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4 Responses to Darren Laverty blog 4 SCALLY WAG

  1. bob says:

    Been reading a smattering of your posts, here. I'm impressed by your integrity and commitment to truth. You command my respect, sir.
    – Justin

  2. Justin, Bob, Kieth Wade, Royden Jones, Martyr Pope, Jimmy Jones, Outlaw, Grouchy, Jane, Molloy, blah blah bah. Pick one and stick with it yeah.

  3. bob says:

    With the troll problems you've discussed here, I can see why you might think that. I am quite sincere, however.
    “Bob” is the non-de-plume on my blogger account, which I used to enable posting a comment here. I signed it “Justin” because I use “Justin Sanity” for Needleblog comments and that's where I found the link to this blog. Dismiss me for a troll if that's what your opinion – that won't change my very positive opinion of you.

  4. I knew all the time Bob 🙂 in addition trolls don't tend to leave explanatory comments such as yours. Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting. Unlike my trolls blog I have never fiddled with comments or the viewing figures. Ha like I need to

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