Three Monkeys.

What if I was to tell you there’s three men who hold the keys to all the knowledge banks that hold all the information anyone could ever want to know about Bryn Estyn. The three men worked there for decades but never worked together and rarely seen each other. All had inside knowledge of Peter Howarth’s offences. They contributed to the offences he was jailed for; they assisted by keeping silent about them. They were never challenged by the investigative authorities during Waterhouse and subsequent enquires. If Macur has spoken to them I’ll eat my underpants again. All of them witnessed most of what has been in the media and in official reports concerning the abuse of children in Bryn Estyn. Each of them is a monkey.

One was an ex-copper, one was ex-army and one was a bus driver. They lived normal lives like the rest of society when they weren’t at work. Fishing, walking, golf and other activities were some of their hobbies. I got to know them very well because, well, it’s what I do. I ask questions, I inquire and I remember answers. Many times I sat and talked to each of them about life. One of them (ex-copper) really took to me. He used to let me use the phone (a privilege for anyone at BE) in his office and we often sat and chatted for hours. He’d supply tea and biscuits and ask me question after question about my personal thoughts on life and about my home life back on Anglesey. He was a pleasant enough man and never tried anything untoward with me.
The ex-army man has featured a little during the inquiries into the school. His knowledge of events was probably what kept him in the shadows. If he’d shared all his information with the authorities we’d have had a far bigger scandal than the one we are presented with today. He was a disciplinarian and used his army training to quell any disturbances that might have arisen while on duty. He avidly read the log book entries for each day. He circulated between staff members gathering information about any event that might have occurred during any particular day. He was/is the fountain of information concerning BE.
The bus driver was a pathetic man who hardly ever spoke to the residents or staff. His time in work was mainly spent sleeping in his big arm chair next to the radiator in his office. He never hurt anyone directly but his actions contributed to the offences we’ve all been made aware of at BE. He grumbled a lot, slept a lot but did very little else. He was paid to sleep as far as we (the lads) were concerned. As a direct result of my regular absconding I was in the rare position of seeing him more often than any other resident who wasn’t being sexually abused by Peter Howarth and or others.
One thing connects the three of them. One thing that nobody has given any thought to binds these men together. It’s the knowledge they hold. If this knowledge was combined and disseminated the whole BE story would be a different one to the one YOU have been fed by each and every news outlet. Nobody has spoken about them in any detail what-so-ever. None accept me of course. No links have ever been made to them, nothing. They’ve blended in like a flamingo grazing among a colony of twenty thousand others.                                                                      
Spot the one standing on one leg?

However, I can still see them through my squinted eyes. I can remember words they spoke to me. I can hear the floor boards creaking as they try to walk passed my bed silently. I recall events now, that at the time were frightening and I wouldn’t want my children to experience them. But I remember them with a fondness. I often impersonate them and laugh at the memories of these events or incidents. It was (as one of them has described in evidence) “just horse play”. No malice on his behalf just army stuff, the behaviour of a pack of men, young men. Back then I disagreed, I argued that it was physical abuse and it was wrong. I was angry and on a mission to prove to the world that myself and many others had been wronged and we wanted that wrong to be righted. In addition, we were now being led to believe we had (don’t laugh) ‘legal representation’. I was naive and listened to those who’ve financially prospered ever since, the legal seagulls. They interpreted every Chinese burn as an act of aggression or violence. With false promises of compensation payments to come, it didn’t take much convincing for us to believe we had been physically abused. Bullshit. I’ve been battered more times than I care to remember, not once was it by any of three under discussion.

In reality (the place where some ex residents have yet to arrive at) we were being prepared for what the big wide world had waiting for us. They were petty and childish tumbles in the dormitories we cherished. No one was ever targeted as an individual for any individual misdemeanour that might have happened previously that day.
Don’t miss understand me there was plenty of physical violence against young lads at BE. It was common place, happened over a long period and was accepted. But the three monkeys weren’t responsible for anything physical other than “horse play”. On the other hand they held the key that could have unlocked the truth and spared some victims the pain of being abused. For this alone I wish them hell.
I imagine all the words written above aren’t enough to satisfy those who’ve been supplied with false information that has led them to doubt my experiences. Nothing will suffice until you read the names of the three men. Names are all that matter. More names equal bigger conspiracies and more fabricated stories about the “big house” (BE).
I’ve read practically everything that’s been written about Bryn Estyn. Most of what I’ve read has at one time or another been obtained from me and embroidered to the extent that the writers have claimed it as their own experience. I suppose it was inevitable. Attachment theorists will understand what I mean. 
So there you have it, another honest, concise and experienced insight into the story of Bryn Estyn.
My next entry will evidence the extent to which some folk have gone to try to recreate the realities of actual events at Bryn Estyn. Their own words will be used to support any observations I’ve discovered. In other words, the lies are still there for me to evidence and show you and for you to make a personal judgement about any credibility you might be thinking of attaching to them. 
Oops silly me nearly forgot. All of the monkeys worked as night staff. After 10pm  Bryn Estyn was their turf. I’ve yet to read a complaint of sexual abuse that occurred during the daylight hours. Ex-policeman was Stan Fletcher, ex army was Tom Davies and the bus driver was Bill Forrester.


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