Child Abuse Fabrication Difficulties.

The following is taken from a statement made to the Waterhouse Inquiry. The reference to a bloody anus has been used by an Internet troll to support his fabricated allegations  . Unfortunately, he got the information from me. So I can and  have evidenced the lies. Read the bullshit and make up your own minds as to whether the police have had an easy job or not. Pallial might have a word too.

“I am a native of Cardiff.On Tuesday 20th August 1991 I made a written statement to the police regarding events that occurred whilst I was at Bryn Estyn boys’ home in Wrexham. I would now like to add the following two events”.

“Whilst at Bryn Estyn I went with about ten other boys on a canoeing trip. I believe we went to a location quite near to Llangollen. I am uncertain of the date.We travelled from Bryn Estyn in the school minibus with one member of staff, Paul Wilson. We took about five or six canoes and they were carried on the roof rack of the minibus. We were going to use the canoes on the canal. We drove along a dirt track type road. This road went over small bridge over the canal. The minibus was parked up close to the bridge. The canoes were taken off the mini bus and put in the water. All the boys changed out of their day clothes and into shorts and T‑shirts. The majority of boys got into the canoes and went off along the canal, leaving behind Mr. Wilson, two boys and myself. Mr. Wilson explained how to get in and out of the moving canoe to the two boys and myself. The canoe was at that time in the water. Mr. Wilson had referred to me several times by a nickname he used, “Handbag”. Mr. Wilson had control of the canoe. He was holding the canoe paddle and the end was in the cockpit of the canoe. Mr. Wilson began to walk towards the bridge and towed the canoe behind him. The two boys walked alongside Mr. Wilson. I walked a short distance behind. I couldn’t hear what they were talking about. They laughed several times. When they went under the bridge, Mr Wilson pulled the nose of the canoe out of the water and all three turned to face me. Mr. Wilson then said to me something similar to, “Come and suck these two off and then me”. I understood by that that he wanted me to suck the penises of the two boys and then his. I refused. Mr. Wilson repeated his request and I again refused. Mr Wilson approached me. He brought his arm around and struck me on the back. He repeated his request. This time he was more aggressive. Again I refused. Mr. Wilson walked off towards the mini‑bus. He never said anything. The two boys stood in front of me. They seemed bewildered.Mr. Wilson then returned from the mini‑bus. I could see that he was carrying what appeared to be a crowbar. It had a hooked end with a nail extractor on the end. The van had been parked about thirty feet away.Mr. Wilson struck me with the crowbar across my back. He then grabbed at my T‑shirt and ripped it off. He also ripped off my shorts. I was not wearing any underpants. I was then standing naked. The next thing I knew was that Mr. Wilson was pushing the end of the crowbar, the end with the hook and nail extractor, up my back passage. I knew that the end of the crowbar had actually entered my back passage because I felt pressure in my stomach. He was moving the crowbar about and then he pushed me into the water. The crowbar remained stuck in my back passage. I was completely submerged in the water. As I got to the surface, Mr. Wilson pushed me back under the water using the canoe paddle. He pushed me under the water several times with the paddle. On each occasion I managed to fight back to the surface and was able to take a breath of air. I am unable to recall how many times he actually pushed me under the water.From what I can recall, the two boys stopped Mr.Wilson and I was able to climb out of the water on to the bank. By this time, Mr. Wilson had moved away from the bank.The two boys never said anything to me when I got out of the water. I think they had been frightened by what had happened.It was only when I had climbed back on to the bank that I took the crowbar out of my back passage. A short time later, I went back to the mini‑bus and dressed. I don’t know where Mr. Wilson was at that time.When I removed the crowbar from my back passage, I noticed that I was bleeding. I saw a lot of blood was running down my leg. I can’t recall what I did with the crowbar. I think I may have left it at the canal bank.When this incident occurred, the remainder of the boys were some distance away and I don’t think they would have seen what occurred. On the return journey nothing was said by any of the boys about what had happened and Mr. Wilson never spoke to me.Since that date, no‑one has ever mentioned the incident to me. Since that date, I have had recurring nightmares over this incident. It has affected my life to such an extent that I will never have a bath, I will only shower. Prior to that incident, I was quite a proficient swimmer. Since that date, I am terrified of going anywhere near water of any depth..The boys on the trip that I can recall are Darren Laverty, P** T*****, F*** H*****, Peter Wynne, someone called Ashley or Danny, also M**** H****** and John Parrot. I don’t recall which two boys were present when the incident took place. I continued to bleed from my back passage for several hours”. (blood on sheets reference made by another liar ……er..twitch…, scratch, er..maybe 5 times)

I was there and it never happened.
His evidence continues.

“Howarth wanted to see me in his flat. I asked why and he said that my place was not to ask. I went to Mr Howarth’s flat. I remember that it was a Saturday afternoon, the majority of the boys were out. In fact, I can only recall seeing Peter Wynne in the building. He was on punishment and was scraping weeds from the gaps in the patio. I went to the flat and Peter Howarth let me in. He told me to go into the lounge. When I went into the lounge I saw Paul Wilson. He was sitting down by the coffee table. There were cans of beer on the coffee table, about six cans. There were about five magazines on the coffee table. They were sexually explicit. Some were open and I could see pictures of naked men and women in sexual poses.Paul Wilson got up and came over towards me. He pushed me on the shoulder. I went back against the door. Peter Howarth came into the room and said to me, “You know why you are here”. I said that I didn’t. Peter Howarth left the room. Wilson began to undress me. I was wearing a short‑sleeved shirt and trousers. He took off my shirt and trousers. I took off my underpants. I left my sandals on. As I was taking my underpants off, Peter Howarth returned to the room. He was carrying a small brown cardboard shoe box which he put on to the coffee table. I couldn’t see inside the box. Mr. Wilson then said “We’re going to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget”.Mr. Howarth produced three pairs of handcuffs. He handed over pair to Mr. Wilson who handcuffed my ankles. Mr. Howarth handcuffed my hands behind my back.Mr. Howarth then produced a flesh coloured ‘Dildo’ (artificial penis) from the box, he then produced a black object, it was slightly shorter than the Dildo and had spikes on. I don’t know what it was made of.Mr. Howarth immediately pushed the black object with spikes on up my back passage, he never used any form of lubrication. He then used the Dildo to push the black object further into my back passage. As he was doing this both were laughing.Paul Wilson then stood in front of me, he unzipped his trousers, he was masturbating himself, and then he made me suck his penis. I can’t recall if he came into my mouth. Although I don’t recall actually blacking out everything that occurred afterwards is a total blank. I don’t recall leaving Peter Howarth’s flat that day. I can only recall having difficulty walking for several days after, several boys remarked about this but I don’t recall who they were. This is the first time I have been able to recollect these two incidents since they occurred because of the effect they have had on me emotionally.I felt it difficult to repeat these and the other incidents because of fear of the people involved and the only reason I have chosen to say anything now is because I have been approached by the Police and I feel it is time to say something to prevent the same thing happening to other boys.”

The same person spent time in jail for perverting the course of justice.

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