MORE CHILD ABUSE REPORTS hidden by Insurance company?

It seems there was more than one report the insurance companies wanted pulped. Any readers ever heard of the Cartrefle Report? Pop back now and then and be enlightened. Snippets below for now.

“Sadly we must state that it seems apparent that abuse can still place within the children’s residential sector in Clwyd by erroneously naming the behavior consensual”. In this we are reminded that the Bryn Estyn staff who have insisted that because the boys ENJOYED Peter Howaths midnight parties, no abusive acts can have taken place”.

“Similarly the patterns observed and commented on in the present independent panels investigation are likely to continue even within the new unitary authorities.”
“It is inescapable  that at the heart of the problems in Clwyd SS dept, there has been a lack of professional rigour in the matter of personnel policy and practise. This conclusion was repeated in a number of previous internal enquiries”.
“We are of the opinion that Clywd SS dept has not appeared to be able to learn from its own internal reviews”.
“In the light of the existing knowledge of the subject of child sexual abuse, we are of the opinion that it was reprehensible that senior management did not act to put an end to behaviour on the part of senior staff of Bryn Estyn. That was at best, un-professional”  
“At the time of writing we believe that the full CARTREFLE REPORT remains unpublished. The contents no longer remain sub-judicial  and it follows that any constraints on the publication and availability stems from the position which exists between Clwyd CC and its insurers. Jillings is in no doubt that the complete Cartrefle report with its appendices contained detailed findings and recommendations that would have been of  invaluable assistance to the area child protection committee, the SS dept, the education dept, and the district health authority. The report also contained clear messages for the county council members and the CEO regarding  chaotic management systems within the SS dept, yet much of the report with its detailed analysis and recommendations has not been seen by elected members.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hahahaha get in there Laverty. ZM will be on your case

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