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I was pleased to find a rare insight into the place I used to consider my home. The information is public so I have no qualms with sharing it on here. I forget where I found it. So much clap … Continue reading

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Fishing Songs

Baby get ready………………… We’re just fishing………. Fishy fishy time……….all together now   ………… No fish were harmed in the making of this blog entry.  

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Outing the Outlaw/Trolls

Who do you believe?

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H.I.A Northern Ireland Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry

27.01.2013Some links to information on the Inquiry. RTE isn’t controlled by the British MSM and offers a better viewpoint for anyone interested. I came across  this unread publication using Google. It would appear that selling official publications isn’t that uncommon. here is … Continue reading

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++UPDATED++ ARRESTED Royden Jones AKA the Outlaw

19.01.2014Not long now until the law has a say in this creatures future. Based purely on his behaviour since his arrest in mid November I’m of the mind he should be locked in a room with some of his victims … Continue reading

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