Recent conversations have led me to the conclusion that I’m slightly in the dark regards many incidences that occurred among the child care institutions of North Wales. I was in care for 6 years and moved around the north Wales area for the duration. I previously stated in public that I disbelieve three of the witnesses who accused ex police chief superintendent Gordon Anglesea of sexually abusing them. I still disbelieve them.

However, I now have to conclude that there are others, who are not known to me, who may well have been the victim/s of  a flawed investigation by North Wales Police (NWP) into GA. Some of you will know that the CPS did recommend the prosecution of GA and that the libel trial jury were never informed of this. Would they have arrived at a different verdict if the jury been informed? In my view, probably. Had I been called to give evidence I would have probably contributed to the defence’s case, even though it was GA’s legal team that served the witness summons on me. In other words, if I had been called to give evidence it would have been by GA’s representatives. However, had I given my evidence I would have probably contributed to a guilty verdict that never was. My evidence was credible enough for the legal eagles to realise they should keep me away from the court at any cost. It worked,  I wasn’t called.

What was my evidence? Why did GA’s defence team refuse to call me as a witness and instead keep me on the side lines? Despite the many rumours that have been circulating across the Internet, many of which have been ignited by Internet trolls, I have never been fishing with him, never visited Jimmy Saviles flat with him and never met him personally outside the care environs. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a plonker and their beliefs are that of pure fantasy. In actual fact, the reason I believe I wasn’t called was because I could and did place GA at Bryn Estyn on a number of occasions that he said he didn’t recall. It’s a documented fact that I placed GA at Bryn Estyn more times than he wanted me to. He denied being in a place at a time when my evidence and the paper evidence proved otherwise. That’s right, you read it right. I would have contributed to the defences case more than the Plaintiffs. You see why I wasn’t called by the plaintiffs legal team? I would have damaged their case. I said GA was somewhere at sometime. Documents from the time supported my evidence. This was the case on at least three occasions. So put all the bullshit you’ve read to one side and start again. My evidence was never going to be questioned because it was supported by official documents from the time. GA’s defence knew this and they cleverly summons me as to prevent the opposition summoning me. I couldn’t be called for both sides could I?

Anyway, that’s historical. Recent times are what matter. I now know enough to know I know little of what GA got up to when I wasn’t in Bryn Estyn or other establishments. His career goes way back before my time in care. He was stationed in many places other than Wrexham. He was a lot more than just that copper with a red wine stain on his chops. A Freemason who managed somehow to set up his own lodge in Colwyn Bay, the Pegasus Lodge. Now that isn’t an everyday occurrence is it?

So bearing the above in mind, I now wait with anticipation as to the outcome of his most recent arrest. I have it from a reliable source he may well end up in the criminal courts in the not to distant future. Who knows?


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