Crayon Blaggers

This piece of shite has got my back up. So much so I felt the need to respond and unlike the author (or whoever scribbled the clap trap) I’ll be using own words, as I do.

In the first instance it claims (notice there’s no quotation marks so I take it as the authors personal opinion)

 The stereotypical image of an ex-care home kid normally singles them out as being a deeply troubled individual, destined to live out the remainder of their lives in the shadowy world of alcohol/drug abuse and petty crime.”  

The only thing I find stereotypical here is the statement itself and its stereotyping and or the labeling of hundreds of thousands of successful life stories about ex-care residents who’ve chosen to live their lives out of the lime-light. The phenomenal numbers of ex-state care residents who’ve lived full and fruitful lives must run into the millions. Granted, a tiny percentage got it wrong and follow in the steps of their peers who’ve entered the “criminal world”.

Most of the alcoholics I know (and there’s been more than I would have chosen given the choice)  are well paid, married, suit wearing and non smokers. 

Most of the drug addicts I know (ditto comment in latter statement) will be found at the counter in many of the legal drug dispensers used by the government. They line up twitching and sweating each “script morning”. Most are no cause for concern for the authorities as they’ve been programmed to live like totally dependent pets. The odd one might escape and manage to learn something outside the box. But it’s uncommon. 

As for petty criminals. First we’d need to examine or define “petty”. Some arsonists might decide that burning a school is a petty offence. On the other hand someone might define on line harassment as a petty crime. Simply because they consider that no-one is actually offended because they haven’t been physically approached. 

Petty is a subjective ideology and cannot be used to describe a generic perspective offered to the populace. All in all the whole statement is a load of words on the same lines written without an ounce of thought or consideration for anyone who’s been in care.

Following on, we’re offered;
Some end up in prison, some disappear completely and some have even died before their time”.
Am I missing something here? The above is so flippant it could be applied to any country in the world. 

Then this is added as a paragraph on its own,
                           “But that could be said about any number of people.”

I’ve got absolutely no idea in what context this or the next set of scribbles was scrawled. Mind boggling! 

                                         “A marriage breakup, an episode of mental illness, an accident or the loss of a job or home, has led to many people ending up in a similar situation. I personally know more than a few who came through the care system, before going onto further education and beyond. I am still in touch with some of them.”

 I can’t bring myself to continue. It’s like critiquing an infants homework. Finally, we’re offered a list of names which have been researched and written by someone else, somewhere else. That’s the usual tactic used by who ever is behind this tiny tots death guide of a blag. 

As an “ex-care kid” I’ve managed to get over the past and moved on with my life. It seems there’s a tiny proportion of the tiny percentage of ex-care wrong-uns who’ve managed to learn how to use a computer. I feel as if I’ve just examined a prime example. My advice? Learn the basics before attempting to show your crayon drawings to the public.


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