++Update++ Internet Trolls (They Want To Destroy You)

Soon after publication of this entry I received an e-mail which featured a Facebook screen grab. The page showed a picture of one of the concerned parties and accused him of breaking some laws of some lands in some world. In general, it was stated that one of the parties had shared “private” e-mails, such as the two below. It accused a reputable man of being a dis-information agent who is employed by the dark agencies of the land who’s only intention by sharing the e-mail was to discredit the sender….Jane Russell(not real name by any means).

I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. I’m not going to offer the screen grab as it identifies innocent people who’ve got no interest in the matter at hand. Interestingly, the post on Facebook apparently disappeared after a short while. The author, the individual who Jane Russell aims to defend, chose to quickly remove the offending post. Why? We all know why. It’s because the post was an incorrect load of bullshit, libelous and down right fabricated. It all came from inside the head which is full of flotsam and jetsam washed in from some huge ocean storm, like a tsunami of shit that’s engulfed your brain.

Imagine trying to function in every day life when you’re head is over flowing with false conspiracies, imagined experiences, false recovered memories, untold criminal events/convictions you’ve managed to keep hidden for decades. I’m no psychiatrist but surely there’s a ward or unit in some institution for this type of individual. One that disregards the social boundaries we’ve built over time. Doesn’t consider themselves to be covered by the same laws as us. Indeed, even considers that these same laws don’t apply to them. The think of themselves existing outside the law.

On the other hand, should the reality of the real world ever descend upon them who do they rely on firstly for protection? Who do they contact with the hope of being protected from, in the real world? The very same law keepers they deny as and when it suits them. At least the existence of the law forced the removal of the post, ergo, evidenced the surreptitious methods of behaviour of the author.

These people really would destroy anything and anyone. But of course, they could only do so if it was by means of a keyboard. Degenerates I say.

An example of the depths of one trolls attempts to destroy someone. Taken from mails circulated in the Spring of 2013

Previous works by the same author.
Written by Jane Russell.

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing regarding ********* *******J

This person claims to be a defender of people who were subjected to horrific Child Abuse in Childrens homes, he even has a blog in which he pretends to be a voice for CSA survivors. He does however delete articles he has written when people like Lord McAlpine threaten to sue, or anything else that he has mouthed off about on his blog that could get him into trouble. Prior to the Savile scandal breaking, his blog was purely about Greek Gods. Now it is purely about CSA issues, a subject which he clearly knows very little about.

The reason why I am contacting you, is despite professing to be a voice of CSA survivors, I have watched this man relentlessly attack a man named ***** ***** who was horrifically abused in childrens homes in Wales. The attacks on him have been utterly disgusting & for almost a year I have watched Mr ****** try to bring ***** ***** down & to make him ill. This seemed to start when Mr ***** questioned him about a few issues that didn’t seem to add up on his blog, which instead of clarifying to Mr *****, Mr ****** started to wage a ridiculous & callous vendetta. Mr ****** has enlisted a group of odd characters to help him in his vendetta, **** ****** famed for the 90’s trials & is described as a “nutter” in the trial & as someone who has an “evil streak” by others, who strangely was let off a prison sentence unlike his colleagues, by a judge who was later convicted for paedophilia. ******** *********** who’s ******* ***** ******* is a convicted rapist who drugged & raped a woman with a bottle & horrifically damaged her for life, he was also caught with paedophilia. ******** has tried to lure several vulnerable people to her home but has not mentioned her brothers crime. When it was discovered, she told people she had cut ties with her brother when he was convicted, but happy family snaps of them both in recent years were then discovered, so it appears she was lying about not seeing her bother.There is also a person named ****** ****** ********* from Birmingham, who is also a very nasty abusive individual on ******* ‘team’. There have been a few people popping up who allege ********* is on the sex offenders register, obviously I have no idea whether this is true.

For purely standing up for Mr *****, I have been dragged into this insane little campaign lead by Mr ******, who has even gone to the lengths of setting up another blog especially to abuse Mr ***** & anyone else who stands up for him. Please see his blog here **********for a basic explanation of just some of the things these people have done to attack ***** *****. Someone even went so far as to send a clip of a murdered child & other vile stuff to *****& Sonia Poulton, journalist & TV presenter. Please check with Sonia Poulton if you need confirmation of this. At the beginning of this campaign of abuse we did not know who it was, both Sonia & myself were made ill by the constant attacks & abuse – I stayed off the internet for about a month as they frightened me & as I have MS I felt like a sitting target to these people. ***** himself was hospitalized as this vile video sent to him & Sonia as it set off triggers that brought back terrible memories for him.

******** ****** has now found a new friend to help him in the form of ***** *** an ex social worker who was involved in the Elm Guest House paedophile allegations. We have since discovered that Mr *** was involved in an Olympic Property Fraud whereby he laundered money from the fraud, expecting to get a £300k cut for himself & was convicted of this crime with the fraudsters who stole old peoples life savings under the pretense they were investing in property in the area of the Olympic venue in London.

Mr ****** also claims that he was called by a North Wales Detective in the last 2 weeks & implies ***** ***** record was revealed to him by the Detective, he has also made email threats to me stating that he is going to make big revelations about me.

I do take this as a threat, I think most people would, having MS & not being in a position to defend myself makes it all the more worrying to me. It is alleged that Mr ****** may have a criminal record himself, I have no idea if it is true, but if it is the same person, he is alleged to have broken into a womans house who he falsely accused of stealing some money off him & scrawled graffiti on her walls. Currently on his blog he is childishly taunting ***** ***** calling him a ‘monkey’ – I’m quite amazed that he is so childish & immature & I hope the ******* ******** voters do not make the mistake of voting for this person.

I don’t know if Mr ****** has some emotional or mental health issues, which is why I am asking for your help to stop this man before I have no choice but to report him to the Police & the press become involved. I am therefore asking for your help in stopping this mans continual vendetta against Mr ***** & others including myself before he brings shame & embarrassment to himself & others & before I have no choice but to report him to the police for harassment.

As colleagues of Mr ******, I very much hope that you will be able to speak to him & ask him to stop his vile abuse that has continued for almost a year.

Thank you very much for your help.


Jane Russell

After she received a “fuck off ” reply she sent this one.

Thank you for your quite frankly astonishing reply. You have no way of knowing whether his actions are justified or ill advised?? This implies that you feel that there is justification for people like the strange Mr ****** to abuse & attack victims of Child Sexual Abuse for almost a year, despite professing to be a voice for them, which is quite disgusting & a bit of a shock to be honest, but I’m sure anyone who knew that would be unlikely to vote for ********** & I think that they should know, so I will include this in my complaint.

I will also send a copy to journalist Sonia Poulton, who Mr ****** & his team of rotten souls has also included in this vile campaign. I’m sure the people of ************ will be just as shocked to read your views as I have been.

As I explained, but which seems to have been too complicated for you to understand, despite being in plain English, I contacted yourselves thinking that this man was still a ************ employee & to ask you to speak to him before I took the matter to the Police, just in case he was suffering from emotional or mental health issues, as there has been a large increase in such illness. I believe the person who has suffered these sustained attacks has also contacted his local MP – Mr ******* is not a member of her party , or ex member, but unlike you, I believe she has been far more helpful in assisting him.

I shall be making a complaint to *********** about your disgraceful & rude attitude, I do not feel that people like you should be representing people, it’s quite incredible that you actually are!

I will not be disassociating myself with ***** ***** thank you very much! The reason why I got involved is because of the vile abuse towards him from grown adults like Mr ****** & unlike you, I cannot turn a blind eye to that. I am seriously disgusted with your reply & am sure the poor people who you will be trying to butter up & fawning over come next election will be equally disgusted too.

Jane Russell


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