H.I.A Northern Ireland Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry

Some links to information on the Inquiry. RTE isn’t controlled by the British MSM and offers a better viewpoint for anyone interested. I came across  this unread publication using Google. It would appear that selling official publications isn’t that uncommon.

here is RTE

We’ve beeen offered this today

Sad to say still nothing except distraction
here and here

Another good day at the office. Not a sausage

Another good day at the office of  Fawcett’s PR team. No reporting of the biggest ever inquiry into child abuse in the UK, but a good day to bury scandals which would normally be headlining. Big up to https://twitter.com/LizFawcett et al.
Here and here

Nothing to report on the Inquiry but plenty of distraction from the Inquiry. https://twitter.com/LizFawcett you’re doing a great job. Happy Monday.


17.01.2014. Day 4
Not a single report to be found. Well done https://twitter.com/LizFawcett

Day 1 of evidence from those abused. here. Conor Ryan (69) has previously spoken to the BBC here, go to 01.08.29.  You don’t say. Anything to do with the PR team? #TeamLiz at Liz Fawcett Consulting…. cracking job so far.

++UPDATE++Today 15.01.2014
At the start of the Waterhouse Inquiry there were long drawn out legal arguments by representatives of the accused. In addition there were legal arguments from the BBC et al.  Legal Arguments have started at this Inquiry too. Legal Seagulls earning this Springs holiday expenses, nothing more nothing less. Makes any decent person feel like vomiting.

Within this entry I’m not offering an insiders view of governments inquiries. Nor an experts advisory statement. Definitely not a pundit’s opinion but neither is it a layman’s offering. In short, I’m writing a personal piece about my experiences and the Waterhouse Inquiry into child abuse in north Wales care homes. Both inquiries, I argue, are based on the same principles and institutional structures that all inquiries are built on. The Inquiry format is as old as the UK Government itself. Over the centuries they’ve tweaked the boundaries and fiddled with the structures but in the main it’s the same thing every time.

I’ve read all the official documents researched the back ground and now consider I’ve seen enough to know what the outcome of the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry (HIA) will be. The outcome or conclusions of the Inquiry will be more or less the same as the conclusions to the Waterhouse Inquiry, Lost In Care (LIC, Feb 2000) here.

A large percentage of the recommendations made by the HIA will be similar in type and structure when compared to Waterhouse’s. The responses from any policy makers which may involve the implementation of any of the recommendations will be slow and won’t see the light of day for many years afterwards. I think there were 78 recommendations by LIC report. Only the creation of  The Children’s Commissioner (No1 rec) received any attention from the main stream media. A position which failed to adhere to the needs of care children since the day the office was created. Shower of shit some would argue.

Furthermore, the establishments media puppets are already onside and following instructions offered to them over a £200 bottle of wine. No orders of course just instructions and ‘sign posts’ (they love that one). They’ll find ‘free windows’ for meetings and ‘free windows’ for more meetings. All paid for by us. The media contact for the HIA is about to experience something of a shock. Someone who’s been part of the local establishment for the past 20/30 years will get the job. she’ll be a safe, non-boat rocking kinda gal. I just confirmed my last comment by using Google. I came up with #TeamLiz at Liz Fawcett Consulting… She’s here and here. As I thought, a safe choice. Looks like she’s already started here, compare it to the BBC’s report here. All very similar even down to the exact wording in places. Good job Liz, no-one noticed, keep up the good work. I thought I’d assist the public and direct them to your twitter account https://twitter.com/LizFawcett . Everyone’s getting them these days. I noticed you follow all the main players https://twitter.com/LizFawcett/following, well, you would wouldn’t you?

They’ll be a huge number of back room staff. All new graduates and keen trainees who’ll be wearing suits for the first time since leaving school or college. A couple of slightly more qualified , but still learning, solicitors will be leading them and answerable to Team Leader, the Solicitor to the Inquiry. He’s the money man. If they have a treasurer they’ll still have to obtain permission for payments from the Solicitor who in turn answers to London.

Its the same thing over and over. Like a show in the West End that’s been running for decades. All the same format with just different actors. The scripts the same and the props are the same. Same audience…a couple of bored pensioners who are passing time away in the warmth of the buildings. Trust me they’ll be very warm, no-one goes cold at these inquiries just the atmosphere. There’s a whole lot more I could describe about the running of the Inquiry as my time spent at the Waterhouse hearings wasn’t wasted listening to the shit on the main stage all the time, near on 18 months. Not at all, I observed the workings and engineering of a huge scale government creation. A piece of history was being created and I was there, I watched and I studied and learned. I remember too.

I spent some social time with David Norbury (go Google) drinking tea in his office. OK; so I’d wangled my way in but what would you do? I saw faxes, print offs, statements, treasury documents, payment forms, claim forms and everything else that had to be OK’d and checked before any of it was released to outside parties.

David Norbury was a very kind man at heart. I think he’s still at it somewhere. I doubt I’d be the person I am today if he hadn’t been so kind. No need for details but needless to say I left on the last day of the hearings with some reading to do. Today it might fit on a 64 gigabyte memory card back then it filled a car boot.

Part of my final closure ordeals involved a family gathering on a beach whereby I set fire to and burned thousands of documents I’d collected over the past 20 years. I kept one little box and you’ve seen some of the info I’ve shared. In total I burned seven large bin bags full. The night was November the 5th 2003. Better times followed.

The HIA will take evidence going back 70 years. Maybe a ploy to extend the time period to publication so as to dilute the findings even more than the dilution of the announcement of it? It wouldn’t surprise me. So far, there’s been hardly anything on a continual basis. One minute here, 3 seconds there. Maybe a few columns in the rags. But in general the official government cover-up started a while ago. From here on it’s a case of applying the final coat and lacquering it so it takes years to penetrate, decades. The victims in all this? Media fodder. If there’s nothing else to fill the copy or time in the news rooms then a story from HIA will suffice. It’ll go like this; Editor..
 “oh fucking hell, the head of the clap clinic that was due in for a live spot on the News at 13.58 has been pulled. OK, get me one of those victims from the…er…whats-it-called, that Hart thingee…  er  ….inquiry that’s it, about all them paedo’s from the church or wherever, run and get a VT of one of them or get round to one of their houses by 1pm, we might do a live link (we’ve paid for the sat-van we might as well use it). Hurry up, if that time slots not filled in we’re fucked. Oh and say fuck all to anyone, you know the score”.
I’ve been in a News room and actually heard similar. There’s always a victim who’s out for a few quid for an interview fee. The ones who’s stories are a bit edgy or dodgy get to remain anonymous and the ones who cry are preferred, “if it bleeds, it leads”! 
So now over to you. What will you do? Will you check each day to see if there’s anything of interest? Anything that might add to any exposures or something else you’ve been looking at? Or will you simply forget the Inquiry is sitting? Life goes on. 
A suggestion if I may. Follow and share everything you can possibly get your hands on about this inquiry. Do what the public has failed to do for decades. We now have the toys, platforms, tech know-how to share how this creation is being constructed. Watch and learn. Make contact with someone who’s able to give you the real version, not the shite that’s intended for your consumption. We can only learn and use that learning to assist those with the task of changing the way things are done with regards to historical child abuse. There’s a whole new generation relying on us to do it. Chop chop.

P.S. All my own words.


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2 Responses to H.I.A Northern Ireland Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry

  1. DenverGal says:

    I'll bet you're right about not only this one, but the other Inquiries being conducted. Sad to say, but I think you've nailed it.

  2. Póló says:

    A very good brief. I hope we can live up to it in the coming weeks and months.

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