Inside The Mind of an Internet Troll

Witness inside the mind of someone who I thought was just a psychopath. He’s so much more. All are his words and were written in the past three months. This should be a warning to each and all who dare to venture onto the Internet. 


“Anyone can be an Outlaw”

Everyone has a little Outlaw in them.
A part of the soul that could, if pushed, live their lives outside of conventional laws, existing only on their own wits and adherence to what nature provides.
It’s a part of being an outlaw to crave adventure that can only be found on the outskirts of civilized society, to be utterly and truly free, and yet not free at all.
To be bound to a mission or a purpose so great that we’d surely risk our lives in its name, and stand against those who try to take away our freedoms.
It’s the outlaw we’re drawn to as children, Jesse James, William Wallace, Robin Hood, and Billy the Kid.
This outlaw isn’t merely a man with a rebellious streak who has no purpose or mission attached to it, but a man who’s fighting for something he believes in so fervently that he’ll risk his life in its name.
We envy the outlaw because he’s what we’d love to be, but can’t.
We’ve got too much to lose.
We’re civilized.
We’re family men.
We’re lacking that moment that drives us to the edge, that purpose that we connect with so closely that it becomes us.
Within it exists our meaning in life.
It’s a drug that has an unmatchable high.
We admire the outlaw, not always because of his values (sometimes they’re few), but because of his courage, his daring, and his gargantuan balls.
We romanticize his life, making it one of pure adventure with the highest of highs and the deepest depths of despair.
He lives, in the truest sense of the word.
He experiences pain we couldn’t bare, and he takes risks we wouldn’t dare.
Most of us admire and even envy an outlaw from afar. We read about his exploits, we dream we were in his shoes or riding by his side.
What we fail to recognize is that every man is an outlaw.
It’s a lack of courage, purpose, and self-awareness that inevitably holds us back.”
Oi Reset Boyo’s…I have a question to ask.. English Common law has no place for anyone who decides to be an individual and live outside what is perceived as ‘society’..
For example: “In the common law of England, a “Writ of Outlawry” made the pronouncement Caput gerat lupinum (“Let his be a wolf’s head,”) with respect to its subject, using “head” to refer to the entire person and equating that person with a wolf in the eyes of the law.

So, under English Common Law, not only was the Outlaw deprived of all legal rights of the law being outside of the “law”, but others could kill him on sight as if he were a wolf or other wild animal.”

So where in your brave new post Reset world do the Outlaws fit in, or must we all obey and chant the mantra????

Haven’t blocked anyone on Facebook yet… Getting close to it now though… Fucking patronising charlatans everywhere. *pissed off face*

Shall I have a Rant, I ask myself.. Why Jimmy, what reason would you have to have a rant?

Could it because every day I grow more sickened to read about the shit that is being spouted incessantly from people about how awful the Government is, and why is nothing being done about it…
I am sick of the people who bang on endlessly about signing petitions that will force the government to finally address and eradicate the very thing that keeps them in power… PAEDOPHILIA…
The Reset idiots constantly piss me off, endlessly banging on about how ‘resetting’ the established order will restore the balance of power back to the people and everything will be ever so lovely..
Do they really think that the Windsors and the Elitists and the shadowy entities that keep them in the positions they hold are just going to step aside?

Will the ones who have a stranglehold on the economy, each encumbent government and own every inch of land and every drop of water in this country and beyond, just going to give it all up and leave quietly?
I do not care if you do not ‘like’ this post, I care even less if it is ‘shared’ as it matters not one iota in the grand scheme of things. You are but ticks that live on the backs of the fleas that live on the backs of mangy dogs, you are despised and treated as less than human, every day of every week, year in, year out, for generations by those that wield the real power….You bicker amongst ourselves, you cheerfully set yourselves up against each other, you follow blindly those who promise everything and deliver nothing time and time again….Blind, deaf and cattle-like, aimlessly gravitating from one false promise to the next, all the while blissfully oblivious to what power you really possess if only you shut the fuck up for just one minute and truly woke up. If only you could stop and think, and then realise that if you put aside your petty spite and ego’s and see exactly what you could achieve if you shared the same voice…

What really gets on my wick however, is her being in Bed with Tom Pride, a fucking anonymous cartoon character who peddles lies and disinformation on a daily basis under the guise of ‘Satire’……Oh Aye, who libels people too, with no apparent comebacks..Why is that? The world is truly fucked, people do not want the truth, they want to suckle on ego-driven pseudo intelligentsia who spout big words, but are still spewing the same old lies that have been designed to keep people in the dark for generations….Fear-Mongering based on shit sources that rely on people’s ignorance and inability to do their own research at best, outright fucking lies at it’s worst…So go on, Sue me for seeing what should be obvious to anyone who cares to look past the bullshit and bluster…Offer some solutions and you may get some respect, not keep regurgitating the same old shite that any reasonably bright seven year old should already know eh?

Just thinking aloud here…..I am waiting for the first one of the ‘Big Guns’ of the Alternative Media to show their true colours……Not everything is on the Internet y’know, there is a real world out there, where people talk and see things and hear things and keep them to themselves because they do not feel the need to spew their guts out all over Facebook, Twitter, Websites and Blogs….Tick Tock, Tick Tock the countdown has began. You must feel it, the mainstream media on full propaganda mode to get the world onto a war footing.

The ‘Alternative’ Media tearing lumps out of each other at every opportunity as they battle to be número uno Billy big Bollocks….Can you feel it? It’s gonna blow very soon…It’s gonna blow when people truly wake up to the fact they are being conned by the people they are looking to tell them the truth. Sod the establishment and the media, it’s a given that they are wankers. It’s the so-called ‘truthers’ that people are looking to that are gonna sell them down the river to the point where they really do not know what to believe anything anymore. Up will be down and black will be white… Fucking lemmings, desperate for guidance and following people who will cut their throats when the time is right..Sheep herding and I am watching it happening every day…..

But if you’re doubting the truthers then it’s fucked. I got lifelong mates that think I’m a mental cunt. They might wake up, they might not. But they are my mates of 40 years. I am a mental cunt but they ain’t convinced one bit about any of this but I carry on.

Oh Fuck…. Scriptonite and Mike Sivier, both of who can be excused as they suffer from a form of ‘wilful blindness’ which now appears to have reached epidemic proportions epidemic in this country.

But their partner-in-libel, however, knows exactly what he is doing and all I can see are literally thousands of people hanging onto every word..If that is the answer, I really am asking the wrong questions.And really do not want to be associated with people who are cheerfully marching to their doom.A self assisted Holocaust would be an apt description of what I can see happening right now….

Talking of idiots, have just been having a laugh at the crazy crew. Did you know that if you want to see an elephant in the room you just have to look for the shadow? Blige me! I never knew that! I thought it was as easy as just opening your eyes, not normally small those elephants are they? Not half as small minded as a rapidly dissolving drug addled brain that’s for sure 😉

However, if anyone wants a full run down on someone who was labelled a nutter with an evil streak by it’s peers & people who knew it personally, THAT you WILL find 100% true and accurate and written by those who actually knew the nature of the virgin beast.

Where’s the Brandy? Oops flipped on it’s back again for any old fool who’s ready with the credit card y’all? Brandy’s used to pouring herself into mugs, she ain’t at all fussy about who drinks her in, as long as they show her the money 1st.
Sweet it takes SO much interest in the half pint though. Or is it?
Do you think they will start a petition demanding that NWP deal with what they believe to be a Twitter troll who is not even on Twitter anymore?
They may get six signatures, assuming that they can in fact write that is 🙂
Seriously though, apart from each other, who is actually listening to anything they say?
Let them get on with it, as the majority of people are dealing with their own stuff in the real world and can’t be arsed reading about the same thing over and over, from the same group of tired and totally discredited Twitter-obsessed, bedroom-locked weirdo’s.
They offer nothing positive, they contribute nothing but bullshit and spiteful words that mean nothing.
Isolated and entirely pointless examples of human trash, that can only exist within the confines of the 140-odd Twitter character limit.
What a waste of life….
Maybe Twitter is the best place for such strange folk, at least when they are spending every waking hour locked away slathering their putrid bile over a keyboard, they’re not harassing real people in the real world & that can’t be bad, in fact it’s bliss 🙂

 The sun is shining in my world, birds are nesting, flowers are blooming and the neighbourhood kids are having water fights in the garden….You cannot beat the feeling of being alive..I would rather feel the sun on my face than my flesh being necrotised from sitting indoors 24/7 with the curtains drawn shaking my fist and spitting bile at total strangers behind a screen any day 🙂

Now look at this


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