DEAD Social Worker Kenneth Andrew Scott aka Kenneth Wheatley

I get these e-mails often. Not all have such happy endings

Kenneth Andrew Scott….that name mean anything to you Daz?

Hes named in this article (2nd paragrapth) my cousin made a statement about him 21 yrs ago and only now are they showing an interest…he was at tanlwyllfan in colwyn bay
Yeah hes just after justice, he reported it straight away but it was ignored and he was told to stop lying etc. when the bloke was sent down CID took another statement and he heard nothing until last november when cid turned up again to ask questions…he made another statement and they showed him his original from 21 yrs before and it was nearly word for word but cid from 93 had wrote on it victim was to take no further action….lying bastards….hes heard this bloke is in north of england

You need to add tanllwyfan to his name in search to find other stuff…seems he left that home mid 70s and worked for wandsworth council before homes again ….how the fuck are they allowed to disappear??? old bill must have more on him again to of visited ****** after 21 years….all ****** told me was he found on line he had taken kids camping and one woke up with this fucker wanking him off but it was denied so no court case but ******wants to look him in the eye and see him deny what he did to him and the other two lads in his room…….i thought you may of come across his name before

Just spoke to ******…old bill came up to see him to say they had found kenneth andrew scott, interviewed him and he denied it all but they charged him and let him out on bail…he threw himself in front of a train and no dna yet but clothes and bail sheet found…hope the cunt suffered

 well hopefully ****** has closure and the others with 
him…scandelous he was allowed to carry on since 70s and even 
after 8 years inside in 80s he was allowed back into care homes

Good riddance

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