MEMORY LANE Remember the Victim Jockeys? 2012

First published on 01.12.2012   

One month since the Newsnight piece that brought us all here, to this place, at this time. 

Four weeks of utter madness. 30 days and nights of monitoring the monitor. The colossal impact of the tweet posted by Iain Overton formally of The Bureau of Investigative Journalism has shaken the orthodox ideology of the viewers of the Main Stream Media. Who believes today’s press? Who can the public trust to provide quality objective and independent news? Is it possible to pick the right one? Left, right or centre?  Who are these faceless providers of information which is claimed to shape the way we think and act in our everyday lives? The temptation to delve into the political arguments of the news passed as quickly as it arrived. Hundreds of commentators across the social spectrum are doing just fine bouncing the political media ball back and forth.  

The timing of the events in the past month couldn’t have been written, could they? To the outsider it probably seems like just another hoo haa on the telly. To the insider it’s a magnificent piece of choreography of the public’s perception. How the media industry has worked in cohesion with the political agenda is only comparable during times of war or civil unrest. Why now? Why this? Who knows? Who cares? Does anyone? Well as long as the perception of me and other honest people is brought into question I’ll such for the answers to reinforce the truth about Bryn Estyn. I’ll defend what I know to be hundreds and hundreds of decent memories of the “big house”. 

The mockery of this issue is as clear as gin. Calls from sympathisers for “any lawyers out there”, and written rallies for followers via social networks are proving fruitless. Desperate shouts and insults to anonymous people for asking questions are contaminating the integrity of the victims of child care systems failures. No-one will have any credibility left as a complainant should the status quo remain unchallenged. Thankfully, there is evidence of changing beliefs. Those who remain adamant their source isthe truth will do so despite what’s placed in front of their eyes.

Even the self appointed Gods of blogs are standing still and cocking their ears instead of leading the baying mob towards anyone who challenges the accuracy and reliability of the only source of the “News”. Their followers come to an abrupt crush at the boundary of truth. It holds them back. The soap box voice sounds a little bit more unconvincing as it did when it first offered a microphone. The tech boys are tweaking but it’s not working. A sustained and evidenced background has been shared to counter the main accusations. It has remained intact and is gaining support. As fast as the Internet is, it’s not fast enough for the likes of me at times such as the present. I want to share things but would jeopardise others if I did so. I have to sit on my hands. Resist the insistence of the NOW concept of the Internet. Wait. Spell check. Make a brew. Walk the dog. Take a picture. Wait. 

I hope one day soon very important conversations which laid down the foundations of my introduction to the social network environment emerge. There’s a shifting in the attitudes of those who were adamant about their source. A chink, a raised eyebrow. 

To finish this ramble it needs to be pointed out there has never been any sort of union between me and the main accuser. Our coming together was planned and arranged in 1995. The man behind our introduction- Malcolm King- had an agenda for doing so. It lasted a short while and was sour for that time. Political chess players used me and others for their own uses. At no time have I or could I ever be associated with SM’s actions. 

Those who ride on the backs of others who suffered real abusive treatment are in my view worse than the perpetrators of such abuse. Hope that’s clear. 


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