Post Jillings

Below is a picture of the so called Jillings Report with the number 70 scrawled across the front. I’ve had a  document with a similar name which contains 70 pages. It looks and reads very differently to the official version that was shared by the main stream media(MSM) on behalf of the government a few weeks ago. I’ll go so far as to say they are different documents with similar content but one is for the sheep and one is for the Insurance company Zurich Municipal. One is a revealing account of the monstrous failures by many who now occupy leather bound offices and the other is for the appeasement of the masses.
Jillings report

One is worth approximately £165 and the other a few million. Both have been vetted but only one passed the “release” test. You would have received and read the version that has been manipulated to hide the failures and contempt with which the government treats you and possibly in the future, your family. You have been appeased. You’re content and you’ve moved onto another channel feeding you shit. However, I’m not content and don’t watch the telly.

The pathetic, but successful treatment of Jo Public by the MSM has left me with a sour taste in my mouth. I’ve spat a 1000 times but still the taste is there. Each and all of the MSM outlets have colluded and conspired to cover up the real story here. The story of how you, the sheeple, are allowing yourselves to be repeatedly shat on. I’ve almost given up sharing the actual document because I can’t find the required fucks to give. I just don’t have any more in reserve. Given the frenzied madness which preceded the release of the “redacted” version, the follow up questions were relatively few in numbers. I’ve yet to read any serious challenges to the offered version anywhere on the Internet. It’s as if the bollocks on offer was snatched and scoffed in one bite. Bit like watching a flock of city seagulls with a bag of chips. Carnage then nothing. Somewhere there’s another person who’s thrown another bag and they’ve smelled it..they’re off. 


Thus far I’m entirely unawares of why this is even being written. Probably just venting my early disappointment at you for accepting the official version of the cover up. Think I best take some time out.


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