Operation Pallial 19 and counting

++UPDATE++ I came across  this recently. Gordon Anglesea. Paddy has been in or around this case since I remember. I’m not offering an opinion yet as I have no evidence that the the story is genuine.

A 19th arrested was reported today by the OP team. 19th? Since when has such a large number of arrests of alleged offenders occurred and those arrested have not been named by the main stream media (MSM). Be it football violence, political protests, work force strikes or a group of thugs on local CCTV, the MSM have always filled their screens and sheets with the faces and names of those arrested. Never any follow ups of course but they’ve always named the alleged perpetrators. Ever since I remember anyway. So why not in this investigation? 

Is there an unofficial ban? Are the OP team following orders not to feed the names out? Who’s decided the public are not entitled to know the identities of those potential sexual and physical abusers who still dwell within our communities? They’re free to go about their daily business as if they haven’t a worry in the world. Has there been an agreement between the alleged offenders and the National Crime Agency? I’m saying nowt if you say nowt. The MSM know who they are. The family of the arrested know who they are. The CPS, the lawyers, witnesses and a host of others involved in the operation are fully aware of what we, the public, are not aware of. Why there are no calls from any quarters for the names and identity’s of the arrested individuals? Why there is no on line requests for the names, no petitions or no hidden accounts naming them? What the fuck is going on here? 

We’re being treated as if we we’re living in a fish tank. Fed some tiny morsels every now and then when the feeder remembers we’re in here. Days run into weeks, weeks into months and months into years. It’s an absolute travesty and speaks volumes about the lack of oomph we possess as parents and teachers of the next generation. In short, we’re all wankers who couldn’t give a shit that the elitists have introduced gagging orders, confidentiality rulings, and blanket bans on information that should be in the public arena. 

Not a murmur from the halls of academia. Silence for the so-called children’s commissioners, free-lancers are no-where to be seen. No long lens shots, no hidden camera approaches. There’s fuck all for us to discuss. And the government expect us to take it and shut the fuck up so we do just that. Hang your heads in shame Jo Public. I’m sure your children will be proud of your contribution to the extermination of cruelty and pain caused to the little people on earth by the big people who own them. As for the information media, well concern is such a low level that it takes self-taught amateur writers like me to ask the questions they used to ask.

I check the court lists here every day and have never seen a name I recognise from my 6 years in care so none of them, except John Allen have faced the courts yet. Ask yourself why? Ask yourself if the UK’s National Crime Agency is actually the best this country has or are they a pile of shit. Would the NCA even be known to Jo Public if they hadn’t fed the morsels they had to feed to shut us up? I doubt very much. 

Furthermore, what about the Macur review? Last updated on the 21st June. Jesus, this review must be delving into the colour of Sir Ronald Waterhouse’s underpants worn during the inquiry. His dinners bills must have received some serious scrutiny by the highly paid suits that’re are traipsing up and down the country. Even though we all know the outcome, Waterhouse was a fine job; we are still being treated like fish in the tank. I refused to involve myself in either investigation exactly for the reasons above. It would have been a waste of my time their time (paid for) and the even the paper that might have been used. 

To conclude, it must be worth a mention the fact that some of those arrested may have been falsely accused of offences by some lying bastards who are chasing compensation. I know of at least 3 who’ve lied publicly and maintain their lies on a daily basis. It’s too late for them to undo their evils so they must be a thorn the sides of the supposed inquiries. Whether they are charged themselves for wasting police time or obstructing the course of justice or whatever, is up to the law. Alas, so far the law hasn’t shown any great determination to identify and eradicate these animals from the genuine victims. Arrest count as of the 14.01.2014 is 19 and still no names (see above)

Don’t hold your breath.



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