North Wales Police QC at Waterhouse

Just a short one to offer the reader an insight. This man was QC for North Wales Police at the Waterhouse Inquiry into the abuse of children in the care system of north Wales. I can’t find it on his CV. You’ll see that his background isn’t what you’d expect from a representative for the police at an inquiry into child abuse/neglect. As a man he was decent enough. As a QC he was a professional reputation destroyer who made NWP look like flowers in the meadow. You judge and decide why this man would have been chosen to represent a police force. Who chose him? What qualifications did he possess to adequately fulfil the criteria required to represent an entire police force who’ve been accused of covering up serious failings by the force?

And in case you’re thinking that Macur review will unearth anything that might challenge the established views of Waterhouse’s Lost In Care report, think again. Does anyone honestly believe that all these judges and recorders will be criticised by someone who they consider a colleague? Dream on. 
Below is a very brief list of those who were in attendance at the Waterhouse Inquiry and represented both victims and alleged abusers. All have moved on and been promoted to senior positions. Many are judges. 

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