Looking Back Nov 2012

A piece I recovered lately. Funny looking back on how naive I’ve been. 
Originally written in November 2012 

There’s a story a sad story. It involves 1000’s of young man and some young girls. We were abused… yes, but the majority of us fought the demons who wished to remain in the fore-front of our minds. Most went their own ways but some of us stuck together until our mid-twenties. Me, Kev, Sean, Ian, Peter (Dinky) Si, John, Billy, Stu, Eamon, Alan, Brendan, Mikey Bach, and Ste. We all progressed into fairly normal men and started to live life. We with the engaged with the rest of the population, we worked, we fell in love and married, we drove, we walked and we talked. We integrated and were accepted into society. Three of us that I know and see on a weekly basis obtained university degrees (me, Billy and Ste)

Some of the other ex-residents found their escape by using drugs, the mere mention of being in care opened up the doctor’s meds cabinet. Prescription drugs have caused the most damage in my opinion. They did the same to my mother. I’m acutely aware of the long term effects of such drugs. I watched my life disappear down my mams throat. Being locked in the system probably saved my life and for that I’m thankful. It could have been much worse had I not being taken from Holyhead. I’ve lost upwards of 20 friends to drugs from the town in the past 20 years. I would have probably gone the same way.

Some of us went to jail, some of us became murderers and killed. Some of us drank and many went for a walk and were never seen again. Then there are those who wanted vengeance, revenge to get back at the system. Payback! They pretended to be someone they weren’t. The devious, the bad and the evil all lived false existences. At home they abused their own and blamed their background or up bringing for the acts perpetrated on their own children. They evolved into everything society despises. These people are the reason high security jails were built. I know too many. Some are just waiting for death. Some walk the streets. Some have families. But they are out there and their’re damaged goods who damage others. As long as they can justify such behaviour on their past they’ll never believe they are wrong to do what they do.

Many of you know my stance by now. I’m not prepared to let these bastards brand the rest of us with the same metal rod. I’ll die fighting them. They are the few.

To end this entry I’d like to inform you all that; my university degree entailed a 10,000 word dissertation. It was my final assignment and it was on the subject of male rape. You can understand my motivations I’m sure.


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