Confirmation Bias

Been looking at some research and found this explanation for certain behaviour traits. Speaks for itself really.

“Confirmation biases can be used to explain why some beliefs persist when the initial evidence for them is removed” 
“When people encounter ambiguous evidence, this bias can potentially result in each of them interpreting it as in support of their existing attitudes, “

“Even if people gather and interpret evidence in a neutral manner, they may still remember it selectively to reinforce their expectations”

“people are more likely to notice things that fit into their schema, while re-interpreting contradictions to the schema as exceptions or distorting them to fit.”

People with low self-esteem use more indirect strategies, for example by avoiding situations in which their negative qualities will be noticeable.”

I’d like to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Things have certainly moved on since last year. Lets hope for more of the same next year.


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