+UPDATED+ Scary ****

+UPDATE+  https://twitter.com/darrenlavertyxx

I received an e-mail recently and some sound advice> “I managed to get a lot of screen shots before they took that account down, have saved them all for you here (address hidden) We think this account was made by @unrequitedlove whoever that might be as it tweets a pic she tweeted a couple of days ago”
The account holder asked not to be named for obvious reasons. In addition to the above I have been contacted by others who informed myself of other accunts on Twitter which are attempting to impersonate me. Should I be flattered? I think not. I’ve viewed the @munkeekiller account and to be quite blunt, its a shit attempt at being me and ANYONE who considers it is me should start to search their souls. Its reasons for trying to impersonate me are known to the accunt holder alone. I think its a sad reflection on all the hard work and research I put into exposing Royden James Jones in this entry Here . I’m of the mind that RJJ may be the accunt creator, but I have no evidence of such at this stage. I’ve evidenced previously that he has a myriad of twitter accunts. Others have also shared his multiple accunts  1 2 3 . It would seem to be the case that I’ve been his target since I withdrew the @angleseydrift account after exposing him as a child abuse magnet who lied in order to gain some sort of credibility on the Internet. He has allied accounts on twitter that perpetuate his lies and fabrications on an hourly basis. Or so it would seem. I really have lost the will to unearth the details of these accunts. Don’t mis-judge me, I could spend my precious time data mining but feel my time is better spent away from such evil goings on. I have a life offline and intend to continue with it. So where from here? Who knows? Who cares? Not anyone reading this that’s for sure.

I’m going to finish this entry with a list of just some of the accunts of whom I consider to be in the so-called #teamoutlaw. The term #teamoutlaw was first used by a woman called Sonia Poulton who is a mainstream journalist (with close connections to David Icke) and then taken up by her critics who challenged her assumptions of being part of a good bunch of campaigners with Royden Jones at the helm of their sinking ship. Lets not forget (because you won’t be allowed to as long as RJJ is allowed access to the Internet) I was involved at the time and now have to bare the burden.(if you haven’t yet received an apology consider this it……Sorry) Fortunately, I was thrown a life jacket and have been treading water ever since. I can see the shoreline and I’m heading straight for it.

If you’re on it and shouldn’t be. Just let me know.

@soniapoulton       https://twitter.com/SoniaPoulton/status/406507962430009344
@ZedTrafficker     https://twitter.com/ZedTrafficker
@deadkeneneddie Account Suspended
@Un-requitedLuv Account Closed
@MRSA008        Account CLosed
@JaneRussellsays Account Locked
@JoinTheDots1    https://twitter.com/JoinTheDots1 non active since Sept 2012
@LavatoryDaz  Account Closed
@munkeekiller   Account Closed
@youllearn        Account Closed
@dowlaisfawr   Account Inactive
@BarryConvex      https://twitter.com/BarryConvex/status/406450646154743808
@izzymac50           Account closed

It would seem that some nutter who thinks we don’t know their identity is insulting my lover and soul mate on their twitter account timeline. I have a good idea who it is and shall be taking measures to deal with it appropriately. God help it.

It’s written enough about me and my family to identify it. It’s very close and very bitter as you can see
 twitter.com/ MRSA008
The clocks ticking.


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