Lost Profits? Never!

Whilst Ian Watkins stares at the ceiling of his cell with some knowledge of his future years, we the public are yet again left in the dark. There hasn’t been a social commentator with the balls to offer the layman among the population about the potential sentence Watkins may receive. No-one’s going to inform the average Jo about the reduction of years he’ll not suffer because he’s pleaded guilty. The press conference held last week never mentioned the thousands of days Watkins won’t have to spend behind bars because he made things easy for a certain Judge, in a certain court on a certain day. Additionally, it’ll be an easier day for the QC’s, silks, juniors, assistants, secretaries, solicitors and their staff too. Ergo, freeing the day up to complete more work. Ergo, earn more money. Simple.

I’m hoping the family liaison officers would’ve had the balls to share their sentencing knowledge with the relatives who’ve been traumatised by the offences. If they haven’t then someone’s going to have to answer. Watkins will be rewarded for is cooperation with the legal royalty who’ve created this General Principle in the reduction of his sentence for ‘assisting’ them. Nothing more or nothing less than helping those tasked with dealing with him before sentencing. All the courts want is a quiet and normal day at the office. Anyone who assists them can expect a reward. 
He’ll be in the courts for less than twenty minutes. The world’s media can’t show us pictures from inside so they’ll all feed us with the MSM (main stream media) shots of the G4S van, the gate, the police escort, blah blah blah. Hours of news time, half a forest of paper and a hard drive the size of a car will be full of the usual main stream rubbish we’re all so used to. They’ll be no pictures of the lawyers shaking hands. No footage of the police, who’ll be congratulating themselves despite an on-going Inquiry.Solicitors will be dining out with south Wales’s finest hacks. Music journo’s will swamp his old haunts for an exclusive meanwhile back at the court the cleaners will turn the lights off………as usual. 
A reduction in sentence is NOT mandatory. It’s written nowhere in the UK’s legislation industry. Watkins does not have a legal right to a reduced sentence. Will the judge risk it and by-pass this general principle? If he does he’s going against the grain, rocking the boat or not playing cricket. Will this man who is surrounding on a daily basis by his colleagues who live by this principle, which he himself has undoubtedly held to for many years, will he ignore it? I bet he won’t. I hope he does but bet he doesn’t.
If anyone thinks for one minute that he’ll consider the rest of society when he passes sentence you can think again. They arrange these deals every day. They do it all behinds closed doors and with the knowledge that if the public knew the shit would hit the fan. The defence and prosecution will have hundreds of cases ready for their attention so they couldn’t care less either way. Only this way the “victims are protected from giving evidence”. It’s the best get out clause available and has been used for decades to hide their stinking court deals. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. Jesus, they might even be on the same table back at chambers. It happens and it happens a lot. I’ve personally sat with the prosecution and my defence and discussed a forth coming sentence. I pleaded guilty, sentence reduced. The judge was happy and that’s what matters. He’s king of the hill, cock of the roost, and on the day if you’re not complying with his requests you’re going to suffer. 
I watched three men receive twelve years each for giving a known criminal a hiding. It was a nasty assault but by no means in any way shape or form deserving of twelve years. Why? Because they treated the court with contempt. Their family and friends were disruptive and persistently caused the judge to warn to them. They didn’t play by the rules. They were offered the chance and through it away. Ten minutes before the trial started they were each offered two and a half years in return for a guilty plea. They stuck two fingers up and tried their luck. There is no luck in the English Legal System. Twelve years, take them down. They appealed and somehow managed to get it reduced to ten years. Big deal.
Ending this entry, I’d like to share this; it’s all about the money. Even when babies are being raped, killed, sold or otherwise, it’s all about the money. Save us money and receive rewards, cost us money and you’ll pay the price. I once defended myself. I’d been charged under Sec 5 Public Order. I was offered an eighty pound on the spot fine and refused. I pleaded not guilty as I was convinced I could convince the magistrate’s bench that a £2 parking ticket was issued unfairly. I was found guilty and fined £450.00 court costs, £150 fine, and £15 surcharge. I didn’t play the game and paid the price. Any refusal to pay would obviously result in jail. I paid.

Lesson learnt. Watkins has learnt very quickly. He would though wouldn’t he? He’s managed to avoid justice this long, as have his two female accomplices. Of course I can’t name them on here because it might show evidence that the victims aren’t ‘protected’. 

14 years for one mother, 17 years for the other and 35 years for Watkins. Done deal. Clear the court. NEXT. So that’s it then he’ll now enjoy his time playing X Box and watching TV. Food , clothes and exercise. How many people will be without such this winter, next winter and all the winters to come.

Link to judges comments http://www.judiciary.gov.uk/Resources/JCO/Documents/Judgments/r-v-watkins-and-others.pdf


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  1. poemstoheal says:

    A very well written piece, I think you may have found your calling, and will be able to use your experience and of course your degree which you worked hard for. Keep up the good work.

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