go in order to try and make sense of why he has been having sly digs at me and many others just lately… A sure sign of someone desperate to be a somebody, whilst lacking the ability and personality to do it on their writing ability alone.

But is that the only reason the narcissist has for slating just about everyone in the Alternative Media, whilst profiling himself as the ‘real’ bastion of truth… Read on.

You see, what I discovered was indeed quite startling. For instance, JJ’s long running feud with Darren Laverty raises many questions about his integrity.

After all, JJ has hinted on many occasions that he would like me to back him in his public spat with Laverty and indeed sent me solid proof that Laverty – who is well in with the police, but I’m sure Jimmy didn’t know that – had taken part in child abuse.

And indeed, had I not been so busy with other matters I would have helped Jimmy. However, what I had failed to latch on to was the fact that JJ and Laverty were at one time best friends.

And then there is this one:

Now, as you all can see I had no reason really to distrust JJ back then and with me being computer illiterate and in desperate need of a Tech Guy – just to check that my site was secure – I was extremely grateful when Jimmy came up with a fella willing to have a look at the tech side of my site.

Now at this point in time I had the backing of David Icke who was publishing my articles on a regular weekly basis, meaning that the site was averaging around 20,000 – 25,000 visits a day.

However, apart from 3 previous attempts to take the site down, it appeared to be in very good shape & was costing me next to peanuts in running costs and as such, I just needed Gary to cast an eye over the site security.

And indeed, the fact that the site was in relatively good shape is evidenced by Gary’s email to me which he sent having had a look.

Yet, when he did “crack on” he supposedly found all manner of problems, which I couldn’t dispute what with me knowing absolutely nothing about computers and since JJ had put me on to him, I naturally assumed that he was looking out for me and the safety of the site anyway… And then the attacks started.

Indeed, the attacks were so relentless that I was finding myself continually off-line, and when I wasn’t people were having a lot of trouble logging on.

In turn, and despite continually telling me that he had everything under control, Gary’s answer was for me to continue throwing money away that I didn’t have to try and stem the problems – I can’t now remember quite how much but it was at least £1300 – whereas, as I say, up to Jimmy recommending Gary, I had spent fuck all in running costs, had been attacked 3 times and people had no problem connecting to the site.

Meanwhile, Jimmy had contacted me after Gary had destroyed the old forum – along with thousands of hours of research collected by Dogman – asking me if he could be a moderator on the new forum (which I had also had to purchase).

Now I must admit that I did actually find JJ’s keenness in wanting to do so quite strange, given mind to the fact that he had his own site and which as I know from personal experience is a full time job to run in its self.

You will note that Gary seems surprised that JJ wants to be a moderator, even going so far as to add ‘Outlaw’ in brackets in order to verify that we were talking about the same Jimmy Jones.

Never the less, with Gary’s inability to stop the attacks (be that deliberate or not) on both my site and my wallet, we parted company.

Indeed, by that time the site was in such poor shape that the next guy that I brought in was also unable to stop the onslaught of attacks.

And all the time that this was happening JJ was causing mayhem in the forum

I think that you can just make out that bottom line which I couldn’t quite get into the screenshot, but for those who can’t it says “what has this got to do with Jimmy Jones Though?”

Now I mention that, just so as no one can accuse me of distorting the facts.

That was more or less the final straw and Dogman removed Jimmy as a moderator a few weeks later… Something that Jimmy, for all his mouth, never said a word about.

However, all became clear when I had a very public spat with Gary a few months later, on Twitter

Strangely enough, up until Gary blurted out about Jimmy being NSA, he hadn’t been mentioned in the spat.

Even stranger still is the fact that despite being tagged in the NSA Tweet, he has never once responded to the allegation… Certainly not to me anyway.

Instead, Jimmy did exactly the same as he did when he was given the boot from being a moderator on my site: he pretended it didn’t happen and carried on as normal… As I said earlier, even having the cheek to ask for my help in his fight with his former best friend Darren Laverty.

So Jimmy, I suppose that you are going to tell us that you didn’t know that Laverty was a child abuser when you was his “best friend” just 5 or 6 short months prior to your handbags at dawn tiff? But if you are, then please don’t because I know different.

In truth, Jimmy Jones is always slating people for their ego whilst quite hypocritically ignoring his own. Indeed, if I hear him say one more time that he was the person who exposed Sir Peter Morrison as a paedophile, I will commit Hari Kari.

Indeed, the short arsed runt even once had the cheek to try and get me to boost his profile by asking me to name him as Morrison’s accuser in an article… And me being a right mug, I obliged despite never seeing a shred of proof that his claim is true.

Never the less, no one has been able to stem the attacks that first started when Gary took over as my tech-guy on Jimmy’s recommendation despite me throwing thousands of pounds at the problem and twice moving to hosts from different countries.

Of course, that isn’t to take anything away from Wolfie – my very dear friend and present tech guy – whom despite never wanting the job and knew next to nothing about WordPress sites when I threw him in at the deep end, had still managed to get the site running on a fairly even keel.

That is until I exposed the Rigby fraud and then the men in tights really went to town, hitting the site with three and a half million attacks in the space of 5 days, meaning that no bastard could get on the site to read my evidence on the hoax.

Photo: A screen shot and note sent to me by Wolfie following the MI5 onslaught.

Evidence, that I hasten to add, no one has been able to take apart.

And there is plenty of it for them to try.

For instance, after registering Team Lee United Forces as a Ltd Company on April the 2nd 2014, launching the company as a “charity” on the 11th of April and pulling in at least 11 Grand before pulling the plug on their ‘charity’ fundraising – due to the Limited Company neglecting to register for charity status – which they only did following my outing of the fraud, the company has still not got its charity registration.

However, by telling you all such facts, I am ‘harassing’ those who our government will sink to any level to protect… Just sayin’.

Never the less, getting back on track, those three and a half million attacks left me no choice but to either upgrade to my own server or jack it in.

I did of course chose option A on July 8th 2014, which now means that I am paying nearly £270 per month just to keep the site online… On the other hand, at least the men in fart smelling tights can’t take the site down.

So they chose to [try] take me down instead.

Now, I didn’t actually realise that I had set up a direct debit type of arrangement on my PayPal account with my Icelandic hosts, Orange, to pay the monthly fee – meaning that on August 7th (the 2nd monthly payment) I paid the monthly installment on the 7th of August only for PayPal to automatically pay the monthly fee again on the very next day.

Course, the fact that I paid the August bill twice means that the site is now paid for a month in advance.

Moreover, since this months payment has just come out, the site will continue to run for at least the next 2 months regardless of what I decide to do. I will however elaborate on that shortly.

Never the less, I have noticed that in his continual search for respect, Jimmy Jones is very quick to announce to anyone who will listen that he does pays all the running costs of his site himself – the implication being that the rest of us are mugging our readership off.

And indeed, JJ must give himself a huge pat on the back when he pays his £10 yearly domain name renewal. That is to say if he really pays that yearly tenner himself as opposed to the NSA paying it for him… Quite how the man finds that daily 3pence to set aside for his running costs is anyone’s guess?

I mean, JJ wouldn’t be paying anymore than that.

After all, if he pays more than a tenner a year he is being ripped off what with his site only having a daily readership of around 800. I mean, until he got his pal Gary installed on my site I was only paying £7 a year and I had a daily readership of up to 25,000 people a day.

Course, Jimmy Jones, appears to doubt that fact, publicly stating that the “Leaders in the Alternative Media” – of which I must surely be one, fact JJ not ego – purposely hide our viewing figures so as we can claim to have had millions of hits; the implication being that we are all egotistical liars.

Well I am sorry to prove you wrong again, Lil Jim, but here is the proof my son, although I do not brag about my huge readership at all, despite you stating otherwise.

I should just point out for Jimmy’s benefit that today’s viewing figures (8/10/14) of 2,060 so far, is the number of hits at the time of writing (6:11 AM).

Yesterdays final total (7/10/14) was 28,682, the day before that 27,591. Course if you doubt that Jimmy Dean, donate a tenner and I will prove it to you… In other words, put your money where your mouth is.

Moreover, all those numbers under the heading of “All Time” amount to just very short of 8million – a number Jimmy, that you will never attain as long as you have a hole in your arse… Not bad for a site started on January the 1st 2012, even if I do say so myself.

So why am I targeting the Jones boy now?

Well, for starters I do not doubt for one second that Jimmy Jones is a government paid disinfo merchant who was given the mandate of sabotaging my site.

Moreover, despite his low viewing figures, I believe that his poison, along with the other half dozen or so poison dwarfs are doing serious damage to the Alternative Media, and I may not be around much longer to monitor the situation.

And not for the reasons that you may think either.

Which brings me nicely to my latest arrest, which JJ also happens to pour scorn on – sorry sunshine but you are very wrong again.

Now, as most of you know my door was kicked in and bedroom window smashed at the same time – was that really necessary, knowing that my daughter and grandson were in the house – under section 17 of PACE… Although the schoolboy on his work experience seemed to think that I was arrested under section 32, as evidenced in the video below.

You can watch the FULL video of the door being kicked down by clicking HERE

Mind you, he forgot to read me my rights too, which I neglected to tell him, preferring to point the fact out on the taped interview at Southend nick.

Now, those heavy handed tactics were employed after I had told the trio of plain clothed orificers to fuck off being as they neither had an arrest warrant or a search warrant.

Neither did the trio have when they did the same to another fella from Southend… Mind you, they beat him up in the back of the car – the very same car that they took me away in as it happens.

Course, they didn’t threaten to kill me either… Like they did with this other fella.

Photo: Strangled by a Southend police man in the back of a unmarked police car, whilst his colleagues tried to hide the assault by standing in the way of the camera filming from a bedroom window… And yes I have got the video evidence to prove it.

Tick-tock, tick-tock.

Indeed, the fact that they didn’t have an arrest or search warrant is again, very, very strange and as the above photo indicates, the same course of action is being applied to many other people on an extremely regular basis by the police, in order to eventually do away with having to follow proper procedure by applying for such warrants at a magistrates court… Make no mistake, the Police State really is just around the corner.

Course, I suppose to their credit, the bent bastards came at a reasonable hour this time around. Unfortunately for them, the noise of breaking down the door, smashing my bedroom window and the hysterical screaming of my daughter and grandson attracted much more attention than last time and as such, despite their protests, the lawless thugs were filmed by my neighbours.

Kinda makes you wonder why they used Section 17 and not Section 32 like PC Schoolboy thought they had.

After all, I was arrested for an indictable offence this time, meaning that under Section 32 the search would have been halfway legal.

And they did carry out a search, don’t cha know… Or at least one of the three did, albeit that lasted no more than 10 minutes – extremely strange, given the offence.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, despite causing “no damage”, the plod were extremely plum tuckered out by the time that they got in. So much so in fact, that despite making a mad dash to cuff me, the moron failed to read me my rights – a fact that I was very aware of, but didn’t see the point in mentioning at that moment in time.

Course, it was a bit chaotic there, what with my daughter in hysterics, my grandson the same and friends and neighbours walking around filming the bent bastards… Something as I say, they really, really didn’t like.

And whilst I hate to disappoint Tom Catpoo, AKA the junkie in the jungle, AKA Jimmy Jones’s new best friend, I wasn’t in the least bit scared… I have been arrested loads of times, even had my door kicked down before, albeit most of those arrests and the door kicking episode were a long time ago.

Never the less, I should just point out that like your new bestest mate JJ, you Tom – for a self confessed clever man – managed to get just about every single fact wrong about me… Tossers.

So, what was the charge?

Indecent images on my stolen computers apparently. Worse still, indecent images of little girls, little boys and bestiality – which covers just about every angle really… My bad!

Course, the fact that I knew sod all about these indecent images counted for sod all as far as Tom, Dick and Harry were concerned… Although, given the nature of the offence, the search – which according to Stacey consisted of one of the herberts, a Sam Dingle lookalike, having a quick skirt around my bedroom, which to be fair there is nothing of interest in there, and a quick skirt around Stacey’s bedroom, which again, there is nothing of interest in there either – was extremely lapsy-daisy, if you ask me.

I dunno, perhaps he was just making sure that the place was tidy.

However, had Sam Dingle of opened his eyes and searched in here – my living room – he would have found this computer although I had managed to shove it under the sofa by the time that they got in… Then again, I could have buried it the garden in the time that they took to get in.

Or perhaps he could have looked under the coffee table behind me and to the right. Had he done, Old Sam would have found the laptop that his colleagues missed the last time… Mind you, it does take over an hour and and half to unplug two computers doesn’t it – not that I knew that there were time restraints on a search, illegal or otherwise.

Course, since Sam the Man failed to go one better than his four thug mates did on the 30th of July by also failing to find the white laptop, it is understandable that he also missed the hard-drive, digital camera, huge number of memory cards, memory stick thing, and the half a dozen or so micro-tapes in the cupboard behind me to the left of the room.

After all, they were all in the cupboard and drawer – just like they were when his four thug mates missed them too, in their one and a half hour search of my living room, which no one was allowed to witness.

Mind you, there is no excuse for them not having a butchers at the photo albums sat on top of the cupboard or taking a look inside the cases of the 1000’s of DVD’s that I have on display. After all, I was being accused of possessing child porn and just because a DVD case may have “The Bourne Supremacy” as a cover, it doesn’t follow that “The Bourne Supremacy” is the film in the case… Or am I missing something here?

Well, best we have a look at the evidence I suppose.

Now, at first, being as I was fully aware that I was being stitched up, I refused to say anything to the two CID plod who were conducting the interview at Southend nick… That is except to point out that his colleagues had forgotten to read me my rights after trashing my front door.

However, when they showed me the images that they had found on my computers of little girls, I couldn’t stop myself from helping them with their “inquiries”.

You see, the images were all those that I had used in my articles such as Celebrity Paedophiles,Parliamentary Paedophiles, and various other articles about Elton John and Graham Ovenden.

For instance, in Celebrity Paedophiles I used a photo of a ten year old Brooke Shields in the bath – which I HAD CENSORED.

Now, the thing is, I had actually found the photos of Brooke that I used, along with a photo of a 15 year old French actress – also in the bath – who I had never heard of before, on a reputable website (to do with Wikipedia if memory serves) about memorable events of the 20th century… Although unlike myself, the website had not censored the photos.

Indeed, the giveaway to the website that I got the photos from was the fact that in the same folder there were also photo’s of – if memory serves – the JFK shooting, the Bobby Kennedy shooting, the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, the university campus protests over the Vietnam war, along with many other photos of significant events from the twentieth century… Indeed, it wouldn’t have taken a great deal of detective work, to realise or verify that fact… However, the fact that the photos were not hidden and were indeed in the folder that they were, didn’t suit Laurel and Hardy’s agenda.

Never the less, just for the record, the photos were taken of 10 year old Brooke, by some paedophile photographer in the presence of Brooke’s mother. The photo shoot then appeared amidst great controversy in a magazine, as did 15 year old Brooke’s naked appearance a few years later in the film the Blue Lagoon.

Indeed, such was the uproar surrounding the film, that the studio were forced to issue a statement claiming that a body stand-in had been used for 15 year old Brooke’s naked scenes, although that claim is allegedly false.

All the same, all you need do to find any amount of uncensored naked photos of 10 year old Brooke’s photo shoot in the bath is type the words “Brooke Shields 10 year old photo shoot” into Google images.

See, you don’t even need to include the word “Nude” or “Naked” in the search bar. And incidentally, the two circled photos are the ones that Laurel and Hardy had as their proof – they obviously couldn’t be bothered to include the 3rd photo, which appeared in my article Celebrity Paedophiles and which is still there for all to see, in the article today.

Mind you, had Laurel & Hardy been serious about investigating the crime, they would have gone to the article where I had written either side of the above photo, amongst a whole heap of other explanation:

In 2009, those photos of Brooke taken when she was 10 again hit the headlines. The Photographs were photographed by artist Richard Prince who included them in his Tate Modern Art Exhibition, aptly named ‘Pop Art’. However, after complaints, the Police intervened and the Photos were removed.

It is by now, I hope, becoming quite clear to you, that show biz is dominated by ‘sick fucks’ in the USA and in the UK too. Look at the BBC Paedophile ring. The ex Radio 1 DJ’s involved in that ring is a veritable who’s who of disc spinning legends: Jimmy Savile, Jonathan King, Alan Freeman, John Peel and Chris Denning to name but a few. Denning has in fact spent 3 decades in and out of UK and Eastern European prisons for sexual abusing children as young as 10.

Sorry fellas, but that won’t stand up in court. However, my computers were stolen supposedly on the basis that the bent thugs were looking for evidence of a crime that was in relation to another crime that was committed on the 22nd of May 2013, yet those photos were uploaded to this site on December 1st 2012.

Moreover, so successful was the article that many, many other website published it in full, including David Icke… So watch ya doors all of you child molesters who did so.

Laurel & Hardy then showed me more evidence of my perversion, in the form of a number of photos, depicting paintings done by the vile, warped nonce Graham Ovenden. I therefore had to patiently and very slowly explain that I had used the photo’s of the paintings in the half dozen or so articles that I had written, denouncing Ovenden’s sick activities.

However, once again a quick Google image search along the lines of “the art of Graham Ovenden”, will yield the following results.

I have once again circled the photos that Laurel & Hardy used as evidence.

However, had they once again done their detective work like real detectives, they would have quickly realised that what they were looking at, although painted by a sick fucker, was not child porn in the eyes of the law.

And indeed, the photos along with many more of Ovenden’s sick art work are still to be found on this website in various articles, all denouncing child porn, to this very day, yet all were added well before the 22nd of May 2013… Sorry fellas, once again they will never stand up in court.

After showing me those photos, which I am sorry to say I couldn’t help but laugh at when the serious faced idiots first showed me them, they moved on to what I described in an article as the sickest piece of ‘artwork’ that I have ever seen.

Moreover, Laurel & Hardy both knew my feelings towards the photograph in question because the photo that they showed me had my comments attached to it, as well as the actual photo being censored by myself.

Indeed, if I remember rightly the wording was along the lines of “What sick fuck would want to own this picture… Oh yes, that’s right, Elton John would.

Yet I don’t remember Elton John’s door being kicked down.

Never the less, a quick Google image search once again yields the following result:

And in case you cannot read, the text accompanying the sick photo reads:

A PHOTOGRAPH owned by Sir Elton John and seized from an exhibition as part of a child pornography probe is not an indecent image, the Crown Prosecution …

Or as my right hand man Dogman would say: “Face palm moment”.

Sorry chaps, but it will never stand up in court.

The pair of clowns then moved on to what they obviously considered to be the clincher photo, or at least I should say that Detective Stan Laurel spent an awful long time quizzing me about it.

Course, that maybe because Stan was embarrassed by the fact that I did actually laugh out loud when I saw it and I think I made things worse by asking him why his hand was shaking – something he denied and indeed demonstrated by holding one of them up to show me… Albeit it was the hand that I hadn’t caught shaking, I kid you not, it is all on the interview recording.

I should at this juncture point out that the other copper, Detective Oliver Hardy did seem genuinely embarrassed to be questioning me about this pathetic evidence and indeed, despite having naturally red cheeks had flushed when I became verbally aggressive and insulting to the pair on why they were not out and about detecting real criminals… Again, all caught on the taped interview.

However, I am drifting off track. Now, the clinching photo as far as Stan the man was concerned was this one:

Now admittedly there are no words on the photo but I feel sure that many of you will recognise it as being the record cover to Led Zeppelins 1973 album, Houses of the holy

Indeed, if you go to The Guy On The Couch website, you will not only see the above photo – which is the front of the album and no doubt still sold in WH Smiths today albeit on CD – you will also see a photo of the rear cover, which looks like this:

And indeed, if you do have the album on vinyl, you will also know that the inside sleeve has this next photo on display:

Yet Stanley Laurel refused to see how pathetic he was making himself look by asking me questions such as “How do I feel about seeing this image” and “do I think that it is acceptable”.

I did however lose my rag when he asked me what I found so funny, to which I replied by tersely asking him why he wasn’t out arresting Robert Plant for shagging 15 year old Laurie Maddox – again, I kid you not, it is all on the tape.

Course, to be fair, by now we had spent so long on these ridiculous LEGAL photos that I was becoming impatient and therefore asked them if they knew about the letter that I had received from Temporary Detective Chief Inspector, Gary Biddle of the Essex Police on-line investigation team?

Unsurprisingly, the clueless pair didn’t.

Now in the event, I totally snubbed DCI Biddle because as far as I was concerned, I either had illegal content on my website or I didn’t.

If I did have illegal content on there, then I figured that Essex Police would send a couple of wooden tops round to tell me to take it down and if I didn’t have illegal content then it must be legal and I would be left alone. Indeed, absolutely nothing that warranted discussion as far as I was concerned.

Never the less, Laurel & Hardy continued with their investigation by producing photos of two ex-girlfriends of mine, one in the bath with her face and tits on display and the other one, a full body shot taken standing up, in a mirror without her head on display.

Now, as far as I can see the only point in producing these photos – both of which were sent to me by the ladies in question – was for some kind of cheap thrill.

I mean, admittedly they both had small tits and my ex in the bath looked quite young without her make-up on, but you couldn’t even see my other ex’s face in the photo for crying out loud so she could have been 70 years old for all they knew.

In the event, they are both mothers and over 21 years of age. Yet still the dynamic duo persisted by insisting that I give them my ex’s names, to which I politely told them to fuck off and that I would not be a party to embarrassing them by doing so. I then told them that they were the policemen, so they could go out and find them for their selves… I kid you not, its all on the etc, etc, etc.

And then it became clear where all this nonsense was heading.

You see, they then produced some thumbnail sick fuck photos of little boys having sex, at which point I proper lost my rag and called them all the cunts under the sun.

Suffice to say that I have never seen the sick fuck photos before in my life, that according to Stan Laurel were supposedly downloaded via Firefox onto my computer and put into a “hidden file” on the 29th of July, 2014 at around 3.30 AM – or put another way, exactly 24 hours prior to four thug coppers spending over an hour and a half searching my living room that I nor anyone else was allowed to witness.

Now the giveaways of a stitch up are:
I don’t ever use Firefox on either of those computers.
One of the computers had not been connected to the internet for at least a week prior to the 30th
This sites logs prove that I was working on here at that time on an extremely complicated Woolwich article. I never break off from writing without saving the content as anything could happen and I could lose hours of work, yet there is no save registered anywhere near 3.30AM (see photos below)
I never hardly ever clear my browsing history and the computers were stolen 24 hours after the sick photos were downloaded, yet never once did the two mugs refer to the browsing history.
I have been writing about child porn long enough to know that you can’t type into your browser something like “little boys shagging” and expect to get access to hundreds of free child porn sites. Indeed, the MP’s caught up in Operation Ore, along with all the other nonce cunts involved were all caught by their credit cards. Indeed, at the very least you would need your log in details and a code or something to access this filth yet no credit card or log in details were so much as touched upon by Stan & Ollie, the corrupt arse clinkers.
I wouldn’t know how to make or activate a “hidden file” if my life depended on it. Indeed, since the comedy double act never mentioned any other “secret files”, I will take it as read that the little boy file was the only one found – which had miraculously been created exactly 24 hours before the computers were stolen – and which at the time I must have obviously thought that I would have a 5 minute break from work to find some hardcore little boy porn, download it, knock a quick one out over the keyboard and then store it in a secret file.
Stan Laurel innocently asked me how they or the security services could possibly have planted the photos on my computer especially since the download date was given.

Never the less, if Detective Laurel doesn’t know how shit like that could possibly be planted on a computer then he certainly doesn’t deserve to be in the CID.

However, for the benefit of those who don’t know how they can and do, the following is a screenshot of a very quick Google search that I did.

Very easily done and common to boot then Detective Cunstable Laurel.

Not convinced? Try this then:

It’s easy to put damning materials on someone’s computer or mobile phone. You can do it at your leisure and don’t even need the sleight of hand required to put drugs in someone’s pocket. There now almost always seems to be illegal content on hard drives seized by the Bill. Source

Now, as incredible as it may seem, in one way, the dozy twats have messed up good and proper by planting the hard core images of young boys on my computer. You see, anyone who knows me personally – which is pretty much everyone around where I live, being as I have spent 20 years as one of those rare breeds known as a tattoo artist – will never believe it.

Indeed, up until I started writing for a living, I was known to be for want of a better word: A womaniser.

Moreover, having brought my Stacey up totally on my own, ever since she was a 6 month old baby, I have had an untold number of little boys and girls come for ‘sleepovers’, play-days and birthday parties with Stacey over the years – never once having been so much as accused by her friends of inappropriate behavior.

I mean, I expose these sick fuckers for a living, not join in their practices. However, I have now cottoned on to why they planted sick photos of little boys rather than little girls or even underage teen girls, which would have been a lot more credible than little boys.

Never the less, I will return to that reason shortly and for now carry on with the police interview.

Now, unsurprisingly Stan Laurel didn’t spend nearly half as much time questioning me about these sick photos as he did the earlier legal photos of the little girls. Moreover, Detective Oliver Hardy by now had virtually nothing to say to me, and I genuinely believe that he wanted no part of this stitch up.

Never the less, clean cut Laurel persisted by showing me some Manga photos that they had supposedly found on my computers although I had never seen them before… Do you get that? Manga photos!

However, for anyone who doesn’t know, here is an example of a Manga photo:

And I am not even joking.

Course, the bent bastards needed some other photos on the computers in order to give the little boy child porn credibility.

Never the less, from that surreal part of the interview we moved on to the final section which involved “prohibited” photos rather than “indecent” photos i.e. photos of Bestiality.

Now, I have to tell you that this section made no sense to me whatsoever. You see, as far as I can gather, the sick photos that they showed me, which included women getting fucked by horses and women giving dogs blow jobs, were not actually on my computer… Least that is what I think he said.

At this point, Detective Hardy explained that sometimes images can get downloaded whilst downloading other things???

Never the less, I have never seen these photos in my life, although I have seen various photos of bestiality over the years – fuck me who hasn’t?

Furthermore, I will admit to sleeping with Benton most nights.

And no, that is not a staged photo, both me and Benton were sound asleep when Stacey took the photo.

No doubt I will have the RSPCA round now!

Never the less, although I do not personally find these sick photos of animals and humans having sex anywhere near as offensive as child porn, the act still repulses me and in no way gets me going whatsoever.

Moreover, these photos that I am still confused as to whether the bent bastards said they were on the computer or whether they were saying that they were not, were apparently downloaded in June 2011.

Now, in truth I am not even sure that I had the computer in 2011, which is of course a whole two years prior to any evidence gathering that the bent bastards were supposed to be looking for.

Indeed, ever since I first got the second hand computer – which was given to me free of charge by my very good friend Adam who works for a major computer company based at Canary Wharf – an untold number of people have had access to it, including at least half a dozen of my ex-girlfriends, 4 of my children and a couple of their partners, An untold number of Stacey’s friends and boyfriends, an untold number of my friends and even on occasion a number of customers whilst they have been waiting for tattoos.

And whilst I would hate to think that any of my nearest and dearest would be inclined to spend an evening sat watching some old sort give an Alsatian a nosh, I fail to see how the bent bastards can possibly pin that rap on me, especially since I am still in the dark as to whether or not they were on the computer or if I even had the bleedin’ thing in June 2011.

Mind you, if I hadn’t taken ownership of the computer by June 2011, I am positive that Adam had told me that the hard-drive had been wiped before he handed it over although I have no doubts whatsoever that Adam would not have downloaded the images either – in fact I am absolutely positive that he would be as appalled by such photos as I am.

Anyway, the interview ended with Detective Hardy stating – rather helpfully – that as far as I was concerned, the photos that I had held my hands up to, such as the Led Zepplin album cover and the Brooke shields bath photo shoot were done so for the purposes of detecting or solving crime… Which indeed they were, despite the images not being illegal.

I was then bailed – with no conditions – until the 19 of November, the same date that I am bailed to for the bollox harassment charge and offered a lift home – something that I wasn’t offered on the 30th of July.

Strange that the alleged offence only mentions “a prohibited photo of a child”, which to me means one photo of one child, “posses indecent photograph / pseudo photograph of a child”, which to me suggests one painted photograph of one child, whilst the rest relates to the animals that were, or were not on my computer since June 2011.

In fact the whole episode from kicking my door down to me being back home, was 6 hours maximum which was in stark contrast to the nigh on nineteen hours start to finish of my arrest from the 30th of July.

Moreover, given the nature of the charge it is very strange that the old bill have not used the episode to discredit me in the press:

“Mr Spivey was unavailable for comment”??? They never fucking asked me for a comment. And its the 19th of November not the 9th… Amateurs

Never the less, you would have thought that the old bill would have taken great delight in announcing that I had been arrested on child porn charges wouldn’t you? Could it be that they didn’t because they know that its bollocks?

Indeed, my tech guy Wolfie knows exactly how easy it is to plant anything on someones computer including a fake date. He also knows how easy it is to detect something that has been planted and indeed, I will exercise my right to have the hard drive independently checked by an expert that I nominate, because I know that I am not responsible for the little boy child porn and I am just as sure that no one I know is responsible either.

But then again, the object of putting the little boy child porn on the computer was never about charging me with the crime. I first realised that fact when Detective Laurel took great delight in telling me that the social services would be round “first thing in the morning and it is in my best interest to co-operate with them”.

Now, not withstanding the fact that it is only 2 weeks ago that the Social Services declined to investigate further the fabricated, malicious allegations made by the 4 thug monkeys on the 30th of July, once they knew that I intended to film the visiting social worker – they have now created a real opportunity to snatch Clayton, because after finding little boy child porn, ‘I am now obviously a danger to little boys‘.

And can you imagine what the perverted arsewipes would do to my little warrior if he went into care… Indeed it makes me shudder to think about it.

In the event, Detective Laurel was wrong because the Social Services didn’t come on the morning after, or at all that day as a matter of fact. They did however come at 4PM wednesday afternoon.

However, before I tell you about that visit, I need to rewind to 6AM on the morning after my arrest.

You see, fortunately there are still some good social workers left in the profession who have morals and integrity – not many, but some never the less.

And luckily for me one of them just so happens to be my friend, Harriet, a registered social worker with Barkingside Council.

Harriet, who is married to my ex-wife’s first cousin came round here at 6 AM three days ago to calm Stacey down, who is obviously frantic with worry. Harriet then had a look around the place and declared it absolutely fine, and she has seen Clayton and declared him absolutely fine too.

She has known me a long time and is also fully aware of what goes on within the social services and knows that child porn is the last thing that I am into.

Never the less, at 4 PM on wednesday, the Social Worker, Nicole Miles (the one I sent packing a few weeks ago) and her ‘assistant’, Kelsey Wicks attended as arranged and almost immediately she began with a pack of lies.

For instance when I mentioned that it was only 2 weeks ago that we had received a letter (the one shown further up this page) from her department telling us that the Social Services were taking no further action – which was good of them seeing as their investigation was started on malicious and proven false police allegations – Miles claimed that the reason for that was that they couldn’t get a policeman to accompany them… I do have the film evidence stashed safely away Nicole.

However, all you real child abusers will be relieved to hear that if the twisted SS cannot get a copper to accompany them on their visits, you will be officially left alone.

Course, the real reason that no further action was taken is because Clayton was seen by his health visitor, who knows us fairly well, dismissed the malicious police allegations as false and after seeing Clay, she told the SS that he was absolutely fine… As he also was just 3 months earlier after being seen by another Health Visitor, who carried out his 9 months assessment in our home.

I then explained to Miles that apart from the photos of little boys, which were downloaded on Firefox, which I don’t use, and put into a secret file, which I wouldn’t know how to do and since the plod never mentioned any other secret files I will assume was the only one despite me having had the computer for 3 years, all of the other photos were LEGAL – except the animal ones, which may or may not have been on the computer, and I may not have even had the computer when they were… Or weren’t as the case might be.

I then told her that the LEGAL photos of the little girls such as THE LED ZEPPELIN RECORD COVER were being used to give credibility to the hidden file of little boy photos and asked her what she thought of a police investigation that declared record covers as being illegal indecent images?

To which she incredulously replied that she “hadn’t seen the photos”!

Course, I then asked her how the fuck she could investigate then and make a potentially life changing decision when she wasn’t even in possession of the facts.

I then showed her the letter from DCI Gary Biddle (also shown further up the page), after which she looked embarrassed and asked if the plod had seen it which they obviously haven’t, and it would of course be too much to ask anyway, that they investigate anything properly… But don’t worry Nicole, its all on camera.

And not feeling the need to let her off the hook, I then asked her why, if there was any truth in the allegation whatsoever, were there no bail conditions set – as is the norm in cases of child porn, especially in regard to internet use.

I further asked her; why I had been allowed to return to my home when there is a little boy living here, especially so given that the ILLEGAL photos, in their hidden folder, downloaded – according to the date – exactly 24 hours before the police were carrying out their secretive one and a half hour search of my small living room in which time 2 computers were unplugged – one of which had not been connected to the internet for at least a week prior to the 29th – were of little boys thus making me a great danger to Clayton.

Now, I have to tell you that the correct answer to that is the plod either wouldn’t have allowed me to return, or an emergency out of hours Social Worker would have been informed and Clayton removed from the premises… I know that to be true, because that was one of the first things that Harriet had told me and Stacey.

However, our intrepid social worker Nicole Miles had a different take on the situation as to why it had taken them nearly 48 hours after my arrest to get here and totally unaware of the content of the photos to boot, when she did finally get around to visiting. She said that they would have been here earlier but “the department didn’t have a social worker available” – good job that I am not any threat to Clay whatsoever then.

And, as to her answer as to why I had no bail conditions set, well, the properly trained professional looked me squarely in the eye and point blank, lied through her back teeth: “The police can’t set bail conditions if you haven’t been charged”.

But don’t worry Ms Miles, I have it all loud & clear on film and stashed away for safe keeping. You see, all those involved in the evil attempt to shut me up are going to pay… And pay big.

Never the less, I then said to the struggling social worker; being as I have brought my daughter up with no help whatsoever, since she was a 6 month old baby – 8 months younger than Clay is now – and in the following 18 years there have been numerous little boys & girls stay round for sleepovers etc, yet there has never been so much as one accusation made against me in regard to child sex abuse… Coupled with the fact that Clayton has lived with me from day one and is now 16 months old in which time I have looked after him on my own twice a week whilst Stacey was at collage, have looked after him over night on my own, regularly bathe and change him, and above all he absolutely idolizes me, yet in that 16 months Clayton has thrived and apart from the police and their false, malicious allegations, there has been no concern expressed by any health visitors, or anyone at all for that matter, does it not follow that on the laws of probability CLAYTON IS IN NO DANGER WHATSOEVER?

Well, that is to say he is in no danger whatsoever from anyone apart from the police, the security services and the social services.

Unfortunately, Ms Miles who has obviously been set a mandate, had no credible answer… But its okay Nicole, I have it all on film.

I then invited Miles to look around the flat, filming her as we did whilst making sure to ask her in every room that we went in if everything was okay and not below standard, to which she replied to the camera that it was.

Nicole then announced that she needed to talk to the police about the photos, something that she should have done before stepping foot over my threshold… I hate incompetence, don’t you? Especially when a baby’s future is at stake and even more so when that baby is my grandson.

Never the less, Miles arranged another meeting here scheduled for yesterday (9/10/14) at 4PM.

However, she rang Stacey early yesterday morning and cancelled the visit until 4PM next Tuesday. Strange, when you consider what a serious danger I am to children, don’t cha think… Never the less, C U Next Tuesday Ms Miles.

Now, in all honest truth, I couldn’t give a flying fuck if people think that the police haven’t set me up. My conscience is clear, and I have never given a fuck what people think of me anyway… Of course there will be daft cunts with an agenda who would love nothing more than to believe the old bollocks.

Never the less, after coming home from the cop-shop I was indeed ready to jack this shit in. However, fed up as I am of all the flack that I have to take, for little reward and to the detriment of my health and social life, Clayton was still the one and only reason behind my thinking that way.

I am more like his dad than his grandad, and the little man absolutely adores me as I do him, and trust me when I say it scares the shit out of me when I think of the danger that I have to put him and Stacey in because of my quest for truth and a better life for all.

However, I am a lot calmer now, and my thinking much more rational. I won’t be quitting that is for sure. I am however going to take a couple of days off, maybe more just to relax and have some me time with my family who have been terrorized beyond belief.
Now, they are the TRUE facts and anyone who thinks that the harassment, thinly veiled threats and savage treatment heaped upon me and my family is fair enough can go and fuck themselves.

After all, I have done nothing wrong other than to tell the truth – a major crime in these dangerous times – about our corrupt, child raping government, who have the bare faced fucking cheek to criticize other countries for persecuting their dissidents.

Oh, and one more thing.

Tom Catpooo, the government paid, feces obsessed jungle junkie who is incapable of processing the most basic of facts, Sharon Zeki, the god obsessed stupid slag who can’t stand rejection and writes needy shite poetry in adoration of the paedophile Michael Jackson, Charlie Fucks, the pathetic wannabe who never will be, but does a nice line in bullshit & thinks the world owes her a living and Jane Russell, the acid tongued, hypocritical ice bitch who never did anything for anyone except slag them off – I am going to expose you all for the lying shite scumbags that you really are… Moreover, I am not going to do it with guesses, lies or distorted facts. I am going to do it with printed proof and I am going to be scathing… Oh, and I’m not finished with you yet JJ, ya fucking two faced, back stabbing, paedophile protecting cowboy.

None of you have done fuck all except slag others off and foster mistrust in the Alternative Media.

So lets see who is still standing tall at the end shall we?

Over and out.


Chris has been arrested again (Part Two)In “Written by me”

I am SpartacusIn “Woolwich/Lee Rigby”

73 deaths per week due to welfare reforms… Time is running out peopleIn “Health”

By NeedlzWritten by me170
Chris has been arrested again (Part Two)


OCT 10, 2014 @ 21:36:33

Chris, Dogman, FTS, told you J.Jones was a cunt ages ago. I was on the Forum for one minute and banned by J.Jones. Asked Dogman, “do I get a medal for being banned the fastest?” (lol, remember Dogman?)

I asked J.Jones (on his site) why Chris Spivey had been taken down from his `Essential Links` he said because, ” I am checking and re-sorting the essential links as some were corrupted and were directing readers to completely different sites for some reason.

They will be reinstated when I sort out the problem”.

Chris (and team) keep your chin up! Still paying my `subs`, still standing shoulder to shoulder – because you are good people!



OCT 11, 2014 @ 07:44:12

Chris you couldn’t make this up. It beggars belief that the authorities are so blatantly criminal in dealing with yourself. You are a better man than I am. The pressure must be unbearable. Can only say that I am relieved that you are adamant you are going to continue with your “work”. As you know many people follow you and take succour from the fact that someone out there is trying to tell the Truth.Regards


Erasmus Mustang
OCT 10, 2014 @ 21:59:05

Wow. Just wow.


Danny Malpas
OCT 10, 2014 @ 22:01:48

Fuck me Spiv, you need a bit of back up my old china…


OCT 10, 2014 @ 22:07:31

Bit stunned, so all I can really contribute just now is to say much love to you, Stace & Clayton. And, of course, to Dogman, Wolfie & the other thoroughly decent folks helping out with things! ❤


OCT 10, 2014 @ 22:07:54

Did say on Ickes forum on the first thread when you was first arrested. The one that got pushed into rant room because of trolls.

Anyways what I said was I hoped to fuck the police didnt frame you with planted child porn.

Its was so obvious to me that that would be their angle of attack.

Sending you and your family much positive energy.

Keep strong and stay safe we need a revolution! !


OCT 10, 2014 @ 22:08:28

SHOCKING ,reblogged


OCT 10, 2014 @ 22:11:14

To be honest, Chris, I suspected as soon as yousaid that they had taken your computers that they were going to try something like this. It is true that backdating file creation dates is a simple process and can also be used to back date emails – the scary thing is that despite being easy to fake… they are still accepted as evidence.

We all read your posts and articles with genuine interest; but obviously nothing is as important as Clay and Lisa…. I have no doubt that you will be making sure that they are protected before continuing the fight.

The only germ of comfort might be that the authorities are obviously squirming… and when I wonder why they are acting now… I realise that they know that if the election next year does not go their way then those that orchestrated some of the worst events of the last few years… may not be in a position to prevent the truth from being published…

They must be shitting themselves!



Matt Taylor
OCT 10, 2014 @ 22:13:49

WOW, that was one fucking wild read.


OCT 10, 2014 @ 22:19:02

Sorry to hear all of this, Chris. I hope you can get satisfaction in court, and in print, for all the pain and suffering you have been put through. People said at the time of your first arrest that something may be planted on the stolen equipment. Sadly, it appears they were right. What a fucked up country we are living in.


OCT 10, 2014 @ 22:23:14

Chris, welcome back mate. I wish you all the very best. Stay strong geeza. You really have a huge support base mate. Keep your chin up and keep fighting these filthy cunts. Much love fella x


OCT 10, 2014 @ 22:36:51

Your a hero Chris, take a big break man.
JJ, bloody hell I would never of thought, I`m ashamed I live so near to the twat.


OCT 10, 2014 @ 22:39:20

Oh Chris .. I hate to say this but, sadly, we saw this coming, eh .. shame on the police and SS for trying to plant evidence and terrorizing the life out of you and your family ..

I know it’s a lot easier said than done, more so, when the welfare of your kids is at stake but try not to give them the satisfaction by letting the dirty basturds grind you down too much.

Enjoy a break away from all this terrible stress and try to have fun spending quality time with your daughter and grandson .. and the dogs ..

See you back here fighting fit and refreshed whenever you’re ready .. if you need anything just holler ..above all take good care of yourself .. lotsa love and support to you mo chara xx


OCT 10, 2014 @ 22:42:13

Chris so sorry to read this shameful campaign of harassment you are being subjected to. It makes my blood boil to read what they have and are trying to do to you and your family. You are not alone mate and I sincerely hope you will begin civil proceedings against Essex Police for their behaviour and hit them hard by legal action, forget complaints it’s a waste of time. Sue the scum.
Sending a donation tonight hope you get some proper CCTV rigged up to protect yourself from further unlawful incursions.


OCT 10, 2014 @ 22:46:24

I feel your pain Chris, when you started this journey you expected shit , and fuck it, you have had it – your head is above the parapet. I am with you.


Lorraine Hawkins
OCT 10, 2014 @ 22:48:40

We all know you Chris and don,t for a second believe what the shit pigs are trying to suggest you have done….if you need anything don,t hesitate to inbox or email me..sending hugs to you,stacey & the little man. we are all proud of you.xx


Lorraine Hawkins
OCT 10, 2014 @ 22:48:41

We all know you Chris and don,t for a second believe what the shit pigs are trying to suggest you have done….if you need anything don,t hesitate to inbox or email me..sending hugs to you,stacey & the little man. we are all proud of you.xx


fuck the state
OCT 10, 2014 @ 22:50:13

Are you totally inept? Do you possess a below average I.Q.? Are you open enough to engage in obvious acts of deception on behalf of those who pay your wages? Are you a totally false person, with an ego that likes to be massaged by evil? Are you willing to work for a high-powered corporate entity that seeks to promote the word justice, as it is presented by paedophile judges and civil servants? If this sounds like you, come and visit us athttp://www.essex.police.uk/recruitment.aspx as soon as possible. If you fit all the above criteria, you could be selected for fast-track promotion within our completely biased, publicly financed, crime promotion services. After all, crime is big business, and it is where we all earn our money. If you do not live in Essex, don’t worry as we have equally corrupt branches operating all across the country. Pop into one of our local offices for more information, if you can find one that has any people in it or that is actually open.

They are full of shit. If they had anything on your computers, you would not have been walking about for the last 3 months without knowing about it. They plant this stuff like they plant bodies in the road and in sports bags. Get fucked, you twats.

As for the other so called AM people…lol…hahahahahahahahahaha Does it hurt?


fuck the state
OCT 11, 2014 @ 10:37:07

p.s…2 minutes to find any hidden files. Not 2+ months…No need for an in depth forensic assessment of the registry for that one…


OCT 11, 2014 @ 11:08:45

LOL , you forget that the Welsh police paid a ransom to open there pc up after looking at some beastiality sites the dirty cunts and then sent Watkins laptop to err GCHQ ‘cus they couldn’t break a password “ifuckkids” , when all you need is the simplest of software to bypass any fucking password the dickheads , what a crock of shit lol , POA , Legal Advisor to Tittsworth & Grabbe and Goodnight.


fuck the state
OCT 11, 2014 @ 12:07:02

Hahaha. Twats.


Question Everything
OCT 10, 2014 @ 22:54:16

Dear Chris, great to see you are up and running with the TRUTH again, many thanks for explaining to us your terrible ordeal. I for one wouldn’t blame you if you jacked it in, not only for your sake but for your families sake.
I will repeat what I have said before, I totally respect you for what you do, but at some point when your heath will surely suffer you MUST hang up your gloves……………… until that day, love and much respect to you.
As for the arsewipes that have backstabbed you, I hope when Chris hangs you out to dry you have the decency to apologise for what you have done………. I wont hold my breath……………


OCT 10, 2014 @ 22:58:57

Wow just fucking wow………………….. kiddy porn and bestiality !
just how thick do they think we (as a community) are ? seriously ?
What a fucking bunch of cunts ! I’m so fucking mad right now, anyone who reads your site knows how fucking ridiculous that sounds, fucking low IQ police cunts ! The sick twisted fuckers who broke into your house frightening your family causing distress…..i hope they are hanging their heads in shame ! It sickens me and breaks my heart that you and your family have to go through this persecution, xxxx


OCT 10, 2014 @ 23:11:42

Psycos don`t know shame.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 00:24:48

No that’s right even the low level, poorly paid ones it would seem. Just where do they find all these maggots? There’s a fucking endless supply of ‘em I tell thee


Paul Locorriere
OCT 11, 2014 @ 01:20:54

Head? Hearts? Do any police officers have heads that ain’t full of shit or with bricks where a heart should be? What a poxed up dirty fucking shithouse this little sceptered Isle where every scammer, nonce, fixer, pickpocket, drug racketeering cunt craves to live, has become.
This is why, when l used to go abroad ld NEVER say l was British, why? Basically lm fucking ashamed!
Take care Chris, your site is good ( which is why the big “boys” lmfao, don’t like it) you’re a good family guy, how do l know? If you weren’t you’d be out on the piss most nights like most of the male population here, “coz its big, innit”., people, including Authority despise you because you’re far more superior, well read and informed than they are, don’t stop what you’re doing you’ve more supporters than you know about.
Best wishes Chris, Paul


OCT 10, 2014 @ 23:02:35

Chris I am absolutely gutted for you mate!
As you know I am a qualified social worker, still registered as such despite the NSPCC’s failed attempts to get me deregistered all those years ago. Let me know if I can support you or your family in anyway.
So glad to read you are taking a few days out for yourself. Once upon a time when I was getting death threats and the shit really piling on due to my involvement with the sess pit underworld of paedophiles in power, a friend, and there aren’t many of those, but a real friend said to me, ‘you can still be bloody good at what you do but you don’t have to kill yourself doing it.’ It was good advice and helped me at the time.
I want to pass that on to you now Chris, ‘ you are bloody good at what you do, but don’t kill yourself doing it. You are too valuable and there is always more than one way to skin a cat.’ Just sayin!! Xx


Always summat
OCT 11, 2014 @ 01:36:29

Very true and very wise words, Sue. I’ve been thinking along the same lines lately, actually from reading some of the comments… about there being more than one way to skin a cat; and that you can’t fight the system using the system’s tools.


Ann Onymouse
OCT 10, 2014 @ 23:02:57

I am shocked; stunned. Words fail me… except to say I hope you and yours stays safe always. Just f*cking unbelievable; makes my brain hurt to even think about it… can’t imagine what you’re going through…


OCT 10, 2014 @ 23:09:40

It’s a fucking good job you know what your doing my friend! They are clutching at straws and giving you publicity at the same time! I look after my grandson 3-4 hours a day after work, we’re over the park kicking a ball come rain or shine. To put myself in your shoes would scare the shit out of me.

Seems like you have all your bases covered, but I feel that they might not let this go easily. We’re all in your corner Chris.


OCT 10, 2014 @ 23:11:08

all a fair cop FTS because you are angry – as I am – its what you/we do next. Myself I think that everybody should send what they think is Chris`s CV to Essex Police (there is a list of Essex police names and numbers on this blog).

Tell them as men and women that their organisation is `fitting up` a good man.


OCT 10, 2014 @ 23:13:27

Reading this it’s hard not to despair. Thank you for your bravery and sacrifice on our behalf. Much love to you and your family.


OCT 10, 2014 @ 23:15:12

Chris, we are all with you mate. Anyone can see that those vile, freemason, baby raping slags that are the British establishment are trying to shut you up. You have more courage in one fingernail than they have got in their entire fetid fuckin bodies. Tc mate, you have an army of supporters with you, lorraine xx


OCT 10, 2014 @ 23:30:53

keep your chin up mate, you mean a lot to us and we`ve got your back


Blee Blah!
OCT 10, 2014 @ 23:32:00

The paedophile riddled establishment trying to take Chris down using the very subject he exposes and despises. Which Sir Paedo Protector vermin is ordering these poor unenlightened fools to do this to him?

Not heard much about the Woolfe (who hopes to ‘ensure these mistakes are identified and never repeated’) enquiry into Paedo’s in Westminster lately. Hearing a lot about the crackdown on free speech, terror, fear, control, monitoring and of course war (genocide) though.

Check out Woolfe’s regalia and that of her co-workers (We can’t continue to allow ourselves to be RULED by people wearing that ridiculous garb, can we?) –
http://ww w.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/westminster-child-abuse-scandal-lord-mayor-of-london-fiona-woolf-replaces-baroness-butlersloss-as-inquiry-head-9714316.html

My very best wishes to Chris, family and all decent folk in these increasingly difficult times.


daisi roots
OCT 10, 2014 @ 23:33:11

ffs chris!!! how fuckin low can they go-this is way below the belt,un-fuckin-believable,anyone with a shred of sense and decency will see through their lies.
enjoy your time with your family.
much love&respect to you&family,and to your crew,xx


OCT 10, 2014 @ 23:37:09

Talk’s cheap and many people are spineless, one dimensional, self-obsessed cunts unfortunately.
It’s time to see who’s who…
Take care Chris.


Mark Peter Hunt
OCT 10, 2014 @ 23:38:35

So so sorry to see this. I’ve read through everything and i’m just absolutely gobsmacked, don’t know what else to say.
Don’t know anyone who’d have the bottle that you do, and one day, people everywhere are going to know.
God bless you and your family. I keep trying to share the info and sending positive energy, xx


OCT 10, 2014 @ 23:40:27

Well, who would have thought that after a few funny hand shakes that your laptops that were stolen by the Police would be found to have extra hidden content? Yawn! They really need to invest resources into their much needed creativity dept. It angers me that I watched the tv documentary paedophile hunter recently that members of the public are having to do the job that the Police should be doing to catch scum abusers & yet these sociopathic masons can stitch up an innocent person & still sleep at night. Chris, I admire your courage & resolve. Have your much needed break with your family & then take the fight to them & make your plight as public as possible. We are all with you.


OCT 10, 2014 @ 23:41:55

Outrageous, don’t give up Chris! Guys it’s obvious that Chris needs more funds to fight these people, maybe with a good ethical lawyer, forgo your coffee on Monday morning and donate it to Chris instead, if we all donated a fiver I’m sure it would help enormously the amount of readers he has on here. It would show them that they can’t beat him and he has people that all believe in him and his work and want it to continue!


OCT 10, 2014 @ 23:42:16

Chris,you are amazing.Like a lot of people,i was a zombie i believed everything that was in the news and on the TV and i mean everything.Then Woolwich came along,just remember been stunned because it happened in our own country. Then they showed the footage on all the Mainstream channels and i thought to myself ” who would film someone that has had there head chopped off”. And then the woman with the shopping trolley just looking unconcerned about whats going on…Long story short YOU WOKE ME UP.9/11 7/7 Boston Hoaxathon Sandy Hoax and Woolwich. And also the painstaking research you did on Woolwich, which no MS Newspaper would ever think of doing. The only “crime”you committed was telling the TRUTH.And the sheeple that fall for this.WAKE UP. Cant believe what they’re trying to do to you Chris.You and your family look after yourselves.


OCT 10, 2014 @ 23:44:59

I thought something was a bit odd about the Outlaw blog. After your arrest I emailed half a dozen national newspapers. I said so in your comments. But I didn’t mention that I’d posted comments on a few blog sites, the Outlaw being one:

AlanB on October 6, 2014 at 7:38 pm said:

Sorry for going off-topic Outlaw, but it seems that Chris Spivey has been arrested again.
This time the police smashed in his front door and windows, and took him away in handcuffs:

(link to Chris’s site)

Outlaw on October 6, 2014 at 9:23 pm said:

So I hear Alan. Only rumours so far apparently but I am sure that his mods and the man himself will confirm it soon enough.

Now, I thought at the time his response was a bit “wet” to say the least. And four days later, no article by him about the arrest. By comparison, the Colemanexperince responded to a similar comment I posted on his site with:

October 6, 2014 at 6:53 pm Reply

Many thanks Alan for letting us know. Bloody disturbing news.

He also replied to a comment from Gallows with the same anger. He then very quickly posted a scathing article telling of Chris’s injustice.

You always find out who your friends are in times of need.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 00:40:09

AlanB didn’t it just! I read JJ’s response to your breaking news about Chris’s arrest …….it Stood out as being most odd indeed!
Anyone, what does NSA stand for? As in ‘ Jimmy is NSA bet you didn’t know that…..’


Ann Onymouse
OCT 11, 2014 @ 03:18:32

@Sue… I believe they’re referring to the US National Security Admin, the “eyes and ears” everywhere crew…


OCT 11, 2014 @ 09:25:00

Cheers for the reply. So he’s working for the eyes and ears are every where brigade and he recruits the tech guy and slips him in like a Trajan horse, so far so good. Why would the tech guy then undo their ‘good work’ by blurting out who JJ is,? I don’t get why he would do that?


George Clonie
OCT 11, 2014 @ 03:51:55

It’s the American equivalent of GCHQ, Sue. Do you remember who they are? The National Security Agency. Condoleezzaaa Rice was its head honcho in the Bush Jr. years…Germany has just discovered that the NSA has been spying relentlessly on every email, phone call and message from Chancellor Merkel, and the German Government. Germans are waking up to the fact that the USA practically runs their affairs in the same way Britons are finally beginning to see how peados have ring fenced the UK. Julian Assange and wikileaks revealed the enormous security web that spies on the global communications network – the NSA and GCHQ record, monitor, listen in, intercept and pass each other kiddie porn all day and all night long.

Take care Chris. Thank you for standing up – funds on their way on payday.


Erasmus Mustang
OCT 10, 2014 @ 23:51:54

Chris, I have nothing of monetary value, but feel sure I can provide a safe room in a house at some point should it be so required Best I can offer, but it’s genuine and sincere.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 00:15:53

I’m sure Chris will appreciate your gracious offer Erasmus. It is all about helping each other whichever way we can, and that extends to other people in our communities, not just Chris. Wake the others up and teach them to stand together.
Pongo, I realised during that period that they were trying to set you up as the bad guy, and that was when the Mod privileges were removed. There were some fake comments that were inept attempts to make it appear that it was you. I’m glad that you are back and I saw you return, (can’t saw how I knew because others still make the same mistake, lol) but thought it best not to say anything. I was giving them rope to hang themselves with because there was more than you at stake fella. Apologies for you suffering at their hands, but I felt that we needed to get to the bottom of things. Incidentally, the email address you got from me isn’t my real name, but if you contact me on it, i will give you my real one.
Take care and a big thanks for sticking with the site Pongo.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 00:25:06

Just so that you can understand why we ask questions and get suspicious about certain comments:
There isn’t a single set of characteristics that applies to playtime trolls, but you can look for some or all of the following signs:
1.a lack of buy-in to the list philosophy or values
2.generally low level of activity, with sudden spurts of interaction – or perhaps a new persona that has strong opinions on controversial subjects
3.a mixture of friendly posts with a confrontational style of interaction
4.the use of provocative language and sweeping generalisations about certain topics or categories of people
5.a lack of in-depth understanding of the topic
6.a lack of personal information
7.a lack of a genuinely unique perspective on the topic
8.a lack of humour
9.restarting topics that have already been done
10.use of language that encourages the dialogue to enter topics that are controversial and likely to upset some team members
11.the use of an attention-seeking gimmick (e.g.: “I was once exploited by an XYZ”)
they follow up their own articles if the group doesn’t respond to their posts
12.inconsistencies in the style and nature of the post and any proclaimed information (e.g.: claiming to be a child but writing with an adult style; claiming to be adult, but writing with a childish grammatical construction).


OCT 11, 2014 @ 00:26:07

Tactical trolls take much more care and effort over the creation of their personae. Such trolls are likely to be seen as long term list members, and have the confidence and trust of the bona fide people on the site. They use many of the techniques listed for Playtime Trolls, but in addition:
They engage in off list email dialogues to gain the confidence and trust of influential individuals on the list.
They are friendly and humorous in the posts, to put you at ease with their persona.
They have a well-thought-through story such that the persona seems to be very real. They will give apparently personal and intimate information, particularly in off list emails.
They win trust by giving trust. For example, they may hint at something confidential on-list, but then only reveal the full story to someone off-list. By bringing someone into their confidence, they create a feeling of confidence towards them by the individual’s concerned.
In off list emails, they win allies and support for some of their views. Their offlist emails are subtly manipulative.
They ‘set up’ bona fide members to argue with each other. Any view, no matter how outrageous, can be made to sound rational when put in a certain context. By setting different contexts for different people offlist, they create a setting whereby they can raise a topic on-list, in a seemingly innocent manner, and then watch the two list members argue because they have interpreted the topic/message in very different ways.
In off-list emails, they use techniques borrowed from NLP and Speed-Seduction to make people have a great deal of affection for them. This naturally suppresses any suspicion there might be.
They use gimmicks that win sympathy and bring out the ‘nurturing parent’ in other list members, which also suppresses any feelings of suspicion. E.g.: being blind, handicapped, an orphan, rejected, bullied etc..
They build up a reasonable knowledge of the topic of the list. This enables them to take part for some time as apparently bona-fide list members.
They use language that is carefully constructed to be subtly invidious. This language is designed to identify two or more separate groups of people, and encourage list members to identify the negative traits of those groups. This creates argument and dissent between list members. Note that subtlety is often their main objective, so this language is difficult to spot.
They don’t enter into the argument directly, but facilitate an argument between list members, e.g.: by highlighting points that one list member has made, perhaps in a way that is more confrontational than the original intention.
They sometimes create a fictitious persona supported by a web-site, photographs and apparently personal data.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 00:27:00

Strategic trolls often operate in groups, rather than alone. They use multiple personalities, each of which uses the techniques outlined in the section on tactical trolls. However, they have an overall strategy for drawing bona fide list members into argument, ultimately causing them to leave, or for the trolls to dominate of the group. In particular:
They have various phases to their strategy, where each phase aims to achieve different things.
The first phase usually involves establishing multiple personalities who become recognised as integral members of the group – “friendly trolls”. Don’t be deceived by the title – they appear to be friendly but they have very different hidden motives. Establishing friendly trolls in a group is a process that can take many months or even years.
The second phase involves using new personalities to start divisive threads, in the manner outlined under “Tactical Trolls”. In the event that no list members respond to these threads, other phase two trolls will respond to them to keep the debate active.
If existing list members have not yet joined in the arguments, the third phase involves “offensive trolls” attacking their own personae from the first phase. As these trolls will have built up a lot of goodwill in the group, other list members will jump to their defence, and they are therefore drawn in to the argument.
In case other list members don’t join in, “defensive trolls” may join in and continue to give air time to the “offensive trolls”. The friendly trolls can also incite bona fide list members to join in using offlist emails.
Another phase may involve the friendly trolls starting to retaliate publicly, calling on the support of bona fide list members.
When things start to get out of hand, petrol will be poured on the flames to try and stir things up as much as possible and cause the maximum amount of strife and chaos.

OCT 11, 2014 @ 16:27:19

No problem Dogman, total respect for Chris`s work – plus his team – you are all good people!


OCT 10, 2014 @ 23:53:13

Hang in there!

All of us here have known for a long while who the real perpetrators are.
They’ve systematically tried to cover their tracks, destroyed vital evidence, distorted truths but we know the score.
It seems ironic they are trying to hang you for the thing you’ve worked so hard to expose.
Your internet service providers will of course have records of ALL your online activities including the IP address’s your computers have connected to, if the image/s were downloaded via Firefox as plod say and you are telling the truth (Sorry Chris) then you have nothing to worry about. Contact your providers, keep them informed – let them know whats going on and kindly request they send you copies of the logs for the dates in question.
Even so I think you need a very good Lawyer and pretty fuckin fast.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 00:34:05

Most ISP’s can’t be trusted Dhill they are some of the worst censors on here. Bought and paid for scum!


OCT 11, 2014 @ 01:03:21

I’d still request the logs though.
At this point sitting back second guessing things isn’t an option.
Chris’s life quite literally is on the line.


jooks 333
OCT 10, 2014 @ 23:56:34

Fucking hell what a bunch of cunts.

Essentially you’re dealing with the same wankers who fake beheadings in order to bomb innocent women and children.

You got off lightly Chris and the dickhead pig scum clearly embarrassed themselves


OCT 11, 2014 @ 00:01:59

It seems as though there are people who keep questioning the numbers of visitors to Chris & the teams site. How about a Chris Spivey readership support flash mob?


OCT 11, 2014 @ 00:02:58

You’re a top, top bloke Chris we all love ya mate and it’s disgusting how they are putting you and yours through the mill. You don’t deserve this crap but it’s the price you have to pay for your honesty and integrity and good old fashioned telling the truth in this fucked up time of universal deceit. Really feel for you and your family. Stay strong man.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 00:04:55

They are just vile, the whole damned lot and rotten to the core….I believe you are a first class decent Grandad, Father, friend and man…take time to relax, you need it and that darling little family of yours needs it too…..you have more honesty in your smallest fingernail than all of the slime infesting The AM have put together…not for one nano second would I ever believe anything dishonest of you…you are an incredibly brave man…have a hug from me and mine to you and your adorable family including doggies too xxx


OCT 11, 2014 @ 00:13:53

Put into a secret file at 3.30am, eh? 33…hmm. Just sayin.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 00:14:11

Big love Chris! Glad you are taking sometime with your family.

The evil of these people knows no end….threatening that beautiful child.

Time for action….


OCT 11, 2014 @ 00:17:36

This is the link to the Southend echo article incase anyone wants to post it with a link to here.
http://w ww.echo-news.co.uk/news/11522369.Controversial_blogger_arrested_for_second_time/


OCT 11, 2014 @ 00:18:15

Hi Chris i’ve ordered a security camera for you so the bastards wont be able to nick the footage off of you, as soon as its here i’ll forward it you …in the meantime chill …let us all take a bit of the strain…whatever you need Chris and co ….all the best


OCT 11, 2014 @ 00:27:41

I read this with tears in my eyes my heart bleeds for you Stacy and Gorgeous Clay, I cannot articulate how much I admire your courage, tenacity and determination in all that you do in bringing truth to the masses. I shudder that you have been treated this way and I thank you from the core of my soul for all that you do, take your time out enjoy your family and please know there are so many behind you ready to stand at your side of needed including me and my hubby, I can’t offer much in the form of money but I can like another poster said offer you a safe house here in the country should you need it. Thank you Chris you are my hero and I don’t say that lightly by any manner of means. Much love and healing to you and yours
Know that karma will come calling to all these rancid bastards who are on borrowed time – The TRUTH WILL bring them ALL down, I truly believe that.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 00:55:57

Beautiful. Kind words well done to you ms


OCT 11, 2014 @ 00:37:29

I think it’s all being said here, Chris. To me, having followed your site pretty much daily for over 2 years, you come across as someone with the utmost integrity and humanity. No question. Unlike some tools you have encountered and who would do well to look in the mirror – it can’t be a comfortable look.

If I read things right, your IPCC complaint has been referred back to Essex Police complaints for response. Well that’s a confidence booster….. They need people bombarding them with questions now we know what happened.

Good to hear you last night in conversation with Danielle Le Verite and Louise Collins, not without some interference though by the sound of it. Hopefully they will have it available soon to hear at http: //www.noholdsbarredradioshow.com/.

Hope the break does you good and you find peoples comments heartening. Take care


OCT 11, 2014 @ 00:38:13

Dog, I don’t know what to say. So CUNTS will have to do. Cos CUNTS do what they’re told to. Love to you & your family and your winning team. Jeff……..


Smash TV
OCT 11, 2014 @ 00:51:09

They’ve bitten off more than they can chew this time. You are an absolute legend Chris, literally a one off who is destined to go down in the history books of future generations to come. Truly free thinking decent souls that will no longer need to live in an evil, corrupt and broken society. Real beings of humanity who will owe everything to people such as yourself, whose fearlessness knew no bounds, who were willing to risk everything they held dear in the struggle to enlighten and motivate their fellow mankind to rise up and smash the tyranny of filth and lies which currently infests this planet and all who reside on it once and for all.
Pokój z Toba


kim breheney
OCT 11, 2014 @ 00:51:19

I am worried for u & ur family if, they can’t get u one way, they may try another. What came in2 my head was ur car. U drive & “car accidents” is one of the ways they use 2 get rid of people, as u know. U r gona have 2 b very vigilant & i’m so sorry that u r being put through this. They wana SHUT U UP! Y don’t they hassle David Icke or Alex Jones i wonder. Good luck & will donate as u r gona need a good Soliciter 2 get these fckers in Court.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 01:24:50

FYI Alex Jones is a US government agent. He was set up in business a LONG time ago in Texas and can get away with a lot of stupid shit as they let him do it. I take his site, videos, radio programs, and him with a grain of salt. Blowhard scare tactics entertainment, nothing more.

As for Icke, I am not too sure of him either but somehow I doubt he’s a government agent as some of his stuff does make sense and then most of it is just trash. He only reposts articles from elsewhere (very safe to do)on his site and not write them himself so they can’t go after him. I have read his books and watched last years “entertaiment” show and almost fell asleep doing so. He hasn’t had any new ideas in YEARS. Just the same old shit for folks who are stupid enough to pay a small fortune to read or watch.

And please for heaven’s sake type in English and not in text speak. Some of us are not equipped to decipher what you are saying. I am over 65 and haven’t the faintest clue what you are saying my dear.

I did address the car accident scenerio in one of Chris’ posts. Odd that they slashed the inside of the tire knowing he would be traveling at high speed on the highway knowing full well he could have a “one car accident’. One car accidents over here are the norm when they want to eliminate a “pesky” person. Also killing you when you are in a hospital is another good way to get rid of you. Just look at the latest person – Joan Rivers.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 01:54:57

Alex Jones has now fully admitted that half his family are retired CIA! It was long suspected that Alex was working for Stratfor, a Texas CIA front company, then MollyGate broke that his editor-in-chief at Infowars indeed worked for the CIA and Stratfor. Now in an interview with Opie and Anthony Alex openly admits that about 50% of his family works for the CIA! Alex himself has said “once you are CIA you are always CIA,” so for him to admit on air “whenever I go to a family reunion, half the people in the room are former retired CIA” is literally saying “half my family is CIA.” If half of AJ’s family works for the CIA and so does his editor-in-chief, what does that say for his credibility and integrity? How can you rail on about CIA atrocities, false-flags, assassinations, secret wars, name them as part of the shadow government that you’re against, convince people to donate millions of dollars to your “Infowar Moneybomb” a.k.a. yearly personal salary bonus, and all the while secretly employ CIA staff members and have a family full of them? One of the CIA’s main MO’s: Controlled Opposition.
Source is http://w ww.atlanteanconspiracy.com/2013/04/alex-jones-admits-cia-family-connections.html


OCT 11, 2014 @ 03:36:53

Thank you Dogman for this. AJ is DEATH to the American Patriot Movement. He exposes and ruins as many real patriots as he can here in America. He is a disinformation agent. Jesse Ventura calls him “the wild card”. Maybe Jesse does not really understand just who this guy is or he would have nothing to do with him. AJ is a true fear monger passing along what the CIA wants the American public to believe to foment riots, dissention, etc. He is a troll.

As for Icke I have my suspicions that he has been “replaced’ as he never went for Native American music or be a motivational speaker or end his “presentation’ with a stupid dance marathon!!! flooded with 20 year old hippies jumping around on stage. Non Comply Dance my ass!!! What senseless nonsense is that? He does not even LOOK the same!!! Just compare some older photos vs photos of today and you can see what I mean. Does not even act the same. I watched Jesse Ventura lock horns with him over Dracs and this man had no explanation or comeback for Jesse yet he is a supposed expert writing many books on the subject. Scammer is his middle name.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 12:28:01

I think Icke is controlled opposition and was from the start. He got away with calling the queen a reptile on the BBC. I remember it happening. He was ridiculed in the media rather than being attacked or arrested. Im sure they could have found something to charge him with. There were lots of people who were anti-monarchy but had no mouthpiece or Icke-on to follow. So the PTB’s let Icke be the anti-establishment hero and just kept an eye on his followers to root out the serious troublemakers, whilst leaving him alone. I agree he hasn’t had anything new to say for donkey’s years and his last 4 or 5 books have been identical. I used to think he was an intelligent guy who had figured it all out for himself but I now believe he is thick as pigshit and is repeating other people’s work or being ‘fed’ his lines.

Sane Man
OCT 11, 2014 @ 12:35:17

David Icke is going to be on TalkSport radio sunday night 10pm I think ? the show is called ” My Sporting Life ” shouldn`t take long then should it ! Fucking sell out

Working Class Hero
OCT 11, 2014 @ 00:52:08

To put it gently, after reading thru this article, and watching the short video on Spiv’s Detainment (in his own home)
I AM FUCKING SEETHING, honestly my blood is actually BOILING!!
To see THE Man and OUR spokesman in irons, in his OWN home, unlawfully and illegally arrested and detained by that Cuntfaced Brownshirt Plod makes me sick, but also ignites a fire inside, a fire that burns in ALL of US (you know who you are)
This is a call to Arms, the time of sitting by has long since passed.
I know alot of you have started to take counter measures against this VILE system, and I shall do the same.
Its time WE, with the Law(common law) on our side,and OUR ever growing Numbers,meet these Cunts at the Gates and show them No Quarter!!
I know of a old friend that was arrested on an ALLEGATION of a much worser crime and got better treatment than you Spiv.. , its disgusting.
Hang in there tho Chris, please do.
Unlike the Gov, you have ALOT of People that support, trust and love you, all the fucking way brother.
Shoulder to Shoulder!


OCT 11, 2014 @ 01:06:12

Bravo fella!!
I have thought since being a small nipper why the fuck do normal working class people let absolute fucking toff nosed wankers run amok.
its always baffled me but as I got wiser with age I see it’s a big sharade unfortunately.

Having said that it’s no excuse to fall back and take it.
I would gladly burn the cunts to the ground…starting with that German bitch.
(If you reading this MFI…sorry MI5 I have my own rucksack so no 3rd to bring yours…Big bath too)

Let’s go to war!!!


Working Class Hero
OCT 11, 2014 @ 01:28:45

You bring the Matches Steve, and WE shall watch it burn TOGETHER! ! Ha ha.
Just sent this to IPCC, not sure if It was the right subject content, but hey, I have had a shit day and this is where I’m at;

To Whom it may Concern.
I am writing to you in my absolute anger and outrage of the UNLAWFUL arrest of the on line Journalist, Chris Spivey.
You know, that bald headed guy with tattoos, the guy that KNOWS and is EXPOSING the Evil, Wicked, Corrupt system, for whom you work for, for exactly what they are…,SCUM!
I want to know WHY you insist on Breaking into his home, WITHOUT WARRANT, to arrest him on NO CRIME being committed, whilst the Sick Nonce Cunts in THIS GOVERNMENT and everyone before, go scott free.
I, like many others, stand with Chris…,
Shoulder to Shoulder. …

Ps Steve, ‘If ya aint on No watchlist, then ya aint doing enough’
I happy to go in some Aldi shopping bags, No frills! Ha ha.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 01:19:37

Yeah nice one WCH. I was going to say that but you said it so much better buddy


Working Class Hero
OCT 11, 2014 @ 01:31:37

I am pretty sure you could of played the same Notes dude.
Good to see ya Rile Dup.
Hope you are well man, its been too long my Brother. X


OCT 11, 2014 @ 09:29:36

Cheers for the reply. So he’s working for the eyes and ears are every where brigade and he recruits the tech guy and slips him in like a Trajan horse, so far so good. Why would the tech guy then undo their ‘good work’ by blurting out who JJ is,? I don’t get why he would do that?


OCT 11, 2014 @ 09:38:32

Working class hero. Yes absolutely spot on, hearing the sound of his window being smashed in, seeing Chris cuffed in his own home and being refused a cigarette……..made my blood boil and gave me a better understanding of how this so called radicalising occurs. At times like this your fair whether friends scuttle away like cockroaches and the one good thing to come out of this is the number of people that aren’t afraid of the light and are willing to stand by Chris and his team. Nice.


Matt Hancock
OCT 11, 2014 @ 00:54:53

It’s interesting to note that in the 1970s children’s TV/predictive programming show Blake’s 7, the government stitched Blake up on a child molestation charge. That was in the very first episode from January 1978 – https ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Blake%27s_7_episodes

Anyway, keep up the great work Chris. Everyone with any sense knows what this is all about, including one of the police interviewers by the sounds of things, who carried on with his evil actions anyway. How do these people live with themselves? Do they not understand that they are enslaving themselves just as much as they are enslaving others?

There is only one path of redemption for such people: stop following immoral orders and start speaking out against the crimes committed by the police. Otherwise they are directly responsible for the police state, on behalf of truly evil psychopaths who have even more contempt for the police (or “our pets”, as they call the police and military) than they have for anyone else – http ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3z2chw_bR50


OCT 11, 2014 @ 12:45:16

Interesting you should mention a 70’s tv show. I have been watching the reruns of the New Avengers. Its bloody spooky the number of things in that show that were pure fantasy at the time but are now everyday things. A palmprint scanner to enter a building, an entire building controlled by a computer, self-aware computers, huge underwater military bases, military black ops, a part-man part-computer killing machine, brainwashing people and suiciding them. And all that was just from last weeks episodes.

Back to the present day. I think they are treading a fine line with Chris and are trying to frighten him into quitting. The problem for them is that if they arrest him and put him in the dock then the general public will get to hear of his work and many will agree with his findings. They don’t want it to get that far.

As for the little boy porn, it seems to be a common feature of these paedos that they go overboard and have half a fucking million images not just one. One image is not evidence of anything. Pete Townsend had loads of images and claimed they were for a book he was writing. Chris is a writer who regularly exposes paedos so the image would be in the context of his work. As for it being on a hidden file that would be to protect his young daughter and grandson from accidentally viewing such filth.
I should have been a lawyer, lol.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 01:02:03

That was some truth article you wrote there Chris.
You & your team are well too clever for anyone to give you advise on what to do next.
I’ve had my doubts about JJ in the past but wasn’t convinced about other peoples accusations, totally convinced now that he’s a badun. Now & deleted him from my b/m.
I consider myself not as naive as i’ve been in the past, but i still can’t get my head around how the likes of social services, police, the court personnel, Jimmy Jones, etc.etc.etc.want to keep this facade going.
Top interview on P.I.R. last night btw.
I’m sure a lot of peeps would be thinking…why the hell didn’t Spivey’s dogs bark/attack them cunts when entering your dwelling…well that to me shows you have much love, passiveness within you.
Your family has so much to be grateful for.
Take a break mate, have a dance, ride a bike, walk in the hills…most of all keep smilin


OCT 11, 2014 @ 01:09:36

Over here in the USA you don’t have to be read your rights when put into handcuffs and arressted. They ONLY read you your rights if they intend to question you down at the station or read them right before questioning. If they DID try to question you at the station w/o reading them, then THEY are definitely WRONG. I know that US law is somewhat based on the English Law to some degree. But over here you are PRESUMED innocent until proven guilty. Guess it’s the other way around over there. GUILTY if they SAY SO until you spend a zillion dollars to prove you are truly innocent.

Child porn is truly a LOW blow if you ask me. What do these perps have on THEIR computers I wonder? HMMMMMMM. Probably lots and lots of unseemly crap to gape at daily so they can plant on someone. I personally hate Firefox as an internet browser and don’t use it either.

Glad to see you are taking my advice and going out to Tesco’s to buy your food on a daily basis. You have no idea just what they CAN slip into an opened or even unopened food item once it is in your home. A good CCTV inside and outside your front door is an excellent idea. Catch the fucktards in action doctoring your food!!!!

And YES I do believe you do sleep with your good buddy (and not molest him). I have a sleepy buddy – a 10 lb female toy poodle who is a ferocious watch dog barking at any and anybody who comes into my bedroom. Glad that your buddy is not the aggressive barky type or the cops definitely would have shot him dead (any excuse you know).

Use that camera and record everything you can. Especially the Homewrecker Society visits to be sure.

Glad to have you back,
Linda in America


Always summat
OCT 11, 2014 @ 01:14:46

Good on you for not signing their forms, and good on your neighbours for helping you out with the filming. Glad you are taking a much-needed break. Your back is covered and they know it. If anyone has a bad word to say about you then they are dodgy, IMO.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 01:19:03

What lame-brained tactics. When that cunt Mays “Silent Terrorism” bill (or whatever the fuck it’s called) gets passed (and it will, in one form or another), that will open the floodgates on censorship and/or dissent. Look at the abuses of previous legislation, RIPA, Anti-Terrorism, Child Abuse/Pornography etc. etc. I trust these opportunistic parasites as far as I can throw the Atlantic Ocean. They are out to Stifle ANY criticism, especially stuff that exposes the False Flag lies. I’d expect their next move would be to get you detained under the Mental Health Act. Broadmoor Blazer, orange in your mouth, eyes rolling, muffled yells – obviously deranged. The Public Needs To Be Protected.
Do you know anyone who could scan your flat for bugs?
Take care.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 01:29:06

Hi arfurMo, i Have already said this but there is one way that we can all show Chris the support he needs by e-mailing or writing to those foul pieces of crap that rule us, such as the queen, teresa may, caMORON, and the Essex plod squad who should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. This will show these freemason baby rapers that Chris is not alone and has THOUSANDS OF SUPPORTERS. And being the rank cowards that they are, this WILL rattle them, because the only time they have any courage is when they are raping and murdering the most vulnerable members of society…Our Kids. tc, lorraine x


massive helmet
OCT 11, 2014 @ 01:29:58

i’m not exactly into the alternate media really, just here and occasionally on the icke forums (which are a total waste of fucking time, for all the morons on there), but it should come as no surprise that it is full of rotten bastards masquerading as something they clearly are only pretending to be. I remember seeing that guy claiming he’d been touched up by kenneth clarke. Maybe he had. But it just seemed a desperate attempt to ‘break into’ this alternate media scene. To become someone we could all trust… or however these daft fuckers think it works.

The security services of the UK for years, have infiltrated, and then radicalized any opposition to the mainstream discourse. look at those soft twats impregnating women in environmental groups whilst working as undercover police officers to gain their trust; who planted most of the bombs in north ireland? What kind of person behaves like this?

there are loads of these wonderful people around sadly.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 02:28:43

Yes m8 we really don’t have a fucking clue what’s really happening behind the curtain. What the fuck is this place?


OCT 11, 2014 @ 01:32:28

Chris they done this to a lad from annomouse through e.mail if you go through YouTube you will find it they can plant stuff in and make it look like you tried to delete it


OCT 11, 2014 @ 01:44:07

Chris, it’s sickening how you and yours have been treated. It never seems enough to say “thank you” for what you do but I don’t know what else to say other than a very sincere thank you for the work you do and the risks you take. Rest well, be well and stay safe. That goes for the rest of the team as well x


OCT 11, 2014 @ 01:45:47

Thanks Melanie7770. I hope that you are well.
Take care xx


OCT 11, 2014 @ 02:21:05

BRAVO , BRAVO , BRAVO. Chris thank you , i told my 70 year old mam tonight of what is happening to you and found out i get my balls from my great grandad whom i never knew. I have been crying all week for what you and your family are going through and with this article you have made me laugh and cry , which is a good thing because you have made my spine stronger in all ways . I cant do much ‘cos of disability but I back you all the way, have a few xxxxxxx


OCT 11, 2014 @ 02:31:29

Hey ROLLANDSMOKE we’re worried about you fella. People here care. Get in touch buddy ok


OCT 11, 2014 @ 02:39:38

He has mate , just spoke to him , POA , Legal Advisor to Tittsworth & Grabbe and Goodnight.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 02:39:39

This was exactly what many of us suspected. The corrupt swine will stop at nothing. Maybe a moderator should follow @Karianne’s advice (chris-has-been-arrested-again-part-two) and check out Liberty80. All my best to Chris, Stacey and little Clayton. Also the rest of the crew, of course. You’re all doing a great job.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 02:45:27

Fucking hell. It sounds like your local plod is being run by Inspector Clouseau and officer Dibble!
They sound like a mob of corrupt, clueless bastards to me.

These are dangerous times for anyone seeking the truth. Make sure you watch your back, mate. Many believe poor Brenda Leyland was ‘bumped off.’


Leroy brown
OCT 11, 2014 @ 02:48:02

Wow…. Just wow!!…I commented on Facebook the other day, after I’d shared one of your arrest videos, I said It wouldn’t surprise me if they try to stitch him up with child porn,as they’ve got his computers etc etc, and sure enough….. Anyone who reads this though will know for certain that Chris is no nonse. So glad to hear that you’re carrying on doing what you do, not many would… 100% respect, your my hero!!


Jimmy Jones
OCT 11, 2014 @ 03:26:38

I like wearing womens underwear


OCT 11, 2014 @ 03:32:37

Yea we know yah dopey cunt and stay in Delaware you dumbass yank now fuck off lol , POA , Legal Advisor to Tittsworth & Grabbe and Goodnight.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 08:57:07

Fucking Bellend.


Johnny D
OCT 11, 2014 @ 10:03:29

Yeah and I think you like sucking Tom Cahills dick. Wanker.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 03:35:20

jewels as per your post , at present no there isn’t , I or one of the other admin will be touch by email later today to try and sort something out , many thanks , POA , Legal Advisor to Tittsworth & Grabbe and Goodnight.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 04:00:31

Thanks for filling us in on what been happening, so JJ and Tomcatshit are fuck budies are they well well well the plot thickens. Please don’t pack it in Chris we need you the bloody world needs you. Stay strong the Spivey family x


OCT 11, 2014 @ 04:50:35

Beyond appalling obviously. Again, much love and support to Chris and family….hope you can take some time off to recoup, get your health and strength back and connect with loved ones. x

On a positive note, just read an articke (DM) on Anthony Kidman – actress Nicole’s father, and the amount of comments on his pedophilic activities and MK Ultra is fantastic – the cracks are widening and their house of cards is falling. Hopefully comments stay up…
http: //www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2787153/Nicole-Kidman-tears-recent-loss-father-radio-interview.html


OCT 11, 2014 @ 05:56:57

dkblue, its early days yet with the Kidman thing and it is a worry. Stay safe.


Munch 23
OCT 11, 2014 @ 05:26:01

A twisted and sick endorsement by the security services on the validity of the information so eloquently provided by Mr Spivey.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 05:53:17

Hello everyone and Chris. I don’t have time to say much, however its amazing what these people did to you and despicable what they probably want to do. We will just have to keep throwing it out there. This time round they have gone overboard and don’t realize they have shot themselves in the foot. Silly fools. Chris I will always promote your site and come looking to see what you have to say. The abuse they caused to an innocent woman and baby is exactly what they are arresting innocent people for and the domestic violence they created is also what they arrest people for. Bullies act as they do. Using violence to get their own way and disregarding their own laws. As for trying to assassinate you good name, that is just an abomination on their part and way too many people on this planet know its untrue. They are worried for certain. Sloppy work.
To the thousands upon hundreds of thousands of people who are aware of what really happened I don’t imagine we will not stop passing this latest fiasco on to as many people as possible nor do we intend to go quietly and definitely we will not change our minds. Chris is now global, much too late to shut the stable doors. I am glad all is well.
Safety first. Hugs


OCT 11, 2014 @ 06:11:12

I was afraid about this exact thing when I heard they had stolen your computers, Chris. It was also very strange when that chick claiming to have heard the alleged phone call from Princess Di occurred. Seeming you had been writing an extensive article about it. They must really think we’re bloody dumbarses! When I realised what they were trying to do with the sick photos of the boys…that just pissed me so freakin off!! Bastards!!!!! Like I always tell you, Chris, you have my absolute support. You are such a brave man. You are above and beyond. All my love to you and your family xox


OCT 11, 2014 @ 06:21:55

You have an army behind you Chris.
The filth ridden establishment’s fear is palpable , and they are so stupid, this will blow up in their face. They picked on the wrong man.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 07:02:21

Well, well, well, the dozy coppers have been as predictable as fuck and planted this crap on your computer, Chris, just like many of us had feared. If they thought your supporters would up and abandon you, they thought wrong – anyone with half a brain can tell they’re getting desperate. We’re all behind you 100% and won’t be fooled by these cheap tactics.


Pauline Phillips
OCT 11, 2014 @ 07:56:04

I don’t know how to express my anger and disgust at this whole shameful episode. The scum seem to have all the power, and most people adopt the ‘I will be OK as I haven’t done anything wrong’ stance. Pathetic idiots.
The only thing that gives me strength is to see the good and strong people that comment on this site. Please look after yourself and your family Chris, you have given so much and nearly lost everything, nobody would blame you for throwing in the towel although we would then lack a force to hold us together. You are someone whose integrity we can trust. TPTB are obviously worried that the tipping
point has been reached regarding awareness of their crimes, but most probably don’t care much as their plans to off most of us are on track (ebola etc.).Anyway, what I wanted to say was Thank you for all you have done, whatever happens, and please look after yourself and your little family and the dogs xxx


OCT 11, 2014 @ 08:36:03

Absolutely disgusting treatment, Chris. Prior offers re. relocation still valid, should the need arise. Sorry, not been around much, bit wrapped up in my own problems at the moment, but that all pales into insignificance after reading this article. You have my support, 100%.
Just wondering whether the twats altered the date on the Firefox installation too, in their hurry to trump up a charge. Going back to the computer itself, even if a HDD is wiped, the stuff doesn’t disappear, as I have managed several times to get back stuff for people – I’m amazed that it took them *that long* to ‘discover’ the hidden folder. even with my limited knowledge of computers, I’ve read even corrupted hard drives in a matter of minutes. Not much else I can say other than I’m thinking of you, and give me a shout if you need me xx


fuck the state
OCT 11, 2014 @ 09:02:34

My guess is anyone who is doing such things at this time would also have a heavily encrypted drive, and the police would be sitting there for the next hundred years trying to get a look inside. After all, wtf is a hidden file going to do for your security? If you are going to attempt to do things as they would like to have us all think, greater efforts at hiding would be implemented. And if they expect us to believe this of a person such as yourself, who has fought against such issues, and highlighted many instances; they must be the same kind of people who would expect us to believe the McCann’s. Hmm!!! Maybe Gerry don’t like our collective views! Do not forget the influence of some Dame in regards to this, either.

The only reason they catch Rolf and the likes is because they are so fucking cocky, they think such things are normal and just have them sitting on their desktop.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 09:11:11

Chris. If you need a break, contact me. The site admin has my email.

As JR Ewing once said, “Don’t let the bastards wear you down”


OCT 11, 2014 @ 09:29:31

I have read your site for a long time Chris and it has changed my life, I had not been clued up enough in the past to offer input that was off any use simply as everyone else had been on the ball faster than i could research i had only been able to put your name out for others to look you up, Your work has not been in vain i am in the middle of showing one of my friends a harden Royalist the real lives of the Parasites, You have given us a bitter pill to swallow with this site and its tasted shit but its been honest, x


OCT 11, 2014 @ 09:31:23

I agree they’ll try to introduce a silencing law, but like other bad laws it will be too vague and too broad and it will be used against many others who it wasn’t intended for. These laws will sweep up Granny Blue-Rinse and Mr Upstanding when writing in newspaper comments that banks and utilities are run by thieves and should be targeted for action.

It’s a weak case to target Chris with images he’s used for articles like Ovendon because he has a defense which is provable. I always thought people like us ran the risk of having the Anarchist’s Cookbook planted, but if they’re not using that kind of material against Chris it’s an indication fewer people will fall for it. So we are winning.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 09:50:56

ETA. I’m not saying that what Chris is facing isn’t bad. Of course it is. But just as it makes no difference between being shot or stabbed if it kills you, it does make a difference if you survive. And I think the weakness of what they’re trying against Chris means he’s survived.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 09:34:46

One thing I find rather odd is the lack of support from some of the so called hotshots who have been riding on the back of Chris within the AM.
I think we are about to find out who the real shills are pretty soon.

“Its not what they say, its what they don’t say.”


OCT 11, 2014 @ 09:36:18

I have to say that i find this to be one of the most disturbing things i’ve ever read on this site, all be it not really a surprising one as quite clearly young Clayton will be seen to be your Achilles heel by TPTB.
It’s still astonishing that any policeman with a shred of decency could be party to this and yet again it’s not surprising as on one hand the police go to great lengths to cover up for the peado’s in power yet on the other they happily stitch people up using the peado/perv card… it’s a truly abhorrent situation… one thing is clear that these monsters in the police and social services must be named and shamed, i mean i know we all need to make a living and some of us may have done slightly questionable things to earn money in our time but i’m sure no one has tried to engineer a situation where a child can be stolen, a family broken up, an innocent man stitched up and its all in a days work!


OCT 11, 2014 @ 09:50:06

All of this would be laughable were it not for the fact that the consequences were and are extremely serious for Chris, his family, and for anyone who wants nothing more for this world to be rid of this evil, rotten, corrupt, murdering, greedy, deeply controlling, fear spreading, nonce ponce, shithole ‘system’.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 09:51:58

Hi Chris take good care of yourself and your family recharge your batteries and come back stronger. The way you were treated absolutely disgusts me. You and your team seem to have covered all the bases with regards how to deal with the plod and you have, I am sure, had plenty of excellent advice from people on here who believe in you. My missus Krispykreme posted earlier and I echo her thoughts and sentiments. Funnily enough our local MP is a certain David Cameron I will be sending him your post. Sending all my love to Stacey she must have been through the wringer too tell her to keep strong and what a brilliant neighbour you have in Bree. Don’t forget to spoil Clayton rotten he deserves it much love and total respect.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 10:04:26

Well, well, well Chris, they’ve finally shown their fucking pathetic hand and gone for the most blatantly fucking stupid thing they can think of-planting pictures in your laptop,

Ha, ha, ha !!!

This latest stunt must surely go down as one of the most ill-thought out and desperate attempts at a stich-up the world has ever seen.

It’s so fucking laughable when we all know you’ve been doing such a brilliant job over the past years by exposing the VIP paedophiles who rule this septic isle and opening people’s eyes to the horrifying truth about this filthy establishment.

Know this though Chris- they have made one of their biggest mistakes by trying to lay this shit on you and without a shadow of a doubt it will backfire on them before our very eyes.

And if you’re reading this you traitorous, Mossad arse-licking, paedophilic filth in intel, you’d better take fucking note.

Back off from Spivey if you know what’s fucking good for you.

It’s only a matter of time…



OCT 11, 2014 @ 11:52:19

That positive attitude has cheered me up no end, thank`s Mr Coleman.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 11:59:37

There is a bigger surprise install for the corrupt bastards , but hey that can wait just saying as it will quite literally blow them out of the water or as it’s Southend into it the water the fucking numpty’s , ass clowns one and all , btw if you live in Southend and see the idiot plod , do everyone a favour and do a civilians arrest on the cunt for breaking and entering and criminal damage , take the twat back to his own nick and have him charged , see how they like the law used against them as they are not above it , they just think they are , yet I seriously doubt that they are capable of thinking fucking imbeciles , POA , Legal Advisor to Tittsworth & Grabbe and Goodnight.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 13:03:31

Love your loyalty here Coleman, top marks fella


OCT 11, 2014 @ 10:19:06

Just popped on to post the response, (form letter) from police complaints. Not put off though. The only one so far. Anyhoo, onward and upward.
Stay safe.

Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for contacting the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). I acknowledge receipt of your email dated 7 October 2014 and note the contents.

The IPCC oversees the police complaints system in England and Wales and sets standards by which the police should handle complaints. The IPCC deals with complaints and conduct matters against police officers and staff. Misconduct could include a police officer or member of police staff being rude to you or using excessive force. It could also include unlawful arrest or an abuse of your rights.

Under the terms of the Police Reform Act 2002, a complaint can be made by:

* A member of the public who claims that the conduct took place in relation to him or her;
* A member of the public who claims to have been adversely affected by the conduct, even if it did not take place in relation to him or her;
* A member of the public who claims to have witnessed the conduct; or
* A person acting on behalf of someone who falls within any of the three categories above (written consent required).

A person is adversely affected if he or she suffers any form of loss or damage, distress or inconvenience, if he or she is put in danger or is otherwise unduly put at risk of being adversely affected. A person cannot be a complainant by claiming to be adversely affected if he or she has only seen or heard the conduct or its alleged effects unless:
– He or she was physically present or sufficiently nearby when the conduct took place or effects occurred that he or she could see or hear the conduct or its effects; or
– He or she was adversely affected because (or it was aggravated by the fact that) he or she already knew the person in relation to whom the conduct took place.

As you do not fall under the category of a complainant, we have taken no further action in regards to your email. However, if you feel that you do fall under the category of a complainant and wish to make a complaint against any serving member of the police force, then please visit our website http://www.ipcc.gov.uk for further information on how to make a complaint and complete an online complaint form.

If you have any further queries please contact Customer Services on 0300 020 0096.

Yours Faithfully

Emma-Louise Murphy
Customer Contact Advisor
Independent Police Complaints Commission
Po Box 473
M33 0BW

Tel: 0300 020 0096
Email: enquiries@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk

IPCC Statutory Guidance on the handling of police complaints

The original of this email was scanned for viruses by the Government Secure Intranet virus scanning service supplied by Vodafone in partnership with Symantec. (CCTM Certificate Number 2009/09/0052.) This email has been certified virus free.
Communications via the GSi may be automatically logged, monitored and/or recorded for legal purposes.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 10:23:30

In the interest of transparency I am adding the subject line and number for the response I posted just now. Mod can add it to the other post, leave it as 2 posts or if its not needed delete it. Thanks,

IPCC Reference: 2014/035991‏

IPCC Reference: 2014/035991
!enquiries (enquiries@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk) Add to contacts 10/10/2014


OCT 11, 2014 @ 10:25:19

Now l understand why you have been silent for the last couple of days, as with a good many of the posters l share the outrage, the actual film of them breaking into your home is frightening in itself, you then say that your neighbors actually came round and filmed them, that really heartened me to know that there are those that will not be bowed by the tyranny that we find ourselves in, so hats off to your very fine neighbors. Chris l just hope that things go well for you, especially where your family is concerned.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 10:35:39

Indecent images in a browser cache or sub folder are unlikely to be reliable evidence- also these images may also be on any computer without any deliberate attempt to obtain them by the user. The prosecution must show that they were put there as a ‘knowing’ and deliberate action- ‘pop -ups’ and file sharing are ways in which images can be downloaded without knowledge. Many people who regularly browse the internet may, unknowingly have these saved. Manga cartoons may be prohibited images- but not illegal to draw…It is seriously clutching at straws- exactly the same thing the Met did with one of their own PC Carol Howard- who when they had nothing else arrested her for possessing images of her own daughter!!! Should it come to it- and I doubt it will- I can put you in touch with an ‘expert witness’ on computer forensics who will blow them out of the water.
I have spent lots of time in Court and legal fraternity to realise just how frequently miscarriages of justice occur, and that so few people have the support or wherewithal to do anything other than accept it. That there are serious flaws in this case is obvious – the courts are often ambivalent to police misadventures – but the serious injustices you , and your family has suffered needs sorting. As a former Police Station Legal Advisor I am ashamed of what our once proud legal system has degenerated into , thanks to Govts. of all shades over the last 30 years.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 10:41:05

Have you considered sharing your stuff with Field McConnell at the Abel Danger website ?
An rottwieller, who won’t let go of the Truth !


OCT 11, 2014 @ 11:10:23

I know them both , POA , Legal Advisor to Tittsworth & Grabbe and Goodnight.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 10:48:45

God bless and protect you Chris. What an ordeal.

Psychology says people doing evil *think* they’re doing good. So DC Laurel must think, somehow, he’s doing the ‘right thing’ by sending out some constables to *break the law*… How TF does he justify that in his mind? How can a policeman justify breaking the law?

Maybe you should try to make friends with some honest policemen, it sounds like DC Hardy might be sympathetic. A friend or 2 on the inside might be helpful…


Keith Thomas
OCT 11, 2014 @ 11:17:24

Dear Chris, I can only echo the sentiments that have been expressed here by all these good people that follow you. One other thing I can offer is my hospitality. If you want a break from it all you and your lovely family are welcome to stay here while you recharge your battery’s.I live on the Somerset/Dorset border so there is plenty of beautiful and peaceful places to see all within an hour’s drive. You my man are an inspiration and I would be proud to go down fighting by your side against the fucking evil in this ponce ridden cuntry. Love and best wishes to you and your lovely family.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 11:34:01

Well, the Led Zeppelin album is still in HMV. Just seen it and they’re taking pre-orders for a remastered version. Can’t be that ha then. Amateurs.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 12:12:30

Whoops. ‘Ha’ = ‘bad’ as in my bad. Sorry!


OCT 11, 2014 @ 11:36:11

I appreciate all that you do and suffer despite the PTB attempts to shut you up. Loving thoughts for additional strength are sent by the bucket load to you and your family. Hope you manage to take a decent break from all the undeserved, illegal, injustices heaped upon you, to help recharge your batteries.


Phil Champion
OCT 11, 2014 @ 11:37:40

Chris has been put through hell and back, and perhaps I was a bit naive when I first discovered the “alternative media” 3 years ago. Although I discovered this amazing site through Icke, I thought it was full of too much crazy shit, and never bought into it. I´m dismayed that you have been attacked and betrayed by people who turned out to be enemies of fighting the system.
Like so many commentators here, I was not in the least surprised that the thugs planted underage porn on those stolen computers, but I think you have proved how stupid and incompetent their efforts to stitch you up have been!
Funnily enough, I remember innocently taking pictures of my kids back in the 70´s & 80´s, like sharing a bath or cuddling up in bed with me or paddling naked, and that news reader being arrested at the time when she collected her photographs at Boots, with similar family shots. I suppose I could face charges nowadays, but some of those pics are out there for all to see, on Facebook, put there by my own grown-up kids in their picture albums! What an unhealthy society we are living in today, which leaves me feeling uncomfortable when my grandkids expect me to give them cuddles? Over here, where I live, the custom of kissing on the cheeks when greeting anybody is the norm, and when I asked some parents in the village to tell their children not to come too close, their reaction was to tell me not to be so stupid, especially when I tried to explain the paranoia raging in Britain, and how dangerous a situation I was putting myself in!
Anyway, I´m guilty of sleeping with my best friend, my lovely dog, so that should damn me!
After Chris has enjoyed some well deserved rest, I´m sure he´ll be back and firing on all cylinders and giving those bastards what for! Proud to be one of CuntMoron´s “non-violent extremists” and more of a threat than his actual violent terrorist chums!


Phil Champion
OCT 11, 2014 @ 11:40:16

Sorry, I did not mean to infer Chris´s site was full of crazy shit, I meant Icke´s. Apologies for not making it clear!


OCT 11, 2014 @ 11:50:32

We know Dykes site is but thanks for that , POA , Legal Advisor to Tittsworth & Grabbe and Goodnight.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 11:47:56

Wow Chris-You’ve certainly stirred up the shit for PC Plod and co with all the proof you’ve acquired of the obvious break-in by the thugs in blue-And also with many of us writing at the condemnation at the appauling way which you’ve and your family have been treated they’ll lay of for a while now as you’ve got to much evidence against them…. ‘Where angels (not) fear to tread springs to mind……Love to you Stacey and Clayton thinking of you……TC Louise xx


OCT 11, 2014 @ 11:55:14

I know it’s not anything to laugh about, but I can’t stop myself with regard to the Led Zep cover……apart from that the whole thing is truly shocking…..take care Chris and family…..small donation made, would like to think that it could be used toward a proper cctv set up at your home and a dash cam in car……thoughts with you all, enjoy your down time with Stacey and Clayton and doggies……xxxx


OCT 11, 2014 @ 12:42:15

Mo, i said the same to Chris the other night, I genuinely did LOL and then did a face palm at just how ridiculous it was. How old are the plod involved FFS! The entire episode will embarass decent plod all over the country. There are plenty of them and they know how corrupt the system is.
This is the best that they could concoct in all that time…


OCT 11, 2014 @ 12:56:55

And maybe it was about timing pure and simple to keep Chris from making immediate comment after that poor woman was hounded by Sky News…..I must admit I would like to hear Chris’ opinion about that one.


Some Moosh
OCT 11, 2014 @ 11:59:03

Y’know… there have been many times when I’ve read an article by Mr. Spivey and I’ve wanted to post some kind of comment in support but it’s just left me speechless. Well, this one takes the chocolate Hobnob… One glimmer of silver lining in this whole nasty and horribly complex affair is that those who would do him down always expose themselves through their own actions as utterly unimaginative, desperate and incompetent despite their alleged “power”. This even extends to the unintentional comedy of James Wand standing there (with a face like a smacked bum because he had no answer to the pertinent questions that a handcuffed Mr. Spivey had just put to him) wearing… what is that?… a shoulder holster for a walkie-talkie!!!! Oh my Dog!!! What a pretentious boner!!!

So, by way of an open message to all of those alleged humans who think that they have the ability to run our affairs indefinitely and especially to those in the mainstream media who write off Mr. Spivey and others like him as “conspiracy theorists”, I would like to post this as a true depiction of their career prospects…

Why Mainstream Media News Can’t Recognize Their Own Extinction

Let’s start with the abecedarian: The current crop of mainstream network media news robots are simply idiots. Is that limpid enough? I should stop right there as the clarity of message won’t improve. But I shan’t. It’s critical that you grasp this. And understand that this is not a toothless indictment. I’m dead serious. James S. Ettema and Theodore L. Glasser called investigative journalism “custodians of conscience.” they likened it to social and moral inquiry and public virtue. I remind you of such because there was a time before selfies and narcissistic self-adoration. If there’s any hope it’s for local news because the subject matter is so directed: fires, arrests, crime, weather, sports. Though I’ve never quite understood the concept of traffic reportage on television. Think about it. (But not for long.)

I don’t care about the news, I care about being a star. Newsrooms and outfits are jammed with media star wannabes. Distracted and disjointed alleged and putative news gatherers, biased and partisan apparatchiks skewing and narrowcasting – not journalists or reporters but would-be stars and viral hitster hipsters. The next entrant in the hottest reporter contest, the red carpet traipser. Just look at Brian Williams’s own foray into celebrity adoration. I’ve no proof, but I suspect that if the truth be known, Ol’ BW would rather sit on Fallon’s couch than behind the desk waxing stentorian as he reads the prompter.

It’s not a matter of youth per se but chronic inexperience and no perspective. Sure, there are newser tyros who’ve no perspective but it’s not about youth and inexperience. Not to mention no history, no knowledge, no idea of the cyclical phenomenon of news and world affairs. They’re organically incurious and without the ability to be suspect, proudly so at that. They’ve become the conduit for administrations, de facto press agents. Repeaters and not reporters. Presstitutes, as the great Gerald Celente offers, their hearts and limited minds available to the highest bidder. Slow on the draw, quick to the conclusion. Obama acolytes and fawning sycophants, many are. Boot lickers and toadies. Obsequious lickspittles. Still walking zombified with “Hope and Change” reverberating in their memory sticks. Part and parcel of the insane left-right paradigm, followers of the notion that there are significant differences between parties. Still arguing at the internecine, interstitial level.

Retreads, resurrected, recycled museum pieces just entered the building. And the executive and management level of network news appears to be no better. Let’s really focus the gravamen of this indictment accordingly. Concerned and focused on the bottom line. P/L versus MOS. Especially in a shrinking media world. Shuttered newsrooms, budgets slashed, resources crippled. Make it fast and cheap. Dangle the keys in front of the screaming infant. Many of these pathetic news stewards retreads are recycled and regurgitated escapees of media from eons of yore. Those who cut their teeth at a time when media news reportage was considered rarefied and noble, victims of their own deluded unwarranted entitlement and chichi pretentiousness. These are dinosaurs more often than not who actually still believe that the days of cautious, crafted and paralyzing boring news presentation will fly today. And it’s not just TV news but the antediluvian world of terrestrial left-right talk radio — but that’s for another day.

The new breed of witless. And if the antediluvian codger’s not bad enough, enter the “rising star,” the prototypical know-nothing who made her bones in another medium that someone figured would perfectly merge into news. Or the ex-intern who made friends and was first on the list for hires do to a sparkling personality or per stirpes consanguinity with a higher-up. The yoga mat totin’ pseudo-intellect and autodidact (at best) who breaks the record for pretentiousness and throws an errant Ayn Rand quote about and conspicuously carries the latest Economist under her arm. Bogus, ersatz and fictive. And what do these two prototypes have in common? Plenty. They’re clueless.

New and alternative media: operational Darwinism and natural selection with a building pass. And whilst the aforementioned supra run in circles, alternative media and new platforms and delivery systems are blowing them out of the water. Citizen journalism at levels of sophistication that are increasingly mind-boggling. And I’m not talking production level – though they’re beyond the amateurish of yore – I’m talking the level of deep-levels of critical analysis and a conversance with and of the facts that are nonpareil. Irrespective of the subject matter, deep research and data mining rival anything that the more traditional (translation: hoary and cobwebbed) media sources employ. No, my friend, the world for the media moribund is collapsing onto itself like a black hole. And instead of light not being able to escape, truth and viewership can’t escape. Mark my words, within two years – two years! – you will not even recognize what used to be called the heralded and bejeweled halcyon days of media Gloria. So long, Murrow; sayonara, Cronkite. The world has just changed but you were too busy waxing funereal over Jeter’s retirement or the latest antics of the NFL cobbling together a nonexistent domestic violence policy. Consider yourself warned. There are hosts of demos and factions, from millennials to the senescent, in every race, sexual identity or stratum. There are millions who want to know about conspiracy facts not theories, about the dark side of governments, rogue elements, the crippling dynamics of central bank chicanery and deception. They want to know about the fictional and tissue thin veneer of the imaginary wars on terror and the like. They see through the absolute egesta of ISIS and ISIL and can in a flash name all the permutations of the new costumed bogeymen. You are experiencing a new dimension of thought and analysis and I am absolutely honored beyond woods to join the revolution. Hie!

Source: w ww.lionelmedia.com

D’ya hear that? You’ve got TWO YEARS left! That’s what he gives you! THAT is the reason why you’re ramping up the bullshit at the moment… You know that you’re living on borrowed time. Your downfall is inevitable and soon!

As Mr. Coleman is fond of saying… Tick Tock.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 12:23:27

Right folks .. am going to be bold here .. it’s time for us all to put our hands in our sky rockets, or purses, and click the paypal link, above, to enable Chris take his family away for a much needed break.

Surely the price of a packet of fags or a few pints is not too much to ask ?

Please help support this good man who does so much for others xx


OCT 11, 2014 @ 12:58:25

‘Allo Mo……thought I’d comment so peeps realise we are two…..but one on the message you convey, already done that this morn…..xxx


OCT 11, 2014 @ 12:50:28

Glad to read you are taking a well-earned and deserved break, Chris. Other than donating and/or writing to the Essex Police. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help you and your family.

The Led Zepellin ‘grilling’ is funny yet unbelievable in its sheer pathetic stupidity and desperation. These moronic useful idiots are the people ‘upholding the law’ in this country?!?. Jesus wept, dog help us.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 13:01:11

I just wanted to say that after watching the video of Chris getting his door bashed in, it really upset me hearing Stacy and the little one crying. Thank God that Chris seems to always be one step ahead of them and knows the little tricks they get up to by trying to stitch him up. What about those of us who are not so clued up, and may have been falsely arrested or charged, worse still lost our children, simply because we don’t know our rights and the signs to look out for. I wish this man and his family well, and I am so glad there are so many of you who are supporting him. Wanting to rid the world of evil and corruption should never be allowed to become a crime, and it is sad that certain factions are fighting those who are so passionate about it.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 13:03:58

hi all
Posting so you know we are here supporting you.Waiting for any signal that means ATTACK.I would happily machine gun the cunts all day long.

The only good pig is a dead pig. My motto for 35 years now.


Sane Man
OCT 11, 2014 @ 13:15:24

Chris , 100% RESPECT a true human being . All old bill are non-human in my eyes now , even the ones that might be sympathetic to the cause , if they were true human beings they would hang up their tazers and whatever else they`re issued with and tell the chief CUNTstable to stick the poxy fucking job up their freemason arse . As Bill Hicks said ” All governments are lying cocksuckers ” never a truer word said .

Take care of yourself Chris and family , and everyone else involved with this .


OCT 11, 2014 @ 13:20:28

Chris Undermining Nations Traitors,Salute.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 13:20:56

Such a powerful piece Chris. Recharge you batteries, make sure (as we all know you continually do) Stacey and Clay are safe and then get back on the horse.
For all of us who’d like to help in some way, just say the word.


Darren Laverty
OCT 11, 2014 @ 13:22:35

I’ll hold back with all the legal shit for now because its clear you were misled. I’ll offer the opportunity for you to rectify your allegations about me. I will confirm that JJ and me were friends for a very short period. That was until I proved the twat wasn’t anywhere near Bryn Estyn or any other home that is in North Wales. Ergo, he fabricated the Morrison allegations. All you need to do is read my version of events. Something you obviously haven’t considered thus far. Research is always something I’ve done before writing about any given subject. Hence the venom I use when evidencing JJ’s fabrications. He’s had me arrested twice and both times I’ve justified my actions/writings. He’s shared some private pics I had hidden on Tumblr, he’s tried to shut my wife’s business down, I’ve had numerous threatening phone calls(stupid twat left a message once, just for evidence like) He alleged I’ve poured petrol through his letter box, stolen a watch and ring and also a picture that was already online. He’s accused me of threatening his children and of being responsible for suicides of ex-residents. I know the cunt better than anyone online. I’m his nemesis who’s never been anything other than honest. You’d do well to remove or rectify your comments about me Chris. Everything you know has come from him. You got it wrong this time.
Darren Laverty BA Hons Criminology


OCT 11, 2014 @ 14:00:28

Thanks for that Darren. JJ took in a lot of people. Me more than most. I mistook his rage against everybody as a symptom of someone that suffered abuse. My daughter was raped when she was 9 and can lash out verbally. Deepest apologies from me fella. I fully understand the venom you used, under the circumstances, I’d have done the same and worse. The row was so bitter that not knowing for sure who was in the right, most people simply stepped back from it.
Take care fella and good luck with everything.


Darren Laverty
OCT 11, 2014 @ 14:07:41

I’d like Chris to adjust/clarify his assertions please. Its the least I deserve. My e-mail inbox is open and I’m waiting for a reply. Take care


OCT 11, 2014 @ 14:11:29

I expect that he is asleep at the moment fella. He is a night owl but the expected SS visits has interfered with his body clock, so I have no idea when he’ll read all this.


Darren Laverty
OCT 11, 2014 @ 14:46:07

Lets hope its whilst he’s having his first coffee. I need it sorting.

OCT 11, 2014 @ 13:26:46

…forgot to add, if you ever feel obliged to sign anything, no matter who’s asking/demanding, ensure you clearly prefix your signature V.C. (Vi Coactus)


OCT 11, 2014 @ 14:30:21

Chrisspivey.org you have my full support and I’m confident that you will deal with these shitcunts without breaking a sweat. And by shitcunts I mean the police the SS and Jimmy jumped up and his mates xxx


OCT 11, 2014 @ 14:33:18

I am surprised they did not plant more child porn. This does not seem a very sophisticated attempt at planting evidence. For example It is possible to embed data in active document. So that it is invisible to the user. But when the document is opened or altered in the correct way. The data becomes visible and will then remain visible when opened in the standard way. You just have to take advantage of the way the document format data is handled. This way it can be proved that the document has been accessed at a time and date that the target would agree on. Those conducting the police interview also seem strangely ill informed. Detectives used to investigating porn would know what is and is not allowed also how easy it is to remotely download porn . As most of what they found was OK. The animal stuff is low level porn. The boy porn downloaded 24hrs before is weak. As it does not establish a history of downloading child porn. A single incident is very suspect due to the remote access possibilities.
They clearly were using this to take your children , or establish a pattern to take your children in the future. But I am baffled why they did not do a better job. Hopefully this half arsed attempt means they have shot them self’s in the foot. To your future benefit.
As for site infighting this is another way to undermine you. Divide and conquer. So you do not know who to trust. The setting of one persons ego against another. I expect you know better than me how to handle this. But try not to set one person against another even if you don’t agree with them.
Good Luck


OCT 11, 2014 @ 14:37:19

chris most people probably wouldve thrown the towel in a year ago when you were getting backstabbed by jimmy jones and site was getting severely hacked.
stay strong fella.


Pete The Feet
OCT 11, 2014 @ 14:47:49

Apoplectic doesn’t come near it Spiv, those films were difficult viewing and my hackles were rising for sure, whatever happened to “ello ello ello we would like you to accompany us to the station” cunts, That little twerp saying you couldn’t smoke, for fuck’s sake, mummy’s little soldier if ever I saw one I’m in charge total dickhead. They should also be ashamed of their puerile accusation, wankers, HELLO, WAKE UP PLOD! we are paying your wages, go get the real bad guys you pricks and if you don’t know who they are ask your boss ad infinitum.I hope your family have recovered from the trauma those goons caused. Never give up the fight spiv we need you, have a nice time with yours
Love is the only answer!
mucho respecto x


OCT 11, 2014 @ 14:50:52

WoW, watt a read, corrupted evil cunts,Laurel & Hardy and the rest( i have met a few in my time).
these cunts names should be outed across the uk and any other bent cunts who purports to work/and serve as a public servant, And on the basis of your clear and factual evidence you have here,(and on the interview tapes-They have no credibility of evidence in a court of law/in the job/post they hold(as they are clearly warping and deceiving the facts) by trying to stitch you up.- a sacking offence i do belive- Name and Shame the cunts.
Nice one on your due diligence,and sticking to your facts(very hard to do under such intense pressure) been there myself.. So Full Respect due.
These cunts will do everything they can to to fuck you up(clear as day) searching your front room and you’re not allowed to witness,,,, bug n drugs!!! who the fuck know what, maybe stashed/planted something for another raid/another day?
nothing is beyond these Bent evil cunts- Nothing.
stay strong and hang on in there big fella, the walls of babylon are crumbling and they fucking know it, just a matter of time( cunt,moron speech at the UN should be the heads up to the sheeple)
As we say……. Tick-tock Tick-tock Tick-tock

Big love to you and yours, and the Hard working Crew.



skintus maximus
OCT 11, 2014 @ 15:11:34

Hi Chris,

Ask your tech savy mate about PGP encryption. I used to work with DoD and DoJ (MoJ) PC’s and Laptops, they use PGP because they can’t break it, or at least they couldn’t 3 years ago when I left their employment.

The version of PGP that works with Windows XP is now available for free on the internet, it does mean that you have to install and use XP, however this will completely defeat local even forensic plod trying to access your kit. You can also install it on external drives, CD/DVD’s, memory sticks etc. to protect content.

I realise that you have nothing to hide, however it would prevent access, frustrate the living fuck out of them and more importantly stop them planting anything incriminating, at least in the future. When they could possibly make a much better job of it, and really hang you out to dry.

The email I used to post this comment is genuine, I have a lot of experience with PGP, if any advice is needed, although I would imagine your tech savy mate would be able to handle it, rocket science it really ain’t. I also imagine in your position you prefer to stick with people you know and trust.

You need to jack up your security mate, because right now you are wide open, and that could ultimately cost you your grandson, reputation and liberty.

I’ll send this post as a PM on Facebook because I want to make sure you see it, please act on this mate, this country is going to hell real fast and we need people like you to help fight back against the Police State that is clearly forming in front of our eye’s.

All the very best mate.


Question Everything
OCT 11, 2014 @ 15:17:13

Hi all. After reading the comments above re :- david icke, I have to say that I have always wondered why he has never been arrested , after all he says the same as Chris does, in pictures mostly, but why is there one law for him and another for OUR Chris?……………… oh I know, Chris wont be bought and will never sell out to anybody for any price, that’s the difference between OUR Chris and icke…. anyone else agree?


OCT 11, 2014 @ 15:35:13

For those that haven’t seen the link elsewhere this is Chris’ broadcast:

http ://w ww.noholdsbarredradioshow.com/podcasts


OCT 11, 2014 @ 16:33:15

The way Pigs act in a bust [on whatever supposed ‘evidence’] :-
Assume control immediately by restraint, then by domineering behaviour despite whatever anyone says or the ‘evidence’ indicates, take every opportunity to denigrate/humiliate the occupants; misinform, lie, plant ‘evidence’, remove suspects. While this is going on, astute officers will take the opportunity to tell the arrested person what the Judge in their forthcoming trial will sentence them to, “Oooh, 3 or 4 years I reckon,” usually gains compliance from naive suspects.

Ok you cunts, we’re watching you. Tick tock.


OCT 11, 2014 @ 16:57:21

So sorry you have felt the anger of this very sick individual Jones, he has told so many lies about so many people, I doubt whether he knows himself what the truth is anymore. What he did to myself and my family caused nightmares, there are at least 14 other people whose lives Jone decided to invade and rob them of their decent lives. The TeamOutlaw is dead, the so called Jane Russell is in fact his wife H***** ***** Jones, probably also paid to do what she does. Dont feel too bad man, you were fooled by him like so many others were, and I am sure you wont be the last. Jones wants to silence those who tell the truth, dont let him do that to you. Blessing to you and yours


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