Bryn Estyn-more truths that don’t suit the MSM

Two clips from Peter Wynne’s evidence. The first speaks for itself and completely trashes all lies written about him. No sucking dogs penis’s you’ll notice because it never happened. No suicidal tendencies due to bullying and no mention of being a victim of such bullying. Anyone who’s claimed as much in the last few months has a head full of fantasies and fabrications. In other words they’re full of shite(and this has been repeatedly proven by me at least, er….. five times.
“It seemed cruel now but that’s how kids are. I enjoyed my time at Bryn Estyn over all, it was the best home I was in”. (June 10th 1997)

The second comment supports my statement here that this incident is a complete fabrication on behalf of the witness. The very same witness who claims to have been sexually abused by a senior ranking policeman and a politician who’s well known. See previous blogs here

“The incidents apparently occurred between S****** H***** and Paul Wilson, a member of staff, whereby Mr. Wilson assaulted him with the use of a crowbar. I do not recall any such incident neither do I recall SH being thrown into the river. I can confirm, however, that Mr. Wilson used to take me and other boys canoeing to Llangollen”(June 10th 1997)
I still visit the places we used to go canoeing. I obtained employment there after I left Bryn Estyn and thoroughly enjoyed my time working on the canals. Peter Wynne however, didn’t live long enough to enjoy and re-live the pleasant memories many of us have of those days. Of course it was rough and it was hard but we were tough boys from tough backgrounds and all in all we got over it and moved on. Peter’s domestic situation led him to take his own life at a very young age. It became apparent to those that knew him that Peter couldn’t deal with what the real world was offering. Pain, hurt, embarrassment, credibility issues, employment, children, home life and other factors led to Peter thinking the only way out was another way. The end of a rope. RIP lad we’ll defend your name till death comes for us all. As for those who continue to slander his reputation……wait and see.

(“While talking to a friend a few days later, it became abundantly clear that the doubts I had initially felt about the content of the Laverty video, were in fact, justified”…. Jan 23rd 2014) ?


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