Keeping in the family.

So the infamous troll Royden Jones’s wife Helen Jones would like to shoot me? Is that legal?. Note: He searches the searches for himself. He knows where the search was made, in his kitchen, and states its an Internet search for himself. Do you need any more evidence? FFS there’s children in that house.

Dated 1/5/14

Jimmy Jones
6 hours ago · Edited
“Why can’t I shoot my stalker? One of the more interesting google searches on the Outlaw today…. Seems to be a more common problem than I realised.

Nel Walker

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So what exactly have I supposed to have done to merit our lives being invaded by a succession of assorted weirdos?
What have my children done?
What has my wife done? 
Why am I still being reported at least twice a day to the police?
Why are we being followed everywhere we go, our privacy invaded and constantly harangued for almost two years?
What have my family done to be dragged into this madness?
Their details have been plastered all over the net without a word said in protest.
Even members of my family being dead means no escape from the weirdo’s who uploaded pictures of them onto a hate site.
Where was your concern when my child was threatened with abduction?
All recorded with Crime Numbers to back it up.
All of those people were/are innocent and people continued to stay silent, but one mention of those (not by me I must add) who are indeed ‘stoking the fire’ in an altogether dispicable(not my mistake) and underhand manner behind the scenes, and suddenly they label themselves the ‘Victims’…..end
This last sentence hints at the darkness from which they emerge.
“Says it all really about being careful who you trust on the internet, they could be anyone in reality.” 

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