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On a recent camping trip we were approached by an individual who at first seemed just like any other camper. He was 44 and was with his 13yr old son and a couple of his sons friends. They set up their wigwam tent and lit their fire. Soon afterwards he wandered over to our fire. The next 40 minutes reminded us of a previous encounter and just how screwed up some people are. It reminded us of the why’s who’s and what’s of some people and their behaviour.

What follows is a list of the events, occurrences and incidents the man said he experienced over the past few years. I shit you not this list could have been written by any troll. The similarities are astonishing.

  • He claimed to be the owner of a chain of Indian restaurants and was voted the winner of the best Indian chef for 3 years running (He was a local welshman from Pwllheli)
  • He was fluent in Bangladesh    
  • He has served as a marine for 7 years
  • He was a member of a masonic lodge.
  • His father was the Grand Master of the north Wales Masons as well as the master of all North West Lodges.
  • He was closely connected to the chief constable of north Wales Police

  • His father was the owner of a Maclaren Sports car. The fastest production car on the road.
  • He, himself was stopped for driving at 156mph on the A55. He told the officer to check the registration plate on the PNC. The policeman returned and said that it’ll all be sorted on the golf course on Monday.
  • He once witnessed a man hit a girl over the head with a bar stool and then offered the man on outside the pub. The man produced a knife so he smashed his pint glass in his face. 
  • During his supposed trial he questioned the judge about the charges and a man stood up in the public gallery and stated he was there on the night and said the man in the dock was innocent. As a result the judge ordered the other man to be charged and let our campfire companion walk free.
  • 3 months later he was walking in Bangor when he heard someone shout “bastard” he turned only to find the individual approaching him with a knife. He shoved another pint glass in the mans face. As it turned out the man was the brother of the first man he glassed. However, he went on, the incidents were unrelated.
  • He once threw a well known man(Dickens) out of a third floor window of a block of flats.
  • He also smashed the same mans teeth out in Colwyn Bay High St.
  • His friend who lost £8,000 on a planning application asked him for help. He arranged it so the man got his planning permission and also many thousands of pounds in grants and loans to build a load of new houses. 
  • His best pal would give his right arm for him. As he would for his pal. “there’s about 40m stashed that the law haven’t got or found” 
  • “The governor drives Gizzi home every weekend and back on Mondays.”

Wifee and I looked at each other during the ordeal. How we stopped ourselves from laughing in his face is beyond us. We put it down to experience. Everything about the man was bullshit. He lived in a fantasy world and believed his world was real. His nearest and dearest have to live with it, poor souls.

I don’t need to remind my readers of a similar being who lives a similar life. Still today, even after being outed as a prolific narcissist and Internet Troll it continues to expect people in the real world to believe it’s a truth teller and hero of victims. Pmsl.


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